We’re going to Finland? Thanks for voting in the Nokia Community Ambassador awards!

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Aw shucks! I just took a break from revision to check mails was just going back to work after I saw the blog post when I read a tweet from Sapiens Brien congratulating me for the trip. I don’t remember tweeting anything about going anywhere, unless he’s congratulating me for all the exams I have to do :S He must be mistaken. Perhaps he meant to tweet the other bloggers who was just at CES.

Since twitter seems to decide to randomly tell me who I’ve got tweets from, I didn’t see all the other tweets saying the same. And then I coined on. Wow. Apparently, out of all the amazing Nokia people on the Nokia blogosphere (and there are so many of them!) we some how got picked amongst them (Maybe the other guys were busy?).

Thank you so, so much for those that thought to vote for their Nokia Community Ambassador 🙂 Again, considering who we have, folks like Rafe Blandford, Steve Litchfield, Michael Hell, Dhruv Bhutani,Nitish, Richard Dorman, Micky, Mark Guim, Camb078, Bharadwaj, Axel, Jade, Neil, Sergejs, CJ, Michael FT,  Viipottaja, Ali, John, Dani, Micky, Siraj, Orlando, Joao, Iain, Vaibhav Sharma, Mike, Kevin, mrprince, Albert, Varun and that’s not even like a quarter of them, it’s really an honour to be even be considered amongst those guys, let alone be picked.

The prize is a trip to Finland. As a huge, huge, huge Nokia fan who has never been there, it means a lot to visit the home of all that is Nokia. Ah, the land of all of those awesome Finns! It feels quite daunting. I’m not sure when it is, I didn’t look into that because I never thought I’d be picked amongst the Nokia crew. I hope I can go because I still have exams for about a couple more weeks.

Again, thank you, thank you guys and gals :D. I want to thank you guys for making blogging about Nokia so much fun! Nokia for providing the drama and excitement, our tippers who send in the most awesome of tips that keep making be obsessed to write them up, NokiaConnects for getting us Nokia stuff to try and events to go to, our readers and commenters who are active in our discussions here and on facebook, our writers who add more depth and variety to our Nokia news and to those who share our random ramblings to their friends and followers. It is a pleasure and an honour to be in your Nokia community and quite overwhelming to be considered community ambassador.

Apparently there’s going to be a weekend of activities. I guess all the folks at Nokia HQ would be out of the office if it’s taking place at the weekend. If I’m able to go (I really cannot ditch my Medical Exams unfortunately) do you guys have any requests for stuff to check out? Perhaps you’ve been there before and have some suggestions. How cold is it right now in Finland?

Aw, and the Nokia Account just tweeted:

All in! #FF @JayMontano

Hmm…isn’t it unlucky Friday 13th. Ooh er. This might be a trap by ElMu :p


Update: Thank you so much for all the responses to this. Apologies I couldn’t get to it after posting, I had to go straight back to revision.

I wanted to add something I wrote in the comment that I didn’t have time to post the first time around:

It did strike me as quite astonishing how this turned from blog of no readers to one where there’s active discussion and participation.

This is all accredited to the readers. They made this site. In all the many ways the readers have contributed, whatever achievements it makes is down to them. Some read, some comment, some vote in polls, some share stories, some link us stories or things we can write stories about and some have even gone onto writing the stories.

In a way, the name of the site is very fitting. If ever they should mention it, they would say they would go on my Nokia blog, because this is pretty much the blog for the Nokia readers by the Nokia readers.

I will try to get as much of your great suggestions should I get to Finland 😀

Again, thank you all 😀



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