Video: Nokia Lumia 710 faster rotation speed than 800/Focus S (maybe even iPhone 4S?)

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Not a big thing, but these little things add up. WPCentral has noticed that the Nokia Lumia 710’s rotation between landscape-portrait (and vice versa) is indeed very quick.

Now the Lumia 800 is already very fast at doing this. I think slashgear showed us that in comparison with iPhone. It is a surprise though that the cheaper Lumia 710 seems to be much more optimised in this regard (WPcentral suggests it may either be the effect that’s sped up or increased accelerometer sensitivity).

Look at it against the 800 and Focus S.  I think when Steve our smartphone noob first had the 800, he did note that he thought it wasn’t as smooth as the iPhone (but that was more due to the animation style of how the keyboard popped in and out)

In comparison, the N9 and 800 rotation, the N9 actually does this faster. However, right after rotation it blinks as it tries to get rid of the chequerboarding and so it only finishes displaying about 1.5 seconds after the 800. If you’re a N9 user, that’s plenty fast enough. Guess who’s the fastest at switching landscape to portrait though? Nokia N8 (fresh install) just with Anna. It is slightly jarring that there’s no inbetween animation (and so improving the speed). If only the rest of the browser was as decent as the N9 or 800.

Overall, I prefer a good balance between speed and fluidity. Belle looks so much nicer because it has all the appropriate animation to ease the user in, indicating what’s happening rather than a “bam” this menu “bam” that menu “bam” sudden rotation.

Overall, that surprising Lumia 710 did the job the fastest. It’s just as fast, if not faster than an iPhone 4S. But as said, it’s not just about speed in rotation.

I think what’s most interesting is seeing in action little tweaks Nokia can do to provide optimisations here and there.

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Cheers AmmAR for the tip!


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