Nokia N9 might get PR1.2 by Feb 29, maybe with PR1.3 tagging along (and MORE!)

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Director for Applications for MeeGo at Nokia, Sotiris Makrygiannis/@melsop74 tweeted that 1.2 as expected is to be out soon. When asked for the dates, he hinted that perhaps that extra day of the next month, i.e. February 29.

Furthermore there seems to be an additional “small but valuable” PR1.3 coming along around that time too and more. More huh? :D

1.2 at critical path, soon out. Say hello to 1.3 a small but still valuable update. All that and more from the #n9 team.

On dates for 1.2

@jhaggett it would be cool but maybe we will that extra day next month :)

Cheers onyx for the tip!

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  1. flava says:

    Pretty much support for ‘dead’ platform :p

    That’s what i like from Nokia :)

  2. Buzzinga / jody says:

    Amm just so happy i chose n9. Indeed, its a superphone!

  3. Mendax says:

    This sounds wonderful, but let it be noted that this is the latest posting on MNB along with “Nokia Belle update coming to your Nokia next week”.

    I know a different team is working on M-H, but still…

    Nevertheless, I will be happy with whatever I get.

  4. Pachino Pulido says:

    Sweet!!!! Some software love for my Nokia N9 :D

  5. Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

    Eagerly awaiting the PR1.2 to be available for download.. And I’m not surprised about PR1.3. Nokia has said that N9 will be supported for 2 years and I’m sure they’ll..

  6. erzhik says:

    Nokia is still the only manufacturer that doesn’t leave their “dead” OSes behind. Even with MeeGo dead, they still support it with thousands of fixes. Symbian? Support till at least 2016. I’ve never seen any other manufacturer do that. Once Samsung stamps out their Android devices, they don’t give 2 craps about updates even if updates are available.

    • dsmobile says:

      Sadly that does not help out Nokia at all. People do not seem to care about that when they buy stuff.

      N9 is dead no matter what for mass markets as Nokia did burn it and N9 will be missing a lot important apps. It’s a device for people who are happy what comes in the box and loves the look and feel that is different that others and looks better than Lumia 800.

      After PR1.2 updates will be small tweaks mostly as Nokia has move people out from the N9 and they just don’t have enough people to make anything major.

      • N9 Lover says:

        So no Nokia N9 successor? F*ck Elop!

        • Bertie says:

          When you say that N9 will be missing a lot of important apps, do you mean apps developed by Nokia?

          • Nrde says:

            No, apps made by other companies and people. Like Kindle, dropbox, whatsapp, Skype videocalling etc.and all the thousands of apps that every single boutique and coffeeshop has for iPhone and Apple.

            N9 has the necessities and probably more than is really needed by most people, but the truth is that if there’s someone telling N9 has everything a normal person needs there another person telling what he is missing.

            btw, I’m happy with my N9 and the apps I already got – and it’s getting better. I’m glad I’m not a sheep :)

            • jiipee says:

              I could have some more games, otherwise I’ve got all I need.

              If/when Meltemi is around and Qt based apps are as easy to port as they claim, then the app support could improve. And if the Meltemi proves to be a success, I bet Nokia could again think of purchasing one of these virtual machines that can run Android apps.

      • Aleve Sicofante says:

        That entirely depends on what are “important apps” for you. I happen to find everything I need in the current catalog of apps, and it keeps growing so far.

        I can see the Maemo phones have been having apps up to this very day. I can’t see why that wouldn’t happen to the N9 as well. On the contrary, the N9 is really widespread compared to the older Maemo phones.

      • Peelo says:

        “It’s a device for…”
        Like iPhone?

      • Guest says:

        Nokia N9 rely on Qt, so it does get apps like Symbian.

      • anonymous says:

        Maybe it’s also a device that some people buy because it’s the only phone that runs Linux, and most are unaware that this means there’s an app store called ‘Debian or Ubuntu repositories’ right at hand.

        • Jackson says:

          It’s not as simple as that…
          You can’t just tap into deb/ubuntu repo’s & “whammo”.

          Maemo6x (meego) has it’s own F/OSS repo which is gradually improving.

          Apps in it have benefited (to some extent) from apps in those other repos.
          But they didn’t come directly from them.

      • jason says:

        incorrect, the difference is meego is open source and the majority of the submissions are from devs who have knowledge of linux programming. they submit everything to the store but they also put out hacks as well.

        like any os it started out slow but lately there has been about one major app/hack released each week. many are ports from popular apps used by android and ios. ex. speedtest.

  7. Zhi says:

    The only thing that’s stopping me from getting an N9 is Whatsapp. I use that to keep in touch with my family back home as I’m studying overseas. Does anyone know if that petition worked?

    • dsmobile says:

      actually you can blame Nokia why N9 does not have whatsapp.

      • jklubis says:

        Can you explain it more dsmobile,why do you think it’s Nokia’s fault why we don’t have Whatsapp, becos it is all the N9 need to make it complete.

        Is there any chance of it ever getting it

        • dsmobile says:

          It’s politics not technical

          • jiipee says:

            Agree. Also, the Symbian version must be something else than Qt based? Again, if Meltemi will arrive 2H2012 (as I heard from a friend that the original plan has been) I dont understand, why Nokia does not push some of the core apps to be build on Qt.

          • Troll says:

            ds was nokia ever as aggressive as microsoft in getting developers develop for them? I mean for all the suckyness of the symbian at certain things, it was the largest for such a long time. Haih i just don’t get it.

          • jklubi says:

            Thanks dsmobile,

            that explains it very much,

            Because it was around the same time that N9 came out that Whatsapp did a beta for Windows phone 7.

            For a long time they have been singing the same song that they have been singing for Nokia N9, ie they were not going to develop for the Windows Phone 7 platform

            then boom there was a beta and then the app for the Windows phone 7 platform.

            So that means that for N9 to have Whatsapp Nokia just have to ask them to develop for the N9 platform, which they can do easily.

            Oh Nokia what a …..

    • Aleve Sicofante says:

      Great opportunity to move your friends to a better, more open communications app. Like Gtalk, for instance. Open and interoperable. Walled gardens are bad for customers. Now you can see why.

    • Jackson says:

      Have you even bothered to beta test the latest builds of eBuddy?

      *Similar-sized user base
      *Multi-platform (more so than Whatsapp)
      *Same functionality
      *Proactive in their support/feedback

      • Aleve Sicofante says:

        Same functionality?

        I’m no fan of Whatsapp, but does eBuddy use your contacts list “as is” (no need for extra info like e-mail, specific ID, etc.), push notifications like SMS, etc.?

        • Jackson says:

          Yes, amazing hat so many people don’t know this.
          I guess it’s because they dont bother to try it.
          It’s the same genre of app…

          MM transfer & one other popular feature isn’t there yet.
          It is for iOS and Android….
          But it’ll be coming to Symbian/MeeGo/WP soon too.

  8. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    Isn’t the dev team still only two people? I read it somewhere, that the current software team is only two people. That is why updates are taking a while

    • Jay Montano says:

      You’re telling me 2 people are churning updates for MeeGo faster than 4000+ people who were working on Symbian?

      • dsmobile says:

        Well 4000 people at symbian vs. 10 people at N900. You might see a pattern there.

        That’s actually almost 100% true. Sadly.

        • Jay Montano says:

          10 people at N900 managed to make that wonderful thing?! :O
          And 4000+ people gave us S^3 for whom even its strongest fans say they can no longer look at once using the long overdue Belle update (which at the very least is what it should have looked like a year earlier and so confirming it was never at the user experience level it should have been).

          That’s really, really sad. If only Nokia knew where to put the right resources. What exactly was happening at Symbian that needed so many people to make such little progress?

          • dsmobile says:

            Well Google made Linux OS that Nokia just played around with N800 and N810 and N900.

            Those same people are still there who ignored touch screen devices and choose to keep doing N95 with different colours.

            • anonymous says:

              From a technical perspective, Google’s OS is just Linux-based. It’s something of a hybrid between the Linux kernel and a virtual machine, having very few standards-based components. So yeah, the Finns may have played around, but still, 10 or 2 people have done a darn good job, don’t you think so?

          • Noki says:

            Yeah symbian is lost, having said that is not a very fair comparison… Symbian redid most of the elements of an OS, were meego/maemo used packaged stuff available in open-source world, like Xserver GTK-Qt libfreetype, pulsaudio etc etc etc the list is huge and thousands of developers world wide work on those.

            Probably the biggest bonus of open-source is a huge decrement in development cost’s specially for the basic stuff.
            The innovative exclusive stuff like the swipe UI you have to do it your self, but it only took 2 guys at NOKIA and a couple of developers. Granted that most of it is built on top of Qt.

          • incognito says:

            There were more than 10 people involved in the Maemo 5 project – ffs, I knew at least 10 of them and I certainly didn’t know whole of the Maemo team.

            Also, keep in mind that not only devs were working on the Maemo 5 but also UI/UX designers, as well as the vast FOSS community given that a good chunk of it was composed of proper, upstream GNU/Linux packages. But, the latter is what makes Maemo / MeeGo stand out from the crowd – you practically have at least 60% of the OS completely done, tested and brewed for decades – for free (well, the cost is to publish your improvements back to the community in most cases, but that’s good for all of us), and a massive know-how for the rest. So you can save on quite costly teams to reinvent the wheel and publish updates much faster.

            Same goes for Harmattan – there certainly are more than 2 guys working on it. Just one example – the Qt underpinnings – there are hundreds of people working on various Qt aspects, and Qt plays a big role in Harmattan. Add PulseAudio, Telepathy, GStreamer… Not to mention the Linux kernel, X.Org stack etc. And I don’t know how much of the MeeGo stuck they’re pulling in now, but libmeegotouch ( ) has more than 50 devs posting daily upgrades. All together, there are thousands of devs working on it (either directly or indirectly).

            As for the Symbian – it had barely any help from the outside teams (Qt being one of the rare exceptions), related or not related to Nokia, and it had a huge, huge problem (somewhat rectified with S^3 and Anna, but still far from fixed) – due to some lunatic decisions by Nokia’s managerial staff, Symbian got fragmented early on – first between s60, s80 and s90, then within their own series – there are like 30 different versions of s60 Symbian that are mutually incompatible – which made it major PITA to keep updated and/or to upgrade on all devices. A bug would be fixed or a feature would be added, for example, in the N95′s edition, but it wouldn’t tackle down to the main codebase because it depended on some of the N95′s specific hardware or Symbian implementation, so it would never appear on other devices. Then those devices would be upgraded with their own new features and bug fixes making them further away from the code base. If you wanted to release a new device that is sufficiently different than the already existing ones, you’re out of luck – you’d have to go to the code base, grab the old and buggy version with half the features missing, then try to transplant the fixes from other devices and with luck you’ll have a bearable OS.

            And as that process goes, pretty soon you can’t even manage the base bug fixes without assigning a separate Symbian team for each of the released devices. And that increases the team, and the idling in development, and the cost of maintenance, and a lot of reinventing the wheel… Hence the 4000+ devs working on it (for example, a smaller amount of people works on the whole of Apple’s OS lineage, including the UI/UX designers)

            If you think that Android suffers from fragmentation, you haven’t heard of Symbian – a true king of fragmentation. Yes, most of it (but certainly not all) was fixed with the S^3, and was supposed to be fixed completely with the S^4 by the original plan, how far did that went my guess is as good as any – given that the Belle will be released for pretty much all the S^3 devices in roughly the same time, I guess they did an admirable job with it, but I’m not certain that all the scars accumulated over the years are yet fully rectified.

            • Jay Montano says:

              Jeez, the story gets worse and more scary the more you hear about it.

              So due to having to sort out bug fixes that resulted form having so many variants, the platform’s speed of development was significantly slowed? In effect, the cause of its own downfall – being unable to keep up with the times. Nokia’s devs I heard were very high calibre. For that many people to be reduced to bug fixing essentially is such a huge waste of resources. (Yeah it’s good to do that, but not to the point where you’re not making progress, just fixing bugs).

              It is funny that Android is associated with fragmentation when, as you say, the king of it was/was Symbian. Even on S^3, E6 apps had to have their own version as it couldn’t automatically handle the new resolution. All those thousands of apps, not just lacking in quality at Ovi Store but also compatibility. S60 apps to S^1 TO S^3? :s

              Question: In your opinion, if there was no WP and no Maemo/MeeGo or other alternatives, could Symbian have continued to be competitive on its own with the rate of progress we observed?

              • incognito says:

                Oh, but that’s not the half of the story, and I know only a bit of it – for example, we tend to blame the management for most of the things, and sure, if a product is failing, or its costs are increasing, or… you can’t really blame the engineers, it’s the management that didn’t execute correctly. But the Symbian devs are bearing a part of the blame – as their number grew, they also made up work where it wasn’t needed further fragmenting the Symbian platform and creating more work for themselves to keep the paychecks rolling. Something like a run-away bureaucracy in socialistic(ish) countries where they grown the laws and regulations to such extent that there is no way for all of them to be enforced.

                There really is no good reason why they couldn’t agree on a common API for everything, a good plugin/driver system for additional hardware (Symbian would actually be one of the best platforms for a modular-based approach given its almost-true RT underpinnings and the EPOC32 roots – even Linux of this day cannot exhibit the modularity potential of Symbian) and streamline it so that the core OS and its features reside in the main code base on which they would actively work and only additional teams needed would be for specific hardware adaptations that are not available for all, or most of the targeted devices (and once they become, that specific implementation can move to the main code base). That way they could update the OS almost simultaneously for all the devices, and they would be fixing the bugs at one place, adding the features at one place, no need for reinventing the wheel or transplanting features from non-mainstream code base creating a mess for maintenance… Even the small software teams are trying to uphold those good practices in software development, why haven’t the Nokia guys – beats me…

                Actually, I guess it’s a combination of the previously mentioned `bureaucratic cancer` mentality with the strive to secure their jobs, and the management pressure that they have this new hardware that they absolutely must implement in their next device no matter if it cannot be done properly within the given time frame (and the engineers agreeing to go along with it). Pretty much whole of Nokia, except maybe the R&D teams, is to be blamed for getting into the deep doodoo they’re in right now.

                But, to answer your question, under the previous and the current management – I don’t think so, or rather hardly (they were on the right track, but even with it they executed poorly). They needed a complete managerial sweep, from the CEO to the project managers. They needed people that are willing to execute, to cut off the dead wood, to fire the devs that were waiting for their retirement by inventing problems that weren’t there… Sadly, they’ve changed only the CEO (and just a couple of others), who turned out to be quite incompetent (again, it has nothing to do with the WP, but with the way it was executed), they gave the whole software team to Accenture in the hope their managerial stuff will be able to do a better job unifying those teams under the same goal (and I must say that it did, at least it appears so), but the problems still run deep in Nokia. Symbian might be saved temporarily, but Nokia is no longer in real control of it (some would say that it’s actually a good thing, and I cannot offer an argument to oppose that so far) so betting their future on both, either Symbian or WP, is extremely risky (and the stock market recognizes that). But I’m digressing again… In short, if they did a full push to the previous strategy, and executed properly for once (even if that means breaking the backwards compatibility – there are ways to keep the pissed 3rd party devs even with such huge changes), by now Symbian would be probably able to compete directly with Android, but I don’t think it would be able to beat it on the high level – for that they needed the Maemo/MeeGo and hopefully there were people inside of Nokia to figure out that early on, but unfortunately nobody listened them (again, the `bureaucracy cancer`) – and they blew it colossally on both points.

                While there might be some future for Maemo/MeeGo/however-Nokia-wants-to-call-it – should they wake up and see that they cannot sustain themselves long enough for the WP to become a market-turner, if ever – I’m afraid Symbian is on its deathbed as it would take tremendous resources to fix the problems accumulated over the past decade, and they don’t have neither the resources, nor the time now. I’m kind of optimistic that the Symbian will get there by 2014, but it will be too late for it to regain its market share by then. I’m not so much optimistic about Nokia, tho, I don’t think they even realize in what grim position they are in atm. – they cannot afford a single mistake in the upcoming years just to keep themselves afloat, and yet they’re making blunders at an accelerated rate…

                • Jay Montano says:

                  Thanks for the very insightful comment. I’d like to make a post some time about this. I can’t reply to it properly now (should be doing exam prep), but it is again saddening to hear just how bad the situation of Symbian had gotten in the old management.

            • Jackson says:

              In the the last year or so…

              There’s been some good articles about all the issues surrounding Symbian & it’s derivatives.

              Mostly done by The Register IIRC…
              And covering pretty-much everything you’ve raised.

              They’ve also done at least one on Maemo 5 IIRC.

        • Aleve Sicofante says:

          The idea that “the bigger the team, the better the software and the faster the updates” is just wrong.

          A small team is usually many times more efficient than a big team. This has been proved ad nauseam.

          I don’t have any insider info about who and how many make Meego updates at Nokia, but two people working full time on an open source stack (meaning most of the foundations are being mantained elsewhere by other developers), is just about right. Of course, four or ten devs would be better. However, one hundred or one thousand would be terrible. The right balance is hard to determine and depends on the nature of the project, but give me small teams before big teams any day.

          (As a side note, I think those thousands of devs and the inherent bureaucracy is what sinked Symbian, precisely.)

        • Nrde says:

          At least they hired like 10 people for the MeeGo team almost weekly. Too bad they were let go just/left as fast after feb 11…

          They were offered money for staying at least until the end of 2011, not sure who stayed though.

  9. Glavata says:

    Love that I bought my N9! Such a beautiful platform, and the way that Nokia are supporting it so far is beyond my expectations and experiences with any previous nokia phone :) Keep it up!!

  10. mike7b4 says:

    it as gtalk/yahoo/facetalk/skype integrated direcly in contacts no need for closed peaece of shit like whatsup. Actually you should ask others why they craphones doesnt support above? Its 2012 for freaksake? Why not use existing open im protocol (jabber) instead of reinvent wheel and hype up yet another closed shit like whatsapp.

    people should learn too use theyr brain before using such closed app protocol that dont eve run on all platform. This is Not the way internet was meant to be. Protocols like this should be OPEN or else it should die!

    • Aleve Sicofante says:

      The funny thing is WhatsApp is based on “jabber” (now called XMPP).

      What’s nice of it is also what’s scary: they scan your contacts to check if they belong to the network, in order for you not needing to make additional efforts to “add friends”. I absolutely don’t trust any company checking my contacts list. But if someone managed to do this in an secure way with guarantees that no info will be even known by the company (something maybe like the robotic scan of messages in Gmail), I’d be in.

      No way I’m sharing my friends’ data with a closed source company, and WhatsApp not only closes its software on top of XMPP, they don’t even secure the data they scrap from your phone.

      • gjgg says:

        thanks for the warning,

        i think the thing that skype, gtalk and other old im protocols lack is the push notification, it alerts you even you are not running their app in the background. if skype ,gtalk ,etc have this, i will say bye to ebuddyxms

        how come skype and gtalk did not upgrade their to support this push notificvation? they deserve death!

        • Aleve Sicofante says:

          Exactly. Any IM software that uses XMPP and provides push for phones in an open way will get an evangelizer of me.

          I don’t know for sure, but I bet WhatsApp uses polling for pseudo-push, not true push (otherwise, why would it have to be running in the background?). That could be implemented for any app easily.

  11. Stephens_Eloped says:

    Superb news for N9 owners. Glad that PR1.3 is being talked about too. If I remember rightly, we’re on a similar sort of time frame to the PR updates the N900 had. If that timeline is the same, the N9′s 1.2 should be early (it was March/April for the N900) and PR1.3 didn’t come until October/November, a year after it was released. So it looks like the N9 is getting quicker updates, which is just awesome.

    Hats off to the MeeGo team, I owe you guys a drink! :)

  12. StefanP says:

    It still seems N9 is a giant experiment. Nokia gets feedback and can use innovations for other products. On the other hand it can’t be seen only as a freak phone. In some markets it has been marketed moderately to heavy and gained a considerable user base, I guess (very curious to know the numbers). Nokia can not disappoint those N9 users, they might lose them forever.
    For me as a Linux desktop user is the independence from any management SW important. I can just drop my media files, docs, etc. between N9 and my Linux system, no Zune, iTunes, etc. needed. At the same time I have a password protected 64GB memory stick!
    Furthermore we might see the N9 as experimental device for some upcoming innovations like NFC. We could be the first ones to enjoy those services. The ease of developing for the N9 makes it an ideal target to test such things.
    So I estimate continuous maintenance of the SW, some small improvements, and maybe some surprises as kind of filed test. We will probably not see the mainstream apps available for other platforms.

  13. GordonH says:

    The N9 is all about having a great OS in your hand. The core design of a OS makes coding efficient for engineers. Less time is spent on fixing bugs and so more time can be spent on adding features and designing great UI.

  14. thexxx says:

    but could anyone confirm that the twitter account is really a Nokia employee account?

  15. Prasenjit Bist says:

    YeS thats the truth with symbian development…What u said was also something the Ex Nokia EVP Anssi Vanjoki accepted in an interview with Rafe of AAS. just google to find the link and watch it. the man really poured his heart out.
    Android is already on the same way. but you know guys till s60v3 the problems were not accute it all became chronic with s60v5 , nokia sud have never killed s90 that wud have saved a lot of technological and marketing handicaps symbian faced.

    But mind u maemo proper is the foundation of meltemi.

    Accenture is no good believe me.. i work as a SAP developer and have many friends in the so called high performance company.

  16. Viper says:

    I had my N9 for a month now. It is the best phone ever. I can’t wait for the 1.2 update. I’m hoping the odd and small quirks can be ironed out. Otherwise It is one of the simplest and easiest phone to use. The hardware is superb and quality is remarkable. Phone is lightning fast. Once in a while there is some internet oddity, but it can be quickly resolved and is rare. Also hoping for more account supports, and more push notifications from fb and such even if not online. Maybe ebuddyxms can be integrated with the phone too?

    • Viper says:

      ahhh, i have one complaint for my N9 which is that recording videos in 720p is really painful for the N9. It actually freezes up quite often, like it is too high for the phone, and that is just lower-speced HD, I would have loved to see flawless 1080p, but would be happy with flawless 720p, which at the moment is not the case. It also seems to have some problems with certain 720p videos i copy over. If I personally encode them, they work flawless no matter how high I raise the bitrate, but 720p from other sources always seem to freeze up the phone as like when it records its own 720p videos and then has trouble playing those back as well.
      Other small things I’d have liked to see but at this point can’t be changed, is base model to be 32gb and have HDMI out. I wouldn’t care for the 16gb model if it had microsd slot, it really should have had that considering this phone has micro sim, there should be enough space. With HD videos, I ran out of space in no-time. Eyeing the 64gb version, but I feel, this phone would have done better with that microsd slot and hdmi out cause I tried component out from my older nokia phone cause this cable wasn’t provided with the N9, and it looked like crap on my TV. This phone was not meant to be shown in tv out, it is just embarrassing, even the menu look horrible. Kinda of a step back considering a business phone E7 had HDMI out and such.
      But there are alot of improvements as well. The music player has gone a step forward and is a welcome change.
      Hoping for Folder support in 1.2 or later updates cause I really want to have folders for apps as well as for the video gallery and even photo gallery. I’m not really want to see all the photos and videos at once, I’d like to separate them on my own in customized themed folders. There is an app for GalleryFolder, but I’d like to see this integrated with the phone rather than a separate app.

      • Viper says:

        BTW the camera on the N9 is awesome, but you guys probably already know that! The Duel LED is xenon-like and is bright and fast when taking pictures. Its comparable to my aging sd600 canon point and shoot camera

      • Razus says:

        ["recording videos in 720p is really painful for the N9"]

        Hmm not sure about this one…
        I hope there’s improvements with PR1.2.

        ["It also seems to have some problems with certain 720p videos.
        Like when it records its own 720p videos and then has trouble playing those back as well."]

        Apparently there’s improved CODECS coming in 1.2
        Read this thread till then end from here:
        Hopefully we’ll also be able to OC the DSP/CPU/GPU. (DSP mainly, but OC CPU/GPU will be handy for other reasons)

        ["and have HDMI out"]

        Go to page 4 of the comments here (sort by oldest 1st):
        Search for the user “jalyst” and read the reply.
        I’ve been meaning to reply to Bernd for months.
        But I may as well share it now…
        Looks potentially like a very cool workaround.
        Of course HDMI/MHL built-in would’ve been preferred.
        But this is a very, very, nice alternative.

        ["if it had microsd slot"]

        We will have usb host-mode soon…
        So we’ll be able to use flash drives etc.
        Of course it’s not ideal, but it’s a workaround.

        ["and it looked like crap on my TV"]

        It does 480i, basically SD.
        It should look okay, even on a 1080p TV.
        But I agree it’s not ideal.
        At least we can stream 1080p via 802.11an + DLNA now.
        PR1.2 brings DLNA server, just need a media-player or TV that supports DLNA.
        Plus there’s that other option I mentioned previously.

        ["Hoping for Folder support in 1.2"]

        There is folders support.
        Not sure about photo & vid gallery though.
        And not sure if folders can be customised.

  17. n9 says:

    wondering if zooming while filming will be enabled on a 1.2?

  18. mrtman says:

    Thanks for the very detailed comment.

    What i dont understand is why symbian is still the most feature rich os by comfortable margin when everyone is saying it is hard to develop for?
    The bulk of the work seems to be in the drivers department, which is not surprising at all. You said ios takes less developers but how many devices does ios support? I would be curious to know the amount of work required for hardware adaptation for windows phone (performed by oems). I accept though that hardware adaptation may be faster for linux based os since a lot of the work is presumably already made and provided by the component manufacturer.

    I have never worked in this industry or in embedded devices, but that does not mean i have to give up all common sense.

  19. MDF says:

    Isnt a bit ironic that the meego director posts from an iphone? lol

  20. hosnysantos says:

    this is a great information ,what is going on nokia? everybody are crazy and whithout understanding why nokia is so lost before years off good work, they are confuse ?they want problems falses for spend time ? so many peoples stupid? the world will now that some day ,same body will make money telling us in a book this desaster, why not 2 OS ? sammy is doing and is in ascencion, WP, maemo harmattan, and symbian ok until 2012, who will tell this history and his blck side ?

  21. PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst says:

    The point is not “when” but “what quality” it will be? Last 2 updates has introduced many good things. Nokia N9 is the only one mobile which is like a wine: the older it is, the more upgrades it has, the more it offers, the better it is. So when you have bought Nokia N9 you just now have MORE then in the moment of time it was bought. Nokia N9 it truly the only mobile with endless possibilities.

    Nokia N9 and MeeGo are NOW the best business opportunities for Nokia. Especially when strategy “only windows or death” has failed or seems to be a certain way to the second option mentioned, only sooner or later.

    What now we should start to define is specification for Nokia N9 successor model. My priorities are following:
    - 4.2 display (simply L900 body),
    - doubleSIM (this is first of all must have option!),
    - 41Mpix camera,
    - bigger battery,
    - a physical place/way to easy attach a rope against accidental lost (a Kingston lock?),
    - the camera button BUT programmable(!) (so user can eg. quick start camera, this is obvious, but also can set it launch a Dictaphone software or any other, or just a quick access menu etc.),
    - USB OTG,
    - perhaps multiboot (it will boost sell IMHO),
    - perhaps Alien Dalvik option (so possibility to use Android apps as native, because this is what Alien Dalvik simply does).

    And please stop trolling like “MeeGo is dead” or “our primary system is …”. You can have this “primary system” as only you want, but let customers what we want to buy, so continuously developed MeeGo. Who agrees?

    What are your’s specifications for N9 successor?

    • Jackson says:

      Reviving old threads (necro-posting) is very poor netiquette.
      You have no clue do you……

      • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst says:

        Only asking actual questions, at last for me and Nokia N9 users. Read Nokia’s sell data to find out that they are actual. And bank standing for Nokia. And preferences of significant number of users. MeeGo opinions in press, blogs, net. Etc. etc. I can be called necro-troll if that would help, be my guest.

        • Jackson says:

          “I can be called necro-troll if that would help, be my guest.”

          So long as you continue to post here you are.
          Post somewhere more relevant and you’re not.

    • PleaseConsiderMyArgumentsFirst says:

      opps sorry this is wrong place for this post, anyway thanx for comment]

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    What does that have to do with this story?
    Post in one of the the recent Belle related posts.

  25. SWISS says:


  26. Jay Montano says:

    spam removed. thanks.

  27. Jackson says:

    I understand the intent but it adds off-topic noise.

    The people who want to know what’s happening to S^3 (me included often).
    Will be subscribed to the relevant posts.

  28. SWISS says:

    so can u plz tell me where to post this (seriously)

  29. SWISS says:


  30. Jackson says:

    Grrrr SPAM!

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