Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best Smartphone of CES 2012 says IGN (CNet too)

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Znet, popscience, laptop mag, Cnet, cultofmac, many others and now also IGN.

In IGN’s best of CES 2012 award, the best smartphone category is won by….The Nokia Lumia 900. It’s quite an odd feeling getting so much unanimous praise for a Nokia device (and having continued for well over 6 months now since N9).

Again, it’s not merely the numbers on the paper but the overall experience of the phone that seems to be winning the Lumia these admirers.

IGN said:

Although it was never made available in the U.S. and lacked a front-facing camera, the Nokia Lumia 800 was one of our favorite devices of 2011. Now, Nokia has taken the design and increased the screen from 3.7-inches to 4.3-inches and adding a new front-facing camera. The device’s gorgeous Gorilla Glass display, 8MP Carl Zeiss lens and 1.4GHz processor. In other words, the Lumia 900 was the hottest phone at CES 2012.

I’m not sure we shared what Cnet said so go check them out too:

Nokia, however, is changing that. From the moment you pick them up you can tell that the Lumia devices were designed with WP7 in mind. It was built to run Microsoft’s OS from the start, rather than being a device that Nokia just happened to throw WP7 in. When Nokia announced its Microsoft partnership last year I was hoping that would happen. Fortunately, the Lumia 900 shows that it has.

Again, they’re all genuinely pleased with what the device delivers and what it has to offer. Real, concrete stuff users will care about. Not the numbers on the paper, but things that would make a difference in the use of that device.

But let’s not allow these praises to go to Nokia’s head, Nokia still has much work to do. Even though it’s more of a geek thing, we would also love to see Lumias competing on the specs to, if at least just to brag about it. Dual core, extra MPs. Though really they don’t matter in actual performance for Lumia (have you seen Nokia’s 3MP cameras at the time HTC cameras look like cave painting by foot??) it could sway consumers who think that more numbers means more value for money. I hope we see pushing of the envelope N95 stylie again. Here’s some great comments on how 900  could have been improved by you guys.

Higher resolution cameras and screens? Keep up with the increasing standards for 2012. Gimme xenon on a Lumia as well please. If you’re going to give us 1080p recording please, not like the Galaxy Nexus which looks like I’m watching through Jello. Don’t compromise on design. It seems to be something people are paying attention to you for. High quality build and design, something that pretty much everyone except Apple brushes off to one side.

Cheers Jim and Irka for the tip!


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