What would you have changed about the Nokia Lumia 900?

| January 13, 2012 | 93 Replies

There are many praises and also some skepticism about the Nokia Lumia 900. It’s not even out yet but if you had the powers, what would you have changed about the Nokia Lumia 900? (No, changing the OS is not an option, I can already hear some snarky remarks on that. :))

First and foremost, I want dates. I want dates and prices on this thing. Why has Nokia been so elusive on this? Why can’t they deliver the Nokia Lumia 900 as soon as they did with the Lumia 800? I wish we saw the Factory skit again when they mentioned about availability. At least that would show that Nokia is indeed going forward past the old “here’s the announcement, you’ll get the phone 6+ months later” mess that we had from the old management.

The majority of us haven’t used it so we won’t really know what it’s like from day to day use. I would say that perhaps we should ask what to change from the 800 (for me, most is answered in the 900).

Now onto the specs.

I guess it might be good to consider what the expectations will be for 2012 and thus pick the more mainstream, expected and plausible changes possible in 2012. Don’t worry if there’s Mango limitations, just pretend it doesn’t exist. Certainly the Android manufacturers aren’t going to wait and are pushing forward the specs of their phone. We aren’t talking about something Nokia could announce and release later in the year, we’re talking about what we should have seen when the 900 was launched.


If stuck for ideas, here are some things:

  1. Screen Size (bigger? Smaller?)
  2. Screen Resolution (Is it ok or do you want more?)
  3. Front Size of the phone (do you like large phones? Should it be larger or smaller
  4. Thickness (It’s slimmer than the 800 and 710. Would you mind a thicker phone for more features or should it be slimmer?)
  5. Weight
  6. Design (Lots of praises for the Lumia 900 design that follows the 800. I still think it could be improved upon. Less bezel space wastage perhaps. Visually perhaps a more clean seamless design at the front. Like a completely smooth pebble (though that might be slightly impractical)
  7. Battery? (Good enough or more? Of course what we need to care about is battery life. I hope there aren’t any confusions now whether the phone has good or a bad battery life due to conflicting experiences)
  8. 3G? LTE? Quadband? Pentaband? CDMA?
  9. Camera?
  10. Material
  11. Other specific hardware features?
  12. Other specific OS features?
  13. Availability (Countries, networks, and how soon should it be here)
  14. Price
  15. Other stuff (something unique, and not simply giving us MORE NUMBERS)

Quite scary that a lot of the competition covered a lot of the bases above on things I would change.


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