Video: Lumia 800 Vs. Galaxy Nexus

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So the two that went down Face to face in gizmodos gadget of the year come face to face in another video (this time they play nice); The Galaxy Nexus being Androids latest flagship and running Ice-cream sandwich while of course the Lumia 800 is WP Magno 7.5.

If the Lumias camera is as he said “Definitely takes a better photo” then I shutter to think of the quality of the Nexus’s images…

Thanks to Adobe for the tip-off


Before going into the video, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is rather impressive no? 720p display, 4.65″ and it kinda looks like the sexy N97 (from the front. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like a N97). At the back it’s rather ugly, like it was an afterthought and just moulded the phone to where stuff would fit. This goes up against the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia’s top-mid tier device.

  • He says with the 4.65″ screen, he has to hold it a different way. I know a lot of you have commented on 4.3″ already being too big. I dunno, I like it. I kinda like the big Note as well. Impractical but great for a geek to whip out a mini tablet as a phone.
  • Screen on both is amazing. He says the Lumia surprised him as he didn’t expect it to look that good.
  • 5mp on the Galaxy, 8MP on the Nokia.
  • Photos better on the Nokia.
  • Has not noticed once that the Nokia is only single core, extremely smooth. Everything he’s done it has handled.  You can’t notice any kind of lag. Nexus also fast and stylish.
Right, I’m in the middle of exams so I only got up the there. The video is in two parts.
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