LTE free Lumia 900 for Europe, Magenta 900 and maybe other colours coming to US? Successor devices coming.

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Some interesting snippets again from an Elop interview this time with Pocket-Lint. We’ll focus first on mentions of new devices – well hints anyway.

We have not announced the 900 in other countries. One of the things you should notice though is that we clearly have a pattern of this rolling thunder of announcements one after another and what we are doing more and more is making sure that we are targeting specific devices and specific price points for specific markets.

Translation: Specific devices for specific markets. The precise configuration in the 900 will not be outside the US at that price point. Other countries and other markets will have something more specific.

In the US, one of the things that was actually one of the most important things we did with the Lumia 900 was LTE support. LTE support costs. It costs in terms money for the radio, extra battery life requirement and so forth. LTE in Europe is not so important. It will be, but not today. We haven’t announced anything specific, but clearly there is going to be a steady pattern of new devices and a full portfolio of capabilities in Europe and around the world. There is lots more to watch.

Translation: Why have the 900 outside the US with LTE where the infrastructure is not yet fully there. It would be unnecessary costs for European customers. Europe will get a 900 variant but without LTE and a slew of other devices.

When asked why no Magenta Lumia 900 in the US,

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw other colours at other times.”

Translation: Magenta and possibly other colours of Lumia 900 coming

When asked if Elop liked Cyan,

“I do, actually. I like all the colours. One of the advantages of testing devices is that I get to see these crazy colours that the market hasn’t seen yet, which is fun.”


Elop talks about folks in the US asking for the 800 in the UK and then the US folks got the 900 and then the UK people asking for the 900. . He says

The message we are trying to deliver is: 710, 800, 900, and there is going to be more.

Translation: More Lumias to come. The US folks might have something to yearn about again as UK people might get a 9xx+ version again.

Some interesting stuff:

  • Elop is a pilot. I may have conveniently forgotten this bit of info if this was already mentioned at some other time.
  • They’re going after popular applications that most care about first for the WP phones (and therefore Nokia Lumia phones).
  • Good net promoter scores (NPS) for Lumia. Focusing on how well their phones are received, if Nokia’s making good enough products to make people trying it want to recommend it to others.
  • Should people who bought a 800 feel cheated with the 900? He says no. He’ll still carry the 800 because it’s a beautiful device and he likes the form factor and size. Seriously, it’s not like you bought a Titan and Titan II comes out so soon after.

There’s other stuff but we’ve heard that in other interviews.

Cheers Stuart for the tip!


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