Lumiappaday #67: Blow up the Frog demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

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This is a very, very odd game that some might find entertaining. The point as I later figured out was to blow the frog up where blow up meant ‘inflate’ which would launch the frog into a pond and it would be scored by 3 judges out of 10.

I did not understand this at first and literally Blew up my frog. Yes, that’s right, if you blow it up too much it explodes. Or it could float up in the air and be carried away by a random bird.

A straw is inserted, possibly into the behind of the frog, and your blowing action inflates it. There is some method in this as you have to release (your finger and stop blowing) at the correct point otherwise your frog will not go in the pond. Also you need to blow at a constant, steady rate to gain more points. For full points, you need to make just one constant smooth blow.

It’s possibly fun for a few minutes. If you have small children this will occupy them for a while.

#67)  Blow up the Frog

Price: Free





Developer Blurb:

The first ever hyper realistic frog-blowing simulator!

The precursor of touch’n’blow games!

#1 Blowing app for iPhone is now available for Windows Phone!


Blowing up frogs, the mythical activity that everybody’s heard of but so few have actually tried. Who among us didn’t once have a friend who DID IT? Who did not, at one point or another, imagine what it would be like? Well, now anybody can do it. “Blow Up the Frog” lets you fulfill your childhood fantasy, taste the forbidden fruit, experience the taboo – and in a way that is not less spectacular than in real life, yet much more hygienic and safe (for the blower and the frog alike).

“Blow Up the Frog” gives hope for an actual reduction in the number of real-life frogs being ruthlessly inflated.


What you get?

– world’s first frog blowing simulation

– stunning hand drawn graphics inspired by french impressionists

– shocking animations

– relaxing natural sounds including frog farts

– beautiful original music by the mighty Mitch & Mitch

– one frog and one straw


How to play?

1. Tap on the frog and hold to keep it still.

2. Blow into the microphone to pump up the frog.

3. Release the frog once it achieves the desirable size.


How to get the best score?

A jury evaluates the frog’s underwater performance and your pumping style. The more bubbles are produced the more points you get.

Also, the number of blows is important – the fewer blows it takes the more points you get.

To get 3×10 points, you will need to pump up the frog to the maximum extent with just one blow. Good luck!

Extended blowing may help you relax – do this instead of smoking a cigarette.


Design: 8

Usability: 9

Performance: 9

Price: 10


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