Nokia Carla also on Nokia E7 and Nokia 701 v112.010.0404

| February 1, 2012 | 58 Replies

After the story of a Nokia Carla sighting at Nokia Developer forums (with E6) a few of you checked it out to confirm testing and bug list being compiled for Carla (At least as indicated by the thread titles).

Here’s another recent screenshot that shows that same Nokia Carla v112.010.0404 tested on the Nokia 701. It notes that there are issues presumed on devices like the E6 (mentioned previously) and E7 due to the D-pad/joystick navigation not working in the menu.

Just like before Anna was even released we already saw Belle, we’re seeing more solid info on Carla before we get the Belle update. Think of that on the positive side that it would be better knowing there is constant revisions and improvements rather than nothing happening. Apparently there are still lots and lots of bugs in Belle, hence the delay. Bugs that are apparent in the original S^3/Anna that’s not on the originally designed Belle phones.

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  1. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    Would love to see Carla leaked before Official Belle, just like Leaked Belle before Anna :p

  2. DM says:

    I just can’t believe these guys are testing it and we haven’t even seen it. I do have some more news to tell but the source is quite unreliable.

  3. louie6380 says:

    This wait for Belle has really caused alot of inconvenience for us (especially me who’s a loyal customer of Nokia since the Nokia 5110 days…). It would be best to realse the Belle, resolve minor bugs and concentrate on developing a non-beta OS next time before releasing it to the public.

    For now, I’m giving up on my Nokia N8 and go for Blackberry 9360 instead.. Although RIM may not have the best OS and apps in contention, at least I’m sure of being connected to everything I need.. because RIM really is… connecting people more effectively…

    Wake me up when Belle is around…

    • xNokian says:

      Dude you’ve been sleeping for too long. I’ve used RTM Belle (b609) on my N8 for like 2-3 months. For the future I wouldn’t count on Nokia to provide too many\frequent updates to Symbian if any. Just read their latest earnings report.

  4. Paul Grenfell says:

    I have already replaced N8 after 14 mths use and have E7 with just 7 mths to go on it.. Anna was way too late, Belle is also late.. Carla? – I wonder how many N8′s and E7′s will be around when it finally arrives?
    Hardly any point in expecting updates for Nokia phones anymore.. I can understand it would be a boon for those who have bought phones outright, but for those on Plans, its better just to upgrade to a newer model..
    Though i wonder “what could have been” for N8 and E7 phones, if they had had these updates much earlier..?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

      Agreed, if all S^3 were with Belle at launch, having the same sort of specs as market back then (1ghz processors, 1gb ram), even with S^3 handset designs (N8 and E7).

      Honestly, N8 with Belle and 1gb Ram and 1ghz processor would have been an amazing device and true flagship.

      • FireDragon says:


      • incognito says:

        It still is an incredible value for the money – try to find as feature packed to the brim smartphone as the N8 for 270€ unlocked. While I haven’t personally tried Belle (really cannot go back to Symbian) from all I’ve seen the only crux with it – a rustic interface – has been, by and large, fixed with it, making it indeed an incredible value.

        Put any cheapo Android (the same price range) against it, it will eat it for breakfast, and then take an incredibly good picture of an empty plate that’s left.

        • Lloydo says:

          Loved the last paragraph :)

        • burak says:

          hi incognito,
          what s your platform now?

          • incognito says:

            Maemo 5 and Maemo 6/Meego… The N900 practically replaced my MBP, I cannot go back to anything less – in terms of OS capabilities – I’d, of course, kill for some of the features in the N8, but there’s more to a platform than just hardware or exotic features.

            To me, a perfect device would be something packed in the E7′s body, with high-res screen, N8′s camera, running on the latest Intel Medfield platform, or at least the TI OMAP4470, with a potent GPU to push pixels onto that screen, and sporting Maemo 6 w/ a blend between the Swipe UI and the Maemo 5′s Hildon. I’d get 5 of those and forget about my mobile needs for the next 10 years… Oh, who am I kidding, I’d of course get the next best thing when a successor of such devices is released…

            But, the way it is, that’s only wishful thinking and shameless dreaming…

            • Jon Hubert Bristol says:

              It’s so good to know that others out there appreciate the E7′s body and wish to have a successor produced.

              It’s as if they forgot all about their aluminum unibody designs and are sticking to the polycarbonate unibody of the N9… When the E7 is so beautiful!

              • incognito says:

                N9 is also beautiful, I’d dare to say that the white N9 is the prettiest mobile device ever produced – but that design would never work with a HW keyboard, and for anything to replace my N900 it will need to have a HW keyboard.

                E7 is certainly one of the prettiest, if not even the most beautiful piece of mobile wizardry with a hardware keyboard.

                Hence, the blend between the E7′s looks, N8′s features and N900/N9′s software would be the perfect mix for me. As a consolation award I’d agree for an N950, but it doesn’t match the looks of the E7 (not to mention that E7 definitely has the most comfortable hand-held keyboard I’ve ever used).

                • Michael Faro-Tusino says:

                  Couldn’t agree more. I really want the N950, just because it is the closest thing to what you describe (which would be my perfect device).

        • dss says:

          When I tested belle on my N8 in August, I thought the same thing. The n8 is getting cheaper, and better at the same time..

    • FireDragon says:

      The thing about any good handset is (for example N8) they keep on the sales after they are put to rest. It might hard to believe at many part of this huge world but this is a fact. I have seen people lust over 5800 as if it is just out from factory. People I found still looking for old sets like Sony Ericsson X1, P1i, K750.

      Maybe it is the price, maybe it is the good reputation those devices have had back in days. Maybe it is just the look or maybe all of it. So I think N8s will be on sale for long time on those part of the world and keep giving Nokia side money. I know I will keep my N8(s) even after I get another handset.

      • Viipottaja says:

        True. Altough the situation is now different (as Nokia and Symbian are not as desirable perhaps), I remember how the N95 was promoted by carriers in Brazil about 2 years after its release as the latest and gratest. Similar situations are probably happening around the world on similarly old models that the manufacturers can now offer on the cheap there.

  5. arts. says:

    i honestly think this is a way to keep existing customers with nokia. The speed they are moving is incredible.

  6. Deep Space Bar says:

    best news ever today

  7. mahesh says:

    nice story jay.. lets hope N8 also gets Carla update.. :)

  8. vds says:

    well it’s pretty good news. May the time comes that we get more info on Carla but Nokia it’s annoying to change release dates from q4 to Feb 2012. This makes customers sad. Also the qt5.0 dropping out idea for symbian isn’t cool either. This way symbian dies before 2016 because qt is the only great thing with symbian and now with wp7 added support, symbian is ditched all i say is Duck you Nokia.

  9. Stoli89 says:

    I have been using Belle on my N8 for over 2 months now. To say it has lots of bugs is simply untrue. In fact, it has to be the most stable Symbian firmware I have ever used on a Nokia phone. Ever.

    It may have something to do with the fact that this phone leaves a lot more FREE RAM to run background apps, or that it leaves a lot more FREE C drive space available…but at the end of the day this thing hasn’t frozen or rebooted itself once since I installed it last year.

    It’s much faster and much smoother than Anna or any of the firmware predecessors for that matter.

    I flashed with Phoenix using CFW Delight (3.6) based on Belle 111.030.0607.

  10. juned says:

    will symbian carla be available to nokia 500

  11. zymesh says:

    now Nokia has a reason to delay Belle since Carla is buggy…. Hope they wont include the backlog fixes of Belle just to fix Carla and sacrifice its timely release and not follow the expected Q1 Belle firmware release date.

  12. SLAYER says:

    Carla (112.***.**** builds) have been in testing since at least late november. from what I understand there is a weekly build. current build should be 112.010.0705 with browser version

  13. BIG says:

    111.30.609 for N8 is Downloadable at navifirn…?!

  14. Manya says:

    Guys dont be excite ! Because belle is not released and carla is very long thing
    And if carla supported to c6-01,n8,c7,e7 then you can think nokia will say ‘this is major update and it will release in 2012 q4 for all at same time ‘. Then they say 2013 q1, then q4 then 2015
    Yes guys 2014 or 15 we see carla and in 2016 we see donna,which last year of symbian

  15. Yasg says:

    Version 112.xx,xx.xx also referred as belle SR2. There are QTBUG reports which refers 112.xx as belle SR2 and next major version(carla) after SR2.

  16. Marcio Cattini says:

    Nokia Belle US Variant print screen of navifirm and download link

  17. xNokian says:

    Though I don’t want to beat on a dead horse, I would appreciate if Nokia release Carla on Beta labs. The OS is EOLed but it would give geeks like me an enormous pleasure to test it out :) Also I find it hard to beleive that they would release Carla for the first wave of S^3 devices(N8, C7). I just happen to have a 700 to try it out;)

  18. rdx says:

    Carla NOT for E7… not for N8 also… C7 might get though.. .:)

  19. Nokia Carla will NOT be on 680Mhz CPU smartphones.

    The tester said about problems that are currently on Nokia Belle with Nokia e6 and e7, problems that are also on Carla. Carla is for 1GHz nokia smartphones.

    We can understand from this that they plan to launch a device that has joystick/dpad on it with Carla witch would be grait or that Carla was tested on Nokia e6/e7 and keeped the same problem as Belle.

    I can tell that 90% Carla will be only for 1GHz devices.

    Will see…

    Vasile Lucian BUJOR

    PS. Yesterday I upgraded to Belle on my e6, it is amazing BUT in Media Player – MUSIC -, I can’t scroll down easily, touching the right side, the alphabet appears hard. Another problem, on youtube site I can’t see videos on desktop mode site, sayz that I don’t have Flash installed – I know I know, but with my Vivaz with Flash Lite 3 and alot older OS , I can play Youtube videos on desktop mode site. I can play youtube clips like on desktop on websites that have incorporated the youtube clip but the same clip, with same technology I can’t play on youtube site in youtube desktop mode site and in mobile mode we all know that many videos aren’t available.

    I am courious if the Media Player – Videos – audio and video codecs are upgraded? Also do they support subtitles?

    Sorry for bad english…good night!

  20. Hamdhan says:

    Any Carla for Nokia 500?

  21. Tom says:

    Hey Guys,
    I just Phished a Real Thing!
    Symbian Carla or Nokia Carla Will Be launched at 3Q for Nokia (1Ghz CPU) and at 4Q for (680Mhz CPU).
    Offcourse at the 680mhz cpu will be lighter version of carla but it will have (Nokia Browser 8.1,Smoothless,Bug fixes,Better Interface(and NFC for C7).On 1GHZ CPU will be more like: Dolby Digital Surround 5.1,Improved Multitasking,CPU Update etc.

    Thats what i ve got!

    If you Got Any Questions Reply….

    • CvBcIn says:

      i have few doubts,as we know that 1st Gen s^3 phones hve GPU,so nokia can reduce cpu performance by handing over to finally i thing we get Carla update,as our phone have life(GPU BCM-2727),
      But these 701 and other 2nd Gen phones have BCM-2763 with 128 MB of graphic memory that to with 250Mhz.
      what can we more expect from Carla update.

  22. Tom says:

    Hey Guys,
    I just Phished a Real Thing!
    Symbian Carla or Nokia Carla Will Be launched at 3Q for Nokia (1Ghz CPU) and at 4Q for (680Mhz CPU).
    Offcourse at the 680mhz cpu will be lighter version of carla but it will have (Nokia Browser 8.1,Smoothless,Bug fixes,Better Interface(and NFC for C7).On 1GHZ CPU will be more like: Dolby Digital Surround 5.1,Improved Multitasking,CPU Update etc.

    Thats what i ve got!

    If you Got Any Questions Reply….
    Sorry For Posting It 2nd Time, :(

  23. Shariq Mirza says:

    Hey guys I am using nokia 701 n facing a problem regarding its camera which is saving images in very low size which is why they get distorted when u try to see them on ur pc or want to zoom them can ne one have solution for this problem please help me…

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