Leak: Windows Phone 8 preview – Apollo uncovered

| February 2, 2012 | 151 Replies

Pocket Now seems to have got details on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 (the next major update after Tango) to which MS guru Paul Thurott has confirmed several details. Such details originating apparently from Joe Belfiore, intended ONLY for partners at Nokia.

Here are some of the interesting features:

  • Appearing around the time Windows Phone market place is expected to reach 100,000 apps. Given the rate of growth you might be able to estimate around when this might be.
  • Opera Mini like browsing – page compression sever side reducing page bandwidth by about 30%?
  • Multicore support
  • Multiple resolution support, 4 different ones apparently.
  • Removable microSD
  • Tap share capabilities between platforms – laptops, desktops, tablets and phones all sharing the same content.
  • Camera UI to be revamped – at manufacturer’s choice. There’s something called lens app that will allow manufacturers to skin the camera app to their liking, noting features such as burst mode and smile detection as an example by Belfiore. Now Nokia has an amazing camera UI in the N9. There could be some easy metro translations. Camera UI on WP pretty much sucks for the most part EXCEPT the whole taking pictures and immediately viewing your gallery with a swipe. I’ll give them credit on that, but everything else needs to be worked on and this is great to know Nokia could (without new API to cause fragmentation) modify the camera aspect to be as good as their known standard.
  • App to app communication between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps.
  • Native code support for more powerful apps and easier porting of iOS/Android apps. Perhaps Qt too eh?
  • W8 and WP8 will share more than just the UI allowing devs to reuse more of their code.
  • WP8 Xbox companion app has a version/’partner client’ for W8
  • Skype
  • NFC
  • Local Scout with real time personalised recommendations
  • Sky Drive integration
  • Data notification of consumption
  • Native Bitlocker encription
I’m sure we’ll hear that it’s still missing certain things. We don’t know that yet as we don’t know the full details of everything coming to WP8. But just in case, what do you find is missing?

Sources: Pocket NowPaul Thurott

Cheers all for the tip!


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  • TrollKnightRises

    Lol’d at this Belfiore’s photo….like raising his both hands to say ” this crappy features are all we’ll have to match iphone5 and android in Q4!”

    • Shaun

      Windows Phone, now with added Jazz Hands(™)

      • manu

        according to nokia has cancelled development of all symbian device except one which is likely the n8 death of symbian is here much earlier than we no donna no swipe.
        R.I.P SYMBIAN

        • BobHyde

          “A whiff of panic in the air?”

          If Nokia have reduced their Symbian developments it may signal that the end of the company as we know is near.

          It is a big gamble to assume that potential Symbian/Meego customers will switch to WP Mango/Tango/Apollo.

          The sharks (Google and Apple) will smell blood in the water and move on for the kill.

          I can just imaging marketing aimed at Nokia owners coming soon . .

          Maybe Apple will bring back Mac vs PC (I am a MAC . .) slots they were really good.

          Can’t wait 🙂

        • Luisito

          So I will go to hide under a rock until that happen… Android is the most close to Symbian, but for some reason I can really “love” it. WP don’t cacht me because it play the iOS song (well not exactly the same, but close enought)
          My main dought here is what will take MS???… The whole thing or just its smartdevices division and Navteq…

          • lordstar

            Sad news if true, Nokia killing Symbian. Now who would buy the N8 successor if they cancel future Symbian updates??

  • Trojan mouse

    I hate these tiles ui!

  • wallberg

    Most people hate it me too. For old people it may fit because it is so simple to understand.

    • fghdfdfgh


  • Casey

    Does Nokia know that people don’t like Tiles UI? Wake up Nokia!

    • Jesse

      I love tiles! Even redesigned my room based on that style, it just looks awesome!

    • jr

      you need to be spanked for being an idiot

      • Casey

        There’s a reason why Windows phone has less than 2 percent market share worldwide…

        • Ronny

          Of course that’s because iOS and Android have at least 4 years in the market and WP only have 2 or less ¬_¬ so please don’t be so silly

          • Hey

            Windows phone just had its first year birthday recently..

        • Mark

          Remind me. What’s MeeGo’s market share?

          Less according to Canalys so that means that MeeGo’s Ui must be rubbish.

          Except it’s not. It’s just your logic that sucks.

          • Eddy

            [symbian/meego fanboy logic]

            Actually, MeeGo’s lack of increase in marketshare makes it a sucess, unlike WP7.

            [/symbian/meego fanboy logic]

          • Casey

            Mark (aka “Elop or Windows Phone” paid poster)

            MeeGo has had limited released compared to Windows Phone, not to mention other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. In addition, MeeGo has had less advertising compared to Windows Phone.

            So which phone had better reviews, N9 or Lumia..?

    • While I may not count myself as “people”, I do enjoy it. All I need is at one spot and visible at once.

      P.S. User inteface and design philosophy behind is called Metro UI, not “Tiles UI”.

  • Bloob

    “Appearing around the time Windows Phone market place is expected to reach 100,000 apps.”

    Apollo confirmed for July / August release!

  • Lax

    Nokia killing support for feature symbian phones!. Windows apollo doesnt hav bluetooth file transfer and usb mass storage!!. Well i guess nokia has made my move to sony android phones easy, am probably going to stop checking this site from now on

    • Viipottaja

      May I ask you, what do you use the USB OTG for mostly? I know its a useful feature per se, but not sure what _I_ would really use it for, so curious to hear what others use it for.

      • Dont you know transfer of large files from one phone to another using otg, or from phone to flash drive is faster? Using bluetooth to transfers more than 1 gb of files will take forever! Movies esp mkv movies will require otg function in a phone to transfer these large files without the use of a PC…

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