Windows Phone 8 details revealed in video to Nokia?

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PocketNow are at it again. Apparently they found a video featuring Joe Belfiore, that was made for Nokia, as a way to inform them of the updates that were coming in the Apollo update. I say apparently as every site discussing the video links to PocketNow, but I can’t find it. There is to be major changes not just in software, but also the hardware compatible with the devices that run the OS.

It is rumoured that Apollo will allow WP to be deployed to devices running “multi-core processors”. This would help on the spec sheet for Nokia, if they can deliver a quad-core superphone. Despite the fact WP is fluid on single cores, people see the ghz numbers and how many cores, and assume the bigger the better. (I know I did until I really got into the geeky tech side of it all.)

NFC is to be added in the next update, and according to PocketNow, it will have the “wallet experience” as well as allowing for content sharing across “laptop, desktop, tablets and phones”. A total of four new screen resolutions have also been said to be revealed, which may see Nokia bring us some varied form factors. QWERTY anyone?  There is also added support for MicroSD cards, which in my opinion is a relief as 8gb was nowhere near enough to effectively compete.


Apollo is said to be based upon Windows 8 and not Windows CE, which will allow for desktop app developers, to easily port their code to run on the mobile platform. (Sounds a lot like the QT strategy from Nokia to me.) However, there has been efforts made to ensure that current Mango apps will work despite the kernel change.

The camera is also believed to be changing, to “allow OEMs and Third Party Apps” to customise the interface. This would be a huge boost for Nokia, seeing they did really well with the N9’s UI, and the current WP camera UI is pretty weak. ( I like swipe to see gallery, but utilise more screen.)

Better Skydrive integration is coming, that will work seamlessly with your desktop as well. I guess it is going to be the answer to iCloud. Skype integration is also finally coming. Reported as being able to make VoIP calls the same way you do on the N9, through the telephony app. Zune for syncing is apparently being removed, as well as implementing a smarter way for data consumption management.

There is a lot more coming, but I posted what I thought would be of most interest to Nokia fans. If you are curiosu about what else there is coming, there are detailed reports on PocketNow, WinSuperSite and TheNextWeb.

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  • ggg

    nothing will help nokia if it is still the same old tiles and metro ui!

    • deep space bar

      nothing can help nokia since they went windows…..MSFT can’t even help themselves

    • stylinred

      since the Lumias were released here in Canada ive been hearing a lot of positive views for WP its actually rather surprising

      so i think metro/WP will be able to carve out their own share of users

      • Retarded MeeGo Conspiracy Peddler 911

        the only reason Lumias are getting positive reviews in Canada is because Stephen Elop is a Canadian spy; a spy for Research In Motion and Microsoft. So he’s spying for 3 parties at the same time. Also, I’m sure the people who were giving good reviews for the Lumia are plants by the RCMP.

        oh yeah btw, do you know which country is #1 friend to Canada? the U.S.!

        That means, it’s those pesky Americans again trying to take over Nokia and the mobile operating system world. Eventually, we’ll all have to move towards a one world operating system controlled by Americans.


    N9 still the best! I don’t like bathroom tiles OS 🙂

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      N9 is a device, not an operating system. Do u mean Meego is the best? In what way? Developer support? HAHAHA

      • Reply

        I guess he/she didn’t compare N9 with OS,

        ‘N9 still the best!’: one sentence

        ‘I don’t like bathroom tiles OS’: another sentence.

      • stylinred

        no if he meant the operating system he would say Maemo (since that’s what the N9 is)

  • Brad

    Hardware is somewhat commoditized and nokiasoft still has some thing a little different. With deep integration of skype, office, maps. Skydrive, and better csmeras than anyone, could be a winner.

  • advent

    really doubt that wp7 apps will be compatible out of box despite what they say.

    • incognito

      Why shouldn’t they? WP7 apps run in an interpreted/virtualized environment (.NET), just like Android but a bit more streamlined, so as long as they have a compatible interpreter in their new version all the apps should work fine.

      Now, of course, the question is whether they’ll look nice if it appears on a bigger resolution given that Microsoft never encouraged devs to use dynamic layout setups for the UI out of concern for performance – I guess the old res apps will be scaled up dynamically as Silverlight supports that, but if the devs were heavy on raster graphics, absolute positioning, their own handling of transitioning animations etc. some of the apps may look from highly problematic to downright unusable.

      • psion2nokia

        yes but the question is, will WP8 apps run on WP7 ?
        I mean can you run the latest virtual machine on WP7 with hardware limitation? (lack of host of apis presumably)

  • yemko


    • Deaconclgi

      Live tiles AKA square widgets….


    Live Tiles ROCK.
    Going to bathroom now when ever I see the old iOS, Android and Meego tiles (although moving android backgrounds are ok)

  • nn

    MS is making video to inform Nokia that new features like NFC or miscroSD cards will be in Apollo? And I though Nokia is heavily working with MS on next WP development…

    • jr

      nokia partners.. that’s what the original story said

  • cod

    i want to break those tiles

  • Dc

    Just bring me full bluetooth file transfers, real multitasking, a proper file manager then im all in! But i mean is that so much to ask for? And why cant nokia bring that stuff to wp8? Isnt that also a way of being different then the other oems? Just imagine nokia had that features on their phones while people like samsung doesnt, alot of people will go for a lumia with that features instead of a focus or titan that hasnt!