Vote for Nokia N9 Swipe UI at IXDA interaction awards

| February 2, 2012 | 17 Replies

In this awards sponsored by Google, you can and should vote for the Nokia N9 and Swipe UI. Now. Do it now.

This is the first I’ve heard of the award and the N9 being a contender. Hopefully you guys will still get the ability to vote as the winner is apparently due to be announced tomorrow (3rd February 2012). According to their timeline, submissions had been open since June 2011. Seems you’ll have to register at their site first to vote.

They have categories in:

  • Optimizing
  • Engaging
  • Empowering
  • Connecting
  • Disrupting

All of which the Swipe UI should beat all the other entrants (most of which seem to be iPhone apps :S)


The Interaction Award’s People’s Choice Award is now open for voting!

We are very excited to celebrate the winners of the 2012 Interaction Awards, but there’s one award-winning project left to choose, and we need your help! The Interaction Awards’ People’s Choice voting is now open in an online gallery at Every member of IxDA’s online community gets 3 votes for their favorite project from this year’s shortlist.

Unfortunately due to technical problems, you cannot use

your existing credentials. You must register to the Interaction Awards site specifically.

Visit the gallery now, review the entries, and cast your votes today. Then spread the word and promote your favorite projects before voting closes on February 3rd at 12pm GMT.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Interaction Awards Celebration on Friday, February 3rd, at Interaction12 in Dublin. We hope to see you there!

Cheers Ergonpandilus for the tip!


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  • Mate

    Too bad they require registration. I’m not registering just to give them a vote.

    • incognito

      They don’t even validate the email, hence you can use a completely bogous or throw-away mail to register – it takes 1 min total.

      The Swipe UI deserves some recognition, as you’ll be certainly seeing elements of it in the future, probably on non-Nokia devices where some might deem them ‘revolutionary’ without even knowing that Nokia was behind most of the concept.

      • LINES

        I have received an email from them after registration then I voted for the N9. so they really validate the email. FYI registration will only take only a minute 🙂

        • Jackson

          Yeah but his point was that you can still use a BS one.
          Just receiving an email != validation.

    • Lloydo

      I voted yesterday. As incognito said, you don’t need to validate the email.

  • Stephens_eloped

    Do it! It’s quick and simple. I feel like doing it again with a different email address! N9 baby! Let’s win one for the MeeGo guys and gals!

  • GordonH


  • Sponsored by Google? I guess I know who/what the winner is.

  • Fire Elop if no N9 successor!


    Swipe UI is sexy!

  • swipe is the best selling point of n9!

  • h3csc

    I registered and voted! Swipe UI ftw

  • Jazz

    Voted but it’s gamer-over for Maemo6x/MeeGo N9/xx.
    So it’s a hollow/pointless feeling… 🙁

  • Paulo Oliveira


  • j


  • shakaib


  • Kevin

    I don’t know why, but because the website is sponsored with Google, I sense something…

    • Jax

      What was even the point of this necro post?
      The voting closed ages ago if you’d bothered to check the site.