Symbian Belle User Manuals (PDF)

| February 5, 2012 | 34 Replies

For those interested, here are user manuals for Nokia Belle for the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6. I couldn’t find a mention of Belle but it does have new information such as that pull down status (page 23).


Cheers Johnny for the tip!

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  1. lordstar says:

    It seems like the only thing missing is the belle update.

  2. Blink says:

    Microsoft Stores in the U.S. are taking deposits on lumia 900s. Also, the stores are running a promotion that if you buy a windows phone, you get free zune music for 1 year, a $120 value. Waiting for word on the unlocked 800 with some sort of bundle deal.

  3. Paul Grenfell says:

    Been on N8 support page for ages..taken this long to be noticed?
    Just where is Belle anyway?

    • Dalago says:

      In Navifirm or in a lot of webs, I’m using belle since first leak, I flashed 1000 times and i’m very happy!! try it!!

  4. reptile says:

    Another peculiar thing I’ve noticed here in the US is that Newegg stopped selling a lot of Nokia phones for a while. I wasn’t even able to see the Nokia N8 on their site at all. This had originally led me to believe that the phone had been discontinued…

    But now they’ve restocked a lot of those older phones, which leads me to believe that this newer set had Belle pre-installed. I’ve been meaning to check with their customer support to confirm, but have been too busy :(

  5. Lloydo says:

    I wish they’d thought through the status bar a bit more (a pretty typical request when it comes to Symbian UI design :P). E.g. the first three buttons (Mobile data, WiFi and Bluetooth) are replicated immediately below in the Notifications section.

    Instead, we could have had three other useful buttons. I can think of two I would love to have there–a screen rotation lock and a brightness dimmer.

    What four buttons would you like there?

    • reptile says:

      Power-Saving Mode!

    • Ronit says:

      Not true. They are not exactly replicated. e.g. if Bluetooth is turned off, there would be no option to turn it on. You would have to go to menu–>settings

      Also, toggling mobile data and wifi would take at least 3 taps going through the options below.

      But I agree, they should have provided an option to choose which switches you need.

      Maybe with Belle SP1 or Carla?

      • Lloydo says:

        Thanks for the clarification Ronit.

        Still, I wouldn’t use those three buttons very much. On my N8, Wi-fi and Bluetooth are always on and so is Mobile data (unless I’m roaming). For me a better solution would be one button e.g. Connectivity which slides down the three normal buttons (or something along those lines). Leaving room for other functions which I think would be used a lot more.

    • deep space bar says:

      they might add that and i hope they do like have all the notification on in the status bar instead of a few and a few more things

      • MontyN95 says:

        Nope! Some Notifications (e.g chat messages from whatsapp) don’t sure up in the pull down bar!

        Was not well thought out at all. Only thing I really use it for is for quick access to text messges, (just as easy as pressing the menu button and tappin on the pop up actually)
        and quickly putting phone on silence! Others are useless!!
        Wifi/Bluetooth: Always on
        Mobile data: Always on
        Music Player: Got the widget!

        I’ll prefer screen orientation and 3G on/off

  6. arts says:

    hmm maybe volume as well? But with screen estate limited as it is, i doubt there is space. And for my android tab the notification buttoms can be swipe around. Maybe they should do that too!

    • DM says:

      Here’s a tip; Nokia put special buttons on side of all their phones, they called them volume buttons/rockers, but I can’t imagine what a volume + or – button might do, turn wifi off? Who knows…

  7. Shriek says:

    Well this in Nokia teasing us with the Bella updates once again

  8. Ali says:

    would x7 has belle or not

  9. Chén Zhé says:

    It’s not C6 but C6-01

  10. flop says:

    microsoft developers said on their community forum:
    -Nokia is gng to kill symbian in Jan 2013.

    -no Donna OS for nokia fans

    -Steve Balmer has instructed Stephen Elop to kill symbian as early as possible because WIN7 sales were very poor in 2011. In order to launch mid range WIN devices, microsoft will release WIN apollo at mobile world congress and WIN 8 by MAY.

    -we will take over Nokia in march 2013 once WIN8 becomes a potential third ecosystem

    -supporting symbian till 2016 is just to maintain symbian loyal fans. In fact, 2012 is the LAST & LAST year for symbian.

    -N8 successor is the last symbian phone launching in july with carla os.

    SAD NEWS FOR ALL OF US :( :( :( :(

  11. Akm says:

    100% true

  12. flop says:

    Nokia is befooling you all lolz…
    Tell me if a person does robbery, would he say at once that i didn’t do robbery. same is the case here. Microsoft (fucker elop) is the thief and they have already robbed the company (NOKIA)

  13. Stephens_Eloped says:

    Anyone know where the belle pdf user manual is for the E6? Cheers

  14. vipin says:

    pls improve the skype for nokia n8 …..we want video call options for nokia n8

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