Finland warming up to Nokia Lumias? WP overtakes MeeGo in Finland?

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Here’s some more follow up to how the Nokia Lumia is doing on Nokia’s home soil. According to WMPoweruser who looked at Statcounter browser marketshare in finland, since the two days of launch, Nokia’s Lumia phones have now exceeded the browser share of MeeGo phones (N9). Now I’m not sure what other WP handsets are there (and look at how the N9 on it’s own still had more than other WPs there) but since the official launch of the Lumia it has taken almost 2.5% in 2 days.

Overall, iOS leads the poll, followed by Android and third is Symbian. I’m not exactly sure how statcounter works but when I checked it, it puts MeeGo over WP. At least on the key at the side. But mousing over the line graphs shows WP slightly ahead of MeeGo now. I’m suresome might be peeved that there’ll be repetitive discussions again about the lack of push for MeeGo/N9 and so it was inevitable got WP/Lumia to take over. Well, it’s good to have context I guess on what WP is taking over, but it’s still an achievement to take over 2% in 2 days especially as there were doubts as to whether the Finns would warm to this new device.

Also check out what’s been going on in Finland since 2008 (and 2008 because that’s the furthest back this can go).

Symbian is just at a constant decline. I did not expect it to have gone down to steadily and so quickly – I guess that’s the nature of strong competition. There looks to be a sharp increase by Maemo 5 but of course, that disappeared into delayland with MeeGo and as we know the bet went the wrong way with that one. Lol, before I go into another bitter rant about the disappearance of Maemo 5, I’ll got to bed as I have a ridiculously early start and long day.

Anyone hazard a guess what that random spike called 'unknown' is? Its spike has a distinct reflection to the Symbian one around W24 2009.

Source:  via wmpoweruser

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