Finland warming up to Nokia Lumias? WP overtakes MeeGo in Finland?

| February 8, 2012 | 297 Replies

Here’s some more follow up to how the Nokia Lumia is doing on Nokia’s home soil. According to WMPoweruser who looked at Statcounter browser marketshare in finland, since the two days of launch, Nokia’s Lumia phones have now exceeded the browser share of MeeGo phones (N9). Now I’m not sure what other WP handsets are there (and look at how the N9 on it’s own still had more than other WPs there) but since the official launch of the Lumia it has taken almost 2.5% in 2 days.

Overall, iOS leads the poll, followed by Android and third is Symbian. I’m not exactly sure how statcounter works but when I checked it, it puts MeeGo over WP. At least on the key at the side. But mousing over the line graphs shows WP slightly ahead of MeeGo now. I’m suresome might be peeved that there’ll be repetitive discussions again about the lack of push for MeeGo/N9 and so it was inevitable got WP/Lumia to take over. Well, it’s good to have context I guess on what WP is taking over, but it’s still an achievement to take over 2% in 2 days especially as there were doubts as to whether the Finns would warm to this new device.

Also check out what’s been going on in Finland since 2008 (and 2008 because that’s the furthest back this can go).

Symbian is just at a constant decline. I did not expect it to have gone down to steadily and so quickly – I guess that’s the nature of strong competition. There looks to be a sharp increase by Maemo 5 but of course, that disappeared into delayland with MeeGo and as we know the bet went the wrong way with that one. Lol, before I go into another bitter rant about the disappearance of Maemo 5, I’ll got to bed as I have a ridiculously early start and long day.

Anyone hazard a guess what that random spike called 'unknown' is? Its spike has a distinct reflection to the Symbian one around W24 2009.

Source:  via wmpoweruser

Cheers jr for the tip

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  1. Finland warming up to Nokia Lumias? WP overtakes MeeGo in Finland? | | February 8, 2012
  1. dr_zorg says:

    Funny how nobody put out the stats for Meego at launch. Do you know why? Because such stats over a period of a week are irrelevant. All the new Lumia owners are busy playing with their new toys. Give it a few months’ time and it’ll even out.

    Regardless, the N9 is only one device priced way above the competition. Of course there will be more of the cheaper devices around. Not to mention the atrocious PR Elop gave it.

    Funny to see the MS trolls out in force here. Jeering over an OS destined for the gallows. Doesn’t take a big brain to figure out a device at 300€ will outsell 600€, especially if they look exactly the same. But go ahead, have your little party. I don’t mind.

    • tomwhat says:


      and the funny thing is they get annoyed when you call them WP fanboys…and i thought apes can already recognize themselves in a mirror ;-)

      • dr_zorg says:

        Apes can vary in intelligence almost as much as humans do. Within limits if their capacity of course :)

      • Alex says:

        They are Windows Phone paid posters…

        • tomwhat says:

          Payed or brainwashed…has often the same effect :-)

          • Paid M$ Troll says:

            And who brainwashed you into think everybody who likes a strong walled ecosystem must be paid or brainwashed? ;)

          • Hypnopottamus says:

            It’s really funny how people who just genuinely like WP are either “paid” or “brainwashed”. It can’t be that they actually just like the OS.

            Here’s the trend that breaks down in EVERY discussion about a WP article on MNB:

            If you like WP = you’re paid and/or brainwashed

            If you have an N9 = this is the best phone ever and if you have anything else you’re an idiot and I’m going to post in every WP article to rub it into your face!

            People need to grow the fuck up! Enjoy your N9 (it’s a wonderful device). But let other people enjoy theirs also (even if it is a WP).

      • Meade says:

        We’re not really annoyed when we are called WP fanboys/girls, we’re annoyed when you accuse us of being paid poster.

        • tomwhat says:

          That’s why extended it to brainwashed people ;-)
          At least some people have a hooray-complex when there is a new “little fart news” about WP! Btw: Most news here fall into this category!

          • Keizka says:

            You know, many will just take opposing stance if they get annoyed enough…

          • Jed says:

            Well this is a Nokia fan site, and there’s a lot more going on with WP7 than Meego at the moment. Not trying to start a war just saying.

            The funniest thing is how you lot think you sound clever and smart, yet you’re wasting your time hating on Nokia on a Nokia fan site, and you consistently come back. If anything it makes you look a bit…special.

            That and people just post the same recycled hate crap about WP7and they are only impressing their little circle jerk that all just love to hear each other talk on hear.

            I mean far be it from to just be a Nokia fan that comes here and is excited about all things Nokia…

            DERP DERP DERP

            • migo says:

              Oh no! Being a Nokia fan is a philosophical choice that shows you’re sticking it to the man. And Microsoft is the man, while Nokia, former largest cellphone manufacturer in the world isn’t.

              • Harangue says:

                So your saying that Nokia is like Apple? After all choosing Apple is also sticking it to ‘the man’ apparently.

                Regardless of WP or MeeGo sucking, this blog has become the Engadget of Nokia blogs with senseless post from either WP or MeeGo fans.

          • Meade says:

            If we like wp because we’re brainwashed, doesn’t that apply to MeeGo too? I know that you don’t wanna know, but wp fits the needs of social networkers, xbox live customers, people who want ms office wherever they go and synced perfectly, the ease of use is also a neat. Not everyone wants to tinker with their phones, you know.

            Now I know that you like meego and symbian. And maybe it suits your needs perfectly. Can’t you admit that not everyone has the same needs as you? Not everyone wants or even knows open source OS? My uncle has a x7, all he does is browsing, texting, and making calls. He’s going to buy an Android because it fits his budget and ‘it looks cool and popular’. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it has usb mass storage or open sourced os, and the neither do majority of cellphone buyer.

            • Harangue says:


              It is just often forgotten on techblogs, both by writers and commenters, that normal people don’t look at all features etc. They usually just want something that works and most of the time is popuar as well, because they know it from others.

          • Hypnopottamus says:

            And others have diarrhea of the mouth complex when it comes to shitting over anything that has to do with WP. Btw: Most stuff that comes out of your mouth falls into this category!

    • Mark says:

      Actually it’s pretty easy to do the stats for MeeGo. It launches in Week 40 2011 at 0.15% and rises to 1.73% with a core release average of about 1.5%.

      No great spikes or troughs.

    • jody / buzzinga says:

      to be honest, you have point. i agree with you. hehehehehe


    • ravo says:

      in sweden the n9 cost about 2999 sek.. thats about 450.. and it cost 4349 sek in the same store.. i dont know if the n9 is only this cheap in sweden but the price just want me to get another one:O

    • jr says:

      Whichever way you.look at at nobody.likes your shitty meego and this proves .. This time you gave no where to hide.. Nokia gave the same coverage to both phones in Finland.. Will you for once have the halls to.admit wants your sea of icons phone?

      • tomwhat says:

        The 2 best selling phones are a sea of icons…just to keep you updated dear windows fanboy…I strongly recommend you to rub your eyes!

        I’m really sick of these stupid tiles & icons arguments…they are totally ridicilous. It matters much more what you’re allowed todo with your phone! Probably not for the mainstream but for technically educated people (!fanboys) definetely

        • migo says:

          I’d say that’s going a bit far too, but the N9 isn’t an innovative interface, it’s just one that’s playing catch up and refined a few features.

          • noki says:

            Wile Wp reinvented everything and failed at managing any significant market share world wide. In fact its losing market share world wide, having spent billions in marketing how sad is that?

            Having said that I rely wish NOKIA sells a gazillion LUMIAS. Seams like the only way to avoid bankrupcy before the end of the year.

            P.S. the news is WP overtakes meego… AKA sad the N.okia only grows at the expense of its own market share

            • migo says:

              It’s not losing marketshare, it’s gaining marketshare, it’s just people who don’t know what they’re talking about combined Windows Mobile with Windows Phone for marketshare, and now that Windows Mobile isn’t being counted there appears to be a drop.

            • Harangue says:

              Well, unknown makes unloved. That’s the case with WP. It is just too different from established platforms which drives customers to those established platforms. Maybe Windows 8 can change that due to famiiarity in terms of UI design, but it remain too be seen.

              Regarding MeeGo, I also don’t see the whole drooling over it’s UI either. Essentially it is nothing new apart from the Swipe UI (which is great, but still not new in itself).
              Strip away the Swipe UI and all you have left is an app drawer, notification screen and a multitasking screen.

              Not that the N9 is a bad device because of that, on the contrary, but it is not the Jesus phone like some make it out to be. There is a certain Apple-esque vibe surrounding the N9. Has Nokia finally found a reality distortion field of their own?

              Might be, one side might say they use it for the N9, others say they use it for the Lumia side of things.

        • Jed says:

          Define what you can do? Therein lies the problem. What I need to do on my Windows Phone, I can do on any other phone. I personally like the tiles as I can navigate through the phone quicker, not to mention Exchange, and Office 365 integration is a must for me.

          The other problem is define technically educated. I’m a mobile developer for a living and I’ve developed on iOS, Android, and WP7, and a bit of Blackberry and WebOS, I work with all the SDKs and have done some elaborate things, and people pay me because I’m technically educated on the matter. If I like tiles on Windows Phone, that says nothing about my technical education.

          To be honest most fanboys on any platform that think there platform is more technologically advance and better in absolute terms usually turn out to be idiots. If you’re technical and Android suits you great, but it doesn’t mean you’re more technically educated. In fact rooting many Android phones is now as simple as installing custom ringtones, so I don’t know how you can gauge a more truly technical user base.

          At least how I see it. Funny reading people trying to prove how a certain platform is absolutely better.

          • migo says:

            Rooting may be easy for some phones, but installing custom ROMs isn’t in any case, except perhaps for the Xiaomi Mione

    • Davix says:

      Ja, you’re right. But in Europe the trend is strong since last January (always according to statcounter).

  2. Heron says:

    It doesn’t matter for now. What happens is in a year, will WP7 be languishing in the 1% marketshare territory, even with the force of Nokia and Microsoft behind it.

    If I may remind others, Android isn’t top dog in one day, and the push from other major OEMs made it top dog, because it was the only viable touch OS back then to other than Apple’s own very closed iOS. Nokia didn’t give Maemo a fighting chance back in the day, MS was still stuck in WinMo, and WebOS wasn’t ready for prime time.

    I am a Nokia fan, but I will say that the MS alliance was the only way Nokia could have fought back in any meaningful way given its inner battles and conflicts between Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo. Now Nokia’s focused, and although I am not totally convinced by MS’s software approach, anything’s better than the Apple box with zero flexibility.

    • incognito says:

      So you’d rather have Microsoft box with zero flexibility? *huh*

      • dr_zorg says:

        Proponents of the box approach remind me of those who believed the Earth was flat. It just had to be flat because it appeared that way. And it was too scary to think otherwise. And anyway, the priests say the box is all there is. End of story.

        • Harangue says:

          For a preacher against narrow mindedness, you are pretty narrow minded yourself.

          The walled garden approach is always bad, and the open Android or Nokia approach i always best. It just depends on what people want, closed and predictable or open and less predictable ie. Android.

          • dr_zorg says:

            Had we been using your logic, we’d all be living in the Dark Ages still.

            Unfortunately there is always a Better and a Worse solution.

            You opt for the Worse one, yet blame me for being narrowminded in rooting for the Better.

            • Jay Montano says:

              Why is it that you proclaim yourself as the righteous one? The one who is right whilst everyone else is obviously wrong? The one that is ‘rooting for the better’. When did you become entrusted with such powers to dictate such things?

      • Paid M$ Troll says:

        i think he meant that he likes nokia is focused. =D

      • migo says:

        There’s more flexibility with Windows Phone, without going into the Wild West territory of Android.

        • incognito says:

          What’s more flexible about WP than iOS? Please do elaborate.

          • migo says:

            Different hardware configurations. Different software configurations leads to developer hell, I hear pretty consistent bitching about developing for Android for that very reason.

            I have small hands, my friend has huge hands. I prefer the 3.7″ screen of the Lumias, he was ecstatic when the 4.7″ Titan was announced. With iPhone there’s only one.

            Then there’s also different uses, I couldn’t care less about a front facing camera, and I don’t want to have to pay for its inclusion in a phone because someone else wants it. On the other hand, I do make use of navigation software, so the compass is useful for me. I can buy the Lumia 710, while someone else with opposite usage can buy the Radar, and we both save money by not paying for hardware features we’ll never use.

            Someone who really wants a physical keyboard can pick up the Dell Venue Pro, although from the looks of things once it’s sold out that might be the end of keyboard sporting Windows Phones. Ideally Nokia picks up the slack there.

            Also, ChevronWP is approved by Microsoft, so if you get the phone unlocked for sideloading, you don’t lose the capability when you update your phone. Same goes for custom ROMs, MS took no steps to block Mango on the HD2.

            • incognito says:

              And device form factors have to do with the OS within them exactly what?

              As for your last point, it was a pure marketing stunt and even the most rabid WP fanboys admit it. ChevronWP7 received anywhere between 5 and 10k limit-dev keys from Microsoft to distribute them further – contrary to the popular belief, it wasn’t actually unlocking WP, it was allowing you to install manually total of 10 apps not coming from the Marketplace. Microsoft got some good press, guys behind ChevronWP7 got some money for their service, and people that never bought it are still spreading stories about the miracle of Microsoft good-will… ChevronWP7 is dead, Microsoft will no longer be providing any keys, unless they need another good-will campaign. I bought it just to see what’s the difference between it and a certificate you get with a developer account – and it’s just a limited dev license, nothing else, ChevronWP7 is just an easier way to distribute it.

              Anyway, it was everything but ‘unlocking’, and you can get the same functionality with no limitations (i.e. you can install as many apps as you want) on the iOS as well – you just have to register as a developer and pay $99/yr, just like you now have to shell out $99/yr for the same kind of license for WP.

              As for MS taking no steps to block Mango on the HD2 – why would they? They took no steps back in early DOS/Windows days to block pirated DOS/Windows versions as well – they want people hooked on their services, they couldn’t care less at this point about revenue from WP7 licensing.

    • jr says:

      haters gonna hate

  3. Ben says:

    No way I’m buying a Windows Phone!

    Nokia better release a N9 successor!

  4. S2Korpio says:

    Great news on the other side, people are quite interested in the freshly arrived Lumias.

  5. Paid M$ Troll says:

    I find it sad that so many people here, cant let people support what they like in peace.

    Some tell me that im paid because i support something i find make sense,

    some tell me im a kid/retard/ape/brainwashed for believing in a strong ecosystem that exist NOW, be it closed or open.

    And worse of all i find it sadder that some wants nokia to fail just because they dislike the way things are being done. Under the house of MNB, all should be nokia fans, not massive trolls.

  6. keizka says:

    Oh cut it. Nokia isn’t likely to change their course yet again in so short amount of time. Huge gamble? Yes. Even ludicrous? Quite likely. Is it going to change? Nope, until something very drastic happens in the annual shareholder meeting. We’ll see. With Nokia it’s too much of a waiting game, thanks to BoD, earlier CEO, current CEO and major shareholders (looking at you US pension holdings).

  7. j says:

    well elop is closing down nokia factories in hungary, mexico and finland!

  8. Davix says:

    And the other markets? Finland doesn’t account so much for Nokia…

    In Germany, Italy and France (biggest markets in Europe), the situations seems to be positive.

  9. symbego says:

    The debate on this forum is getting violent. Nokia should stop it.

    I don’t ask much, I don’t ask to abandon WP. I just want Nokia promise to keep providing smartphone with open garden OS. I promise to buy it.

    • Keizka says:

      It’s sad, really. While I admit being a fan of Nokia products (Hell, I’d get a N9 immediately if it wouldn’t deter my long time plans i.e. acquiring new furnitures), this silly debate between several commenters is making people very weary. Andre doesn’t write here anymore thanks to this. Why? Because people cannot tolerate OPINIONS. Hell, those who blog here (Michael, Jay, Aliquudsi, Viipottaja occasionally, Sergej etc etc) all are people with their opinions. I think Jay and co. are making a most admirable effort to try and bring out all kinds of Nokia news.

      Seriously. This is but a FAN blog. Not official Nokia information outlet. While it has certain savviness in Nokia circles, I wouldn’t direct the ire at WP against the blog posts on this blog.

    • migo says:

      No, YOU should stop it. If you don’t like Windows Phone, stay the fuck out of any post about Windows Phone. Simple as that.

      • noki says:

        Sorry can you please watch your tone, this post is not only about the LUMIA check the title.

        Yo guys seam to advocate alot of the IF you are not for me you must be against me, guess what he was not against you he was perfectly fine (as most of us are) with nokia selling wp phones, he just asked for phones with other OS’s he said he would buy them, I would join in that 2. What is wrong with that??? How do you feal attacked by that statement, is WP so bad that can only be a success without any sort of competition?

        Watch your tone when talking to people, that did not insulted you in any way…..

        • migo says:

          It’s sad that you’re serious when you’re saying that. Symbego has said plenty in other posts.

          There are plenty of posts on this blog purely about Symbian or the N9. It’s easy for him to only post in those and only post positively.

          It’s not Nokia’s fault for all the negativity in the comments here, it’s the fault of the posters who dislike Microsoft. Exclusively (now that cod3rror is gone, but I liked it back when he was the only one trashing Nokia and everyone else agreed in supporting Nokia.)

          Seriously, if all the Symbian and MeeGo supporters shut up about Windows Phone/Elop/Feb 11/etc, the negativity here will go to zero.

          It’s not two sided, it really is all your* fault.


          • symbego says:

            Sorry, I can’t do that. If I keep silent, then Nokia will think the walled garden haters (from Nokia fans) don’t exist. It will give Nokia reason to go WP only. Giving positive comment about Symbian & MeeGo isn’t enough to persuade Nokia

            • ZiPA says:

              “It will give Nokia reason to go WP only.”

              Do you seriously think that whining on a fansite will reverse that decision? If so, I have a bridge for sale that you might be interested in…

  10. Shaun says:

    So, from those graphs,

    Nokia N9 introduction resulted in a browser share growth in N9s of 1.75-ish.

    Lumia introduction resulted in a browser share growth in WP of (0.8 -> 2.4% ish), ie. a growth of about 1.6%. Even presuming all that growth was all due to Nokia Lumias, it kind of indicates it was LESS successful than the N9 launch in Finland.

    Still, it’s too early to tell really and StatCounter isn’t exactly the most accurate measure.

  11. dsfgdf says:

    Nokia looses 60% clients and then gains back 7%. And they are happy!

    • j says:

      microsoft is happy.

      transition means: bring users from nokia to microsoft. when 3/4 get lost, no problem, as long as windows phone gets 4 or 5% marketshare.

      when nokia dies at this transistion, who cares?

  12. Viipottaja says:

    Anecdotal evidence of a good early start in one small country, and expected given its Nokia’s home turf after all. Nothing _more_, nothing _less_.

    • incognito says:

      Like that would stop rabid, entrenched fanboys to throw stones at one another? No way!

      Sometimes I feel as if this blog is called My Nokia Kindergarten, of course it’s not Jay’s fault, but still…

    • Johnny Tremaine says:

      Well, it’s a little bet less of its ‘home turf’ after the change in production/manufacturing news today.

      Basically most of Nokia’s production, manufacturing, procurement and sourcing is gone to Asia.

      They’re more in line with an Apple, i.e. not so much a national company, but as a multi-national with no perceived loyalties.

      • dr_zorg says:

        How interesting that nobody has yet covered this news on here. Will they even do that?

        • Harangue says:

          Obvious move,after ll China is downscaling export and even upping the price on raw materials that com out of there mines. And most materials needed for smartphones come from Chinese soil, in bulk at least.

          Best way to go about it is to stay close to the source (ie. produce in China/Asia)and thus bypass high raw mateial price.

          Yes, it does suck for all people in Salo etc. and I’d rather see thm continue to work in a Nokia plant rather than being fired, but there are far more factors in play here than just Elop, MS and there conspiracy

        • Jay Montano says:

          How interesting is that I’ve been away all day, but as soon as I did, I wrote it up earlier for scheduled publishing. It should be published now.

          I know already what you’re trying to insinuate. It’s really difficult to get on top of all the news with my schedule (and the other guys too with theirs).

          • dr_zorg says:

            I’m sorry you are taking this so personally Jay.

            There are other editors here besides you, as I understand? Or is it that you need to approve of all the articles they make?

            I was suggesting that one of the others could have done it while you were busy.

          • dr_zorg says:

            Especially as I saw articles about Valentine’s day, and whatnot rumour nonsense being posted with this news being in talked about on other sites.

            Again my apologies for seeming to “insinuate” something ;)

            • Jay Montano says:

              I don’t know if it’s because we’re on the internet that I’m reading your comment and that wink smilie as a smart-alec response.

              What gets posted is what ever we have time to post. The guys don’t get emailed notification of the tips. The story there said that they saw ON Nokia connects. How do you know they SAW the information about the plant move but didn’t write about it?

              It’s just your general negative tone that paints your comments to be read this way, that and your superiority complex to call those you agree with as being paid and claiming that your way is the right way (from last comment I replied to you at).

              You mention that all other sites have written about this yet we instead talk about rumour nonsense. Tell me what other stories were posted AFTER that valentines thing BEFORE the story on Salo? The rumour thing was written at the same time.

              knowing i’d be away for most of the day, I prepared a couple of posts on accessories for the n8/800, these were independent of timing.

  13. spacemodel says:

    It’s a kind of sad to see Jay and his WP fanboys jump to their feet after this kind of unimportant news.
    2.5% on Statcounter, wow, it’s party time!
    We’ve seen the same attitude with posts like the Lumia was sold out in England, the Netherlands, France; well all over Europe.
    But we all know better, the Q4 results of Nokia are very clear: a mere one million Lumias were sold in the six biggest markets in Europe and that periode includes the Holiday Season.
    And one million is a huge disappointment, or better it’s an embarrassement.
    I really feel sorry for Jay and the rest of the (part payed) MS fanboys, every minuscule success, even for the most part based on rumours, are cheered like they’ve equaled the marketshare of Symbian.
    At first it didn’t bottered me at all, it was all about creating mindshare for the Lumia and that’s ok but now I feel pity for them, there’s nothing to cheer about so let us create something to cheer about: a desperate attempt to make the choice for MS a valid one.

    • Hoi says:

      It’s all about the succes of Nokia. The Lumia phones are a part of Nokia and the future of Nokia relies on these phones. Succes of the Lumia phones therby means succes for Nokia. And I think that is the most important news a Nokia blog can share.

      It doesn’t necessarily all the guys that are happy about the succes of the Lumia (thereby succes of Nokia) are WP fanboys.

    • Mark says:

      “But we all know better, the Q4 results of Nokia are very clear: a mere one million Lumias were sold in the six biggest markets in Europe and that periode includes the Holiday Season.”

      No we don’t. Canalys estimate it at 1.2 million. Nokia haven’t released figures at all.

      You’re just a glass half empty kind of guy really, aren’t you?

    • senshi says:

      As compared to the mere 600k N9 shipped to 20+ countries over 4 months? Come on stop being a hypocrite.

      • Jazz says:

        Except it wasn’t in all those countries immediately.
        There was huge difference as-to-when it was/is actually on shelves.
        In fact, for some it still isn’t on shelves…
        And some countries were pulled at the last minute.

        And it wasn’t allowed into several of by far the largest & most influential economies.
        With the exception of china, which does now have one of the largest (if not the largest) smartphone markets.
        But again, it only actually started to arrive on shelves there Dec some time.
        And marketing has already started winding down there.

        Meanwhile Lumia phone are constantly arriving N9 markets, but the N9′s still not allowed into Lumia-only markets.
        And the whole marketing compaigns are totally different on scale/organization.
        Yes N9 was market very well in many countries , but Lumia is to another level again.

  14. kakadu says:

    I think most of people who likes nokia wants to use symbian, meego, s40. I don’t know anybody who wants to buy Lumia. All of us have a little experience with WP and know something about WP limitations. I have N8 and I expect new symbian powered phones nor WP. The UI isn’t so important when you loose so much features: mass storage, customization, bt file sharing, FM transmitter, mpeg4 asp support, and more.

    • senshi says:

      Well the sales figure shows that you are wrong. If all the Nokia fans wants to keep using Symbian then Apple and Android wouldn’t have ate Nokia’s smartphone lunch. Stop living in your own false reality.

  15. ejvictor says:

    Simple this is a “feature” of WP7 if you have IE tabs open, it will follow the refesh rate of the site – hence drives up internet use numbers … so even if your not “really” surfing it registers that it’s surfing.

  16. symbego says:

    Waww, 270+ comments!! It has already eclipsed news about Belle update!

  17. S2Korpio says:

    I’m currently wondering when will this civil war stop.

  18. JamesSB says:

    Your article is incorrect.
    “According to WMPoweruser who looked at Statcounter browser marketshare in finland, since the two days of launch, Nokia’s Lumia phones have now exceeded the browser share of MeeGo phones (N9).”

    The time period is for two weeks, not days. Notice it reads, “48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 1, 2,…”

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