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| February 13, 2012 | 15 Replies

I got to trial these alongside the Play 360, again, thanks to the PR Agency behind Nokia here in Australia. It isn’t the normal style of headset I’m used to. I really wanted to try it just because it had NFC. The pairing, as always with NFC is good, better than I expected. (Equally as fast as Play 360 though.)

I’ll start with the negatives, that way the post ends positively.

  • Size: Unfortunately it is too big to fit my head and;
  • Weight: The weight of it isn’t distributed too evenly. Where the battery and NFC is housed, weighs a lot more than the rest. Since it is big to begin with and sitting out from my head, the weight pulls it down and it is an uncomfortable fit.
  • Design: The design is very interesting, and sadly, I think the “call-centre” style is a bit ugly. Luckily, Nokia has decided to go with the new over-ear “cup” style.
  • Echo: Once or twice when I called some friends to test, they said they could hear themselves as an echo. But

The positives:

  • Sound Quality: The audio that comes from the headset is good. Typical Nokia headset quality. Definitely something that won’t have you saying “speak louder” anytime soon. Only down side is like I said, the other call participant receives echo.
  • Battery Life: Decent really, but never really used it enough to test its capabilities.
  • Assorted Ear Buds: In the box, you get a few interchangeable silicon ear buds, so anyone should be able to find a comfortable fit.
  • Controls: The headset has controls on both sides of the ear piece. On the right side there is a Play/Pause button as well as a track seek slider. On the left, there is a call button, used for both answering and closing calls. It has its own slider too.
  • NFC: I really love this technology. Makes life so much simpler then activating BT, searching for devices, paring device etc. Simply Tap & Connect

As an overview I would give it a 3/5. The two point loss is due to the echo and also the weight and ugly (in my opinion) design. They are very practical though for people who have larger heads and tend to go jogging; No cables to interfere with you.

Sadly, I tried to record a video but there isn’t really much to show in a video.

Have you used this headset? Let me know what you think in the comments.



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