Nokia 302 portrait QWERTY (RM-813)

| February 13, 2012 | 43 Replies

This is apparently the Nokia C3′s successor (the keyboarded C3, not the touch and type one – darn these silly names)

Not keen on this colour scheme. I’d prefer them to be black or some other colour. The styling is more like the E6. It’s slightly more serious (as opposed to the more playful nature of the 200) and probably wouldn’t look odd in an E7x line up

Possible sim tray on the left side (below)?

3.2 MP unit on the back

Nothing on its right side.

Comparison (not to scale, just appearance – and colours do change it quite a lot so bear that in mind)


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Cheers aikon171 for the tip!

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  1. Neil says:

    It’s pretty darn fat!

    Anyway, this is the model that recently sneaked into FCC right?

  2. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    I think Micro-Sd not sim. Sim would be housed under battery

  3. Adnan says:

    Looks a little like E72 to me

  4. aikon171 says:

    beauty: E6 >= 200 > 302 > C3

  5. Chen Zhe says:

    Even S60v3 is much better than S40

    • migo says:

      Quite the opposite, even back when S60v3 was king S40 was better.

      • Gst says:

        s60v3 is much better than s40 in terms 0f features,but current s40 is much better than wp7 featurewise…

        • migo says:

          No, it wasn’t. All S60v3 had was multitasking and hardware dependent features. S40 had the better features like integrated IM.

          • Marc Aurel says:

            Depends entirely on what features you look at. S60 had better calendar and other PIM features, it could open MS Office (and edit in E series) and PDF files, it had a better web browser* before the Nokia Browser for S40 was released and so on.
            Series 40 was more user friendly and usually faster thanks to no multitasking, althogh the 600 MHz S60v3.2 devices were (and still are) quite fast in normal use.

            * Most people have forgotten that back in 2007 and 2008 the S60 Web browser versions 7.0 & 7.1 were actually one of the better mobile browsers.

    • migo says:

      Quite the opposite, even back when S60v3 was king S40 was better.

  6. Johnnomads says:

    Ok, a spiffed up C3-00 with a better camera, still has the munkin size, big joke qwerty keys. 3G that’s nice, but if it’s S40, don’t waste your money.

  7. mite says:

    Could be an E5 successor.

  8. migo says:

    I rather like the look, similar styling to the E6, which would have been a good phone if it came with something other than Symbian.

  9. b21 says:

    I am fed up by the eternal arguments about phones not having Symbian. You have to understand that there are many people who really like S40 and they want good modern phones with S40 OS like 1Ghz X3-02.

    Nokia, please make a X3-02 successor with some good specs.

  10. bernardo says:

    Jay a saied about that asha but doesnt reply :(

  11. Iszie says:

    I have this type phone and have had it for nearly a year, it’s been so reliable but recently the camera hasn’t been working and when I do goto use it the screen goes black, it’s like it resets itself but sometimes it doesn’t even turn itself back on so I have to pull the battery out the get it working again.
    The plug for the earphone socket no longer works either, and when it doesn’t just flicks through my music which is quiet annoying. Does anyone else have these problems?

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