Shoot-out: Sony Xperia S vs. N8-00

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Just going to put this out there first thing; ironic how we’re weeks away from the release of the highly rumored N8 successor yet other phone manufacturers are still competing to catch up with the N8; word of advice, don’t bother you’ll always lose when it comes to cameras.

So anyways have pitted the Sony Xperia S against the N8, if you recall the Xperia S was launched last month as CES alongside the Titan2 with it’s 16MP shooter (go back to the original post and you’ll see that I called out the Xperia S a greater threat to the N8s throne than the Titan)- sadly I was right.

Honestly you have to give Sony credit for getting such quality pics from a lens that small, honestly didn’t think it was possible, both devices where compared in Macro, point and shoot as well as landscape attempts (even though the Xperia got the win in Macro and Point and shoot, the Landscape shots where a deadlock)

Both handsets excel when putting together landscape images, with each playing on their respective strengths of high quality optics and a top-end sensor in order to create photographs with clarity and depth. The larger 4.3-inch screen of the Xperia is of some benefit here; the N8’s 3.5-inch display meaning composition is slightly more difficult. However, this is a small gripe and we see it is a dead heat between the handsets in this department.

When it came to basic point and shoot, the main factor that knocked off points from the N8w as the sluggish OS and the lag time it takes to get the camera running (would like to know what Version of s^3 they had running on the N8- Belle should have eliminated most of those problems). Honestly I can’t see much of a differnce between the point and shoot comparisons.

As for Macro mode I have to admit that the Xperia S seemed to have pulled off a better job by getting a more detailed image without loosing focus (Macro has always been the N8s weak spot in my opinion, I find the macro on the Lumia 800 better sometimes, provided the lighting is good).

Check out the full review here:

Once again, I can’t wait to see what Nokia has got in store for us at MWC, blow this Xpria S right out of the water and give the throne back to it’s rightful owner.

Cheers HaugMedia, thanks for the tip 🙂


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