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Fired up tweetdeck (hadn’t done so in a while as all the mobile/web alternatives changed to suit me better) and saw this story in one of my feeds.  The post is written by Gadi Amit on Fastcodesign, a design centric blog (quite popular in the US). Gadi is the president of NewDealDesign LLC, a “ a strategic design studio in San Francisco”. He came away from CES with the conclusion that,

No Joke: With Lumia, Nokia Crushes The iPhone

Now, exactly on what basis are they going on here? Well this is on the basis of design. Both hardware and software, they’re really pleased. First that Nokia took some boldness to differentiate the Lumia from the rest of the rectangular with curves (hello Samsung iPhone).

“The mono-block plastic body is light yet solid as a rock, and the satin finish feels great in the hand. It isn’t trying to be a jewel; it is a tool for modern, mobile living. It even has a normal USB port concealed under a color-matched door! Speaking of colors, by using vibrant cyan, light magenta, and lime, Nokia has created a youthful, Millennial-type feel–positive, dynamic, and cool without being pretentious.”

They find Metro to be a perfect complement,

“The UI is anchored in modern graphics and simple, legible, iconic icons. It is fast, easy to browse and navigate, without coming across as sterile, utilitarian, or cold. In short, it’s a triumph of class modern design from the European school, using Sanserif type, strong color logic, a well-executed grid, and elegant proportions”

It’s not the first time there has been such strong opinions on the complete design of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900. Much kudos to Marko Ahtisaari and his team that make a design that can provoke people into saying such high praises. We want more of this in 2012 please.

Source: .fastcodesign via @windowsphone


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