N9Apps: Pocket Piglet for MeeGo/Nokia N9

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Oleg, a popular Symbian developer has created an app for MeeGo/Nokia N9. It is called Pocket Piglet, a children’s app that is also available for Symbian.

I asked him about his thoughts on developing N9 apps and the difference to making Symbian and Oleg says not much.

” I develop all my modern apps using Qt Quick, so app can run both on Symbian^3 and Meego almost without additional efforts. N9 is still requires some quirks (especially with old firmware), but it doesn’t matter much really. S60, however, is a totally different thing.”

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– Jay

Pocket Piglet

Price: £1.50


Developer Blurb

PocketPiglet is a cute 3D animated piglet who lives inside your phone. Play mini-games with him to keep him happy. Stroke your piglet’s tummy to make him laugh. Watch several funny animations with your little friend in the title role. More mini-games and animations will be available soon via a free upgrade!

Oleg’s Story

This is my first app of such kind. It’s all about the cute little pig
which you need to take care of. He becomes sad when he wants to eat or
take a bath, so you will need to play corresponding mini-game to
entertain him. Also there are several funny animations that you can
see when the mini-game ends, or you can start them directly (for
example, by stroking the piglet’s tummy or by pressing corresponding
button).During the development of this app, I focused primarily on
high-quality animations and mini-games. This app is still in
development, new art is also in development for new animations and
mini-games, so free updates will be available in the near future with
all this stuff.My 5-year-old daughter is the chief beta tester of this app, and she
really love it. But it would be a mistake to think that this app is
intended solely for children, because personally I still can’t win
“Feed the Piglet” game at the highest difficulty level, and “Wash the
Piglet” game also requires some concentration after some time… New
min-games will be also capable both for children and adults.

This app is available both for Symbian and Meego, so I’m sending you
Meego version, and some screenshots.

With best regards, Oleg.


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