Lumiappaday #94: Amazing Weather demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800.

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There are quite a number of weather apps available for your Lumia on Marketplace. Lumiappaday #77 with Ali was the weather app called Vadret (now called Weather View btw). I’m not really one for weather apps, I just tell my lumia “weather in manchester” for it to pop up some weather info. Last week we got contacted by the developers of another weather app called, ‘Amazing Weather’ and what with the Lumia like name I thought I’d check it out and I was impressed.

The app was £1.49 I think when I paid for it but now they’ve put it on sale at a much more acceptable £0.99. What are you paying for? Well, it’s a somewhat fancy way of showing weather. It’s animated, HTC sense style but within the confines of metro. I’ve taken some photos so you can check out what it looks like, as well as the helpful tutorial at the start that we didn’t get to see in the video.

I believe that in the new version that we’re using, the GPS location is new as opposed to manually selecting a city. You have a total of 3 possible locations to have that you can swipe between. These can be quite distinct as choosing a base station near you (not just a town or city) for more accurate weather.  .Once located, the weather becomes the entire background (This review was recorded in the early hours of the morning hence it being night time on the app) along with info on himidity, wind, pressure, visibility, precipitation, Dewpoint and UV index. The temperature is helpfully in the biggest font with a quick summary on the current weather (of which is time stamped so you can see when it was last refreshed). At the bottom you have a scrolling panoramic calendar showing a quick summary of the next few days each of which you can click to have an overview of weather on that day. Regarding the background, some of the animated ones you can interact with like the raindrop.

The little pull down options (three dots) brings you more options, you can see satellite view and even hourly data (which I find helpful so you know perhaps whether to venture out with a coat/umbrella – e.g. 30 minutes after being out and it appears dry and it starts pouring down :S). You’ve got the option for live tiles as well to give a quick look at the weather for that location.

It’s a good app, nice looking but functional too. Performance wise, I am very strict and pushy on such things and it did take a few seconds to load up weather (though not that much longer than others, possibly just as quick as accuweather for me). Not really encountered bugs (though I guess I have tried it after the devs had fixed bugs users had mentioned – nice to see active development on apps). If you want a pretty slick and smooth weather app, this is a really nice one to go for and it’s functional too.

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#94) Amazing Weather

Price: £1.49 (on sale for £0.99)





Developer Blurb:

App on sale ~35% off, get it while it lasts.
Do you have a feature in mind tweet us your suggestion @eizsoft #AmazingWeatherWP7

A weather application like no other, Amazing Weather 2.0 brings to you the most engaging weather experience ever on a WP7 Device!

From the moment you open Amazing Weather you will be mesmerized by the astonishing animations that will let you feel everything from the tiniest rain drop to the strike of lightening.

But don’t be fooled by all of this eye candy because underneath it all is a hardcore weather application that provides you with everything from current to hourly and weekly conditions and much much more!

-Pinch your fingers away for hourly forecast.
-Tap on a day for detailed daily forecast.
-To enjoy the animations, double tap the screen.
-Go to Settings then Help for more information.

With gorgeous live animations, simple intuitive Metro UI and live tiles, Amazing Weather is truly amazing!

-Astonishing animations based on current conditions, and daily forecast.
-Detailed current conditions data.
-Sunrise and Sunset times.
-Live tiles with updated weather conditions.
-Seven days quick view weather forecast.
-Detailed text and daily forecast.
-Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
-Access to nearby Personal weather stations using GPS location.
-Access to nearest station using GPS location.
-Pinch out for detailed hour by hour weather conditions.
-Flexible update intervals changed from settings.
-Weather data provided by Weather Underground.

-Enhancements to Radar and Satellite data.
-Bug fixes.
-NEW: Detailed current conditions data.
-NEW: Sunrise and Sunset times.
-NEW: Detailed daily forecast.
-NEW: Text forecast.
-NEW: Radar, infrared and satellite imagery.
-NEW: Personal weather stations.
-NEW: GPS for nearest weather station.
-NEW: Quick tutorial.
-Refined interface for easier navigation.
-Enriched displayed conditions in the now and hourly sections.
-Various bug fixes.


Design: 10

Usability: 9

Performance: 8

Price: 8 (at original price – it would be higher if it was £0.79 given that the alternatives are free).


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