A bright future for the Nokia N9, indicates ‘Internet Marketing Services’ (erm…)

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I wasn’t sure exactly how to post about this but a few of you have been asking me to share it so here it is.  Please try to keep discussions constructive, on topic and non-inflammatory. Please read the post before commenting.

This info was released by a PR firm who report on some ‘research’ undertaken by ‘Internet Marketing Services’.  I’ve not heard of PRWeb before but it is AlexaRanked top 1000 in the US. The research firm say the N9 is one of the most popular phones made by any company.

The ‘research’ by Internet Marketing Services apparently indicates that along with the iPhone 4S and SGSII, the N9 is one of the most impressive phones around. The article feels very odd, from the way they are unaware of how MeeGo is one word, to claims of the N9 apparently having the best camera out of all the phones on the market. There’s no mention of the clearly obvious Swipe UI, but they do claim that face detection and touch focus makes it a favourite with photographers -!? It says it’s better than the Lumia because it has  1024 MB RAM and UMTS/GSM? What? I can tell you the N9 is better because it has a front camera, it is a more purer design (no buttons) the screen is bigger, you can get 64GB version, it is Linux and the multitasking is pretty awesome. Of all the things to big up, 1024MB RAM?

I’m sorry, the article reads like one of those content filler posts of fluff – you know, one where they pay someone who’s never heard of the product to write about it, and I’m frankly rather annoyed that they call it research when it seems like they’ve done none, possibly just to link to the site that keeps popping up on ‘Nokia N9’. The site that they link to say that they’re not an affiliate of Nokia, they just love the product and apparently have spent ‘many weeks’ researching its features. Furthermore the site they link to has odd text such as “Buying Nokia N9, you can also expect to win several interesting and exciting incentives and offers”. What? Regardless of what device they’re talking about, the whole thing kinda sounds fishy to me.

There is so much more to the N9. The supreme design, the innovative swipe UI, the amazing combination that is a testament of Nokia hardware, Nokia design and Nokia software. Anyone with an internet connection and google could have found that out.

Actually the more I look into it, the more it seems like it’s a plug by the site that prweb links to. The purpose to get their story onto several places on the net (like Yahoo). I’m not even sure I should post this spam. Some have linked the Yahoo story, which is of the same spam. (via deepspacebar)

It doesn’t really help the N9 when the content used to praise it appears to be spamfluff.  It’s not even some blogger with an agenda or faboyism. Just random string of words connected to the N9.

We can recite so many more, from actual authorities online that have shown much genuine affection for the N9. Did I read the article wrong? It seems enough of you linked it to me recommending me to post it so there must be something here I’m missing. Was there actual credible research that they haven’t seem to have linked to? Or is it actual spamfluff? SEO fluff? >_< It’s odd because people have linked this and are discussing it but it seems they only read the title unless, as I’ve mentioned, I’m completely missing the key part in the articles themselves :S

Here’s a link to genuin people tweeting about how awesome the Nokia N9 is:!/search/nokia%20n9%20awesome. Chris Davies from SlashGear was sad he had to give his trial N9 back.!/c_davies/status/169347273233403905

Anyway, cheers all for the tip. As incognito said about this story, “take everything they say like all good things in life – with a grain of salt… a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila!”




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