Lumiappaday #95: My Data Speed demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

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I got emailed a while ago asking for an application that would tell you the bandwidth speed of your internet connection. With the N900 it could simply load up desktop like flash and interact with it as so. The likes of the Lumia/N9 don’t have flash though (and they’re a little too heavy for my N8). Perhaps there’s a non-flash site that does the same?

Anyway, I’ve often found that some bandwidth measurement sites don’t give a realistic speed estimation. The ones that I’ve tried seem to take an initial quick burst of speed as your over all speed for some reason. Plus their own tests might take a while to load before you even start it.

The app we’ll look at is called ‘My Data Speed’. It’s simply there to give you an estimated speed reading. I found that useful as I would know what areas might have better speed (as opposed to just relying on the signal bar). This works on both on mobile and Wireless connection. When on mobile it will tell you what category speed (e.g. 3G) you are getting. You don’t need to do anything, just start the app and it will start estimating your speed. The only other option is to refresh to check it again. Every time you return to the app, it will refresh to estimate the speed again. The font perhaps could be bigger? I find it ok but some might have an issue. I guess this airs more on function. It’s free btw.

Now I know what are the best parts of the library to get the best speeds. Although I can do the same test on a laptop, it’s much more discrete and quicker to just walk along and click refresh on my phone. It would also be a good app if Nokia’s Lumia’s could also share internet as easily as the other WP Mango devices -_-.  There are rumours it’s coming in an update (and it is a feature in the 900) so perhaps with this app, you can find the best areas to sit and share your WiFi connection from your phone.

Oh I just noticed the little statistics box – not sure what’s going on there.

Another app you might find useful is #13 (Toggle) so you can have a quick tile for WiFi settings.

#95) My Data Speed

Price: Free




Developer Blurb:


Design: 6

Usability: 10

Performance: 10

Price: 10


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