Lumiappaday #99: BBB App-ocalypse demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800 (Bye Bye Brain) 10/10

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 I’ve been meaning to share this for a while – I actually recorded a demo a while ago but accidentally deleted the video. Anyway, round 2, we’re actually looking at the sequel instead, it’s Bye Bye Brain Apocalypse.

This is an awesome, awesome game, highly addictive, very challenging with various aspects.

Zombies in their waves or ‘hordes’ try to make it from the left to the right of the screen. They will attempt to break down the gate in front of a building housing 20 people.

Basically you’re defending a bunch of people in a building (20) against some zombies. You have several characters in which to place in the zombies way:

  • The Spanker, – he has a bat. Then an Axe, then Samurai Sword then with mini game a chain saw.
  • The Colonel, – he throws food. Food that will slow down zombies as they quite politely pause to eat it. His upgrades make his food even more appetising.
  • The Fuzz,
  • The Cleaner and
  • The Nerd.
Each character has their own method of attack can be upgraded twice (increasing that particular method of attack), and the third is a temporary upgrade into an even stronger form of their character. Whilst the first two upgrades are merely paying and clicking, the third puts you into a mini game where you have to press the button that lights up in a specific pattern quickly enough. If you miss, you don’t get the upgrade. Note that character may be inactive during that mini game.
It’s a little bit like Plants Vs Zombies, but using people and these characters can’t be eaten (only those in the building). You have $20 to begin with and you have to balance manage your resources so that you have enough cash to get more/better characters on the playing field. Each time you kill a zombie, you get more money to spend.
In BBB Apocalypse, you can even go and spend that money in a shop to buy more weapons which you can use to attack the zombies. Let me explain that part.
Navigation – what’s really cool in this game is how they use the accelerometer to control your view of the field. Hold the phone in front of you and you can see the side, but move the phone down and flat and you can look overhead. You can also twist the phone upside down to create a view whereby you are holding a gun. This allows you to shoot those zombies that might have been missed by your troop. In the shop you can buy more weapons. Pinch and zoom is also supported to go closer in on the action or see the whole view.
I have not yet completed the sequel but I have with the original. They are both extremely addictive. Whilst your army gets stronger, so does the zombies and there are several different ones. I also like how funny some of the things your peeps might come out with, like the Spanker seems to be this sarcastic guy that says stuff like, “Another day in Reading”.
The game, amazingly, is free. There are ads but they are unobtrusive – appearing only inbetween ‘levels’.(though I wouldn’t mind a paid version to get rid of the ads entirely). Speaking of levels there are different maps and different modes. You can make this game last forever by choosing endless mode. This app is fast/fluid, no hiccups on version tested (which is quite a difference from the first time I tried the original). Very worthwhile recommended download. This is another rare top 10 app, and I think our first top 10 rated game? Quite rightly, it’s also recently being featured at Marketplace.

Cheers all who tipped this game in. Sorry it took a while, as I mentioned, it had already been recorded but the file got lost. As always, if you have apps to recommend, go check out:

#99) BBB-App-ocalypse

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:


Sequel of the acclaimed Bye Bye Brain this version comes with more stages, more levels, more weapons and much more fun! And it’s totally FREE!


Apocalypse has come…. Again. Maybe you’re getting tired of saving the world over and over but at least, this time, there are zombies. Zombies are fun! They are dead people, ok, but they will never say no to a good dinner. They love taking long walks and they don’t care about your weight, your hair, or the color of your skin… All they want is your brain. Unfortunately, people in this game don’t think this way. That’s why you’ll help them fight these cute un-dead creatures.

This is an exciting tower-defense based game in which you’ll control a group of five survivors to prevent their fortress from being overtaken by zombie hordes. But this is not the usual tower-defense experience, there are many minigames that will blow your brains out. So, maybe, it’s time to say Bye Bye Brain.


Update 1.3 to 1.4:


– Minor stability fixes


Update 1.2 to 1.3:


– Added Italian language.

– Fixed hang-ups and minor issues.

– Improved playability.


Update 1.1 to 1.2:


– Fixed French language.

– Fixed hang-ups and minor issues.


Update 1.0 to 1.1:


– Fixed game exit bugs.

– Fixed bug that prevented certain phones from starting the game.


Design: 10

Usability: 10

Performance: 10

Price: 10


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