N9Apps: Xploder Touch demoed on the Nokia N9

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As per request and as I said I myself, I will try to make these N9Apps segment a little bit more regular (lol, as if I have extra time appearing from thin air :p). To do so, I mentioned some might have just photos of the N9 demoing the app as opposed to with videos that might take time to process. Well I wanted to demo Xploder today which had some neat effects that don’t really translate across in a picture and with that in mind (and not having time to process 60D videos) I thought I’d give YouTube’s direct video uploader another go (it has failed so many times in the past, it still has some processing which can fail). The video is not that good in quality (relatively – I’m not sure if it will upload the 720p version or just be stuck at 360p as I can see it) but you can get a better gist I suppose. I won’t be able to do this for all N9Apps as I seriously don’t have time, but when I can, I will :).

Xploder is a chain reaction style game, but possibly one of the nicer ones. The particles can be seen as rolling spheres and when they explode, the explosion spins. My only gripe with this game is that if you fail to meet the chain reaction quota, you go back right to the very beginning. You could see that as being slightly more challenging/annoying.

App tips for Nokia N9 would be most helpful so we can find stuff that you guys want to share with MNB’s readers:

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Xploder Touch

Price: Free 



Developer Blurb:

Xploder is a fun chain reaction game with dozens of levels.
Tap the screen and try to chain as many explosions as possible.



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