Poll: Nokia N8 Successor, for the benefit of Nokia, does it need to be Symbian, WP or Both?

| February 24, 2012 | 168 Replies

There seems to be some confusion and doubts in the blogosphere as to what the N8 successor might actually be running on. It seems highly obvious to some though there is ‘news’ and ‘evidence’ that others put forward to suggest it might be the other.


For the benefit of Nokia, what does the N8 successor need to be on (if potentially either was as equally possible to give equally the same high quality output). Symbian? Windows Phone? Both is an option. I would like to say MeeGo but where that’s going at least this year is very uncertain.

I don’t want to put my own thoughts to influence the discussion. If you are going to leave a comment, try to keep it on topic and see if it adds to the discussion (as opposed to whining or attacking).

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  • Rock

    Wouldn’t Swipe be best? We all saw how amazingly fast it took pictures plus the camera UI is great

  • Luisito

    Despite the love I have for Symbian and the hatred I feel for the Tiles OS… It should be both…

  • I love the scene when she says “Share More”.

    They had to go for the cheaper Belle phones, instead of the costlier piece of junk that cant share (read: LUMIA)….

    • that comment was not meant here, pls delete

  • Shamus


  • Before I click on the link I am pretty sure die hard Nokia fan boy in this site will definitely vote on Symbian. While I don’t really like the closed nature of Windows Phone I have to say for the sake of Nokia the future is defintely Windows Phone. Even Symbian Belle couldn’t change this fact anymore. All I can hope is Nokia would help open up WP7 and make it more Symbian-ish as in functionality. Not UI though. Just my 2 cents.