Lumiappaday #102: Shuriken Ninja demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| February 25, 2012 | 4 Replies

I love how many of the developers at marketplace are constantly improving their apps. Everyday I have several app updates, with many apps bringing a whole new depth with their new features. I’ve had this game called Shuriken Ninja for a while and the initial game was ok but I didn’t think I could put it there in for our daily segment. However, in some recent updates it appears to have gotten some extra dimensions that make it a very worthwhile download now.

The main aim of the game in classic mode is to fire your shuriken (ninja stars) at the targets. These may move, may require you to bounce them off something etc. Now there’s two additional modes where you have different types of shuriken – the classic, an exploding one and one that fires off as 4 separate kunai (ninja knives). You have to work out what order to fire them in to complete the level. Lastly there’s a mode where you throw your shuriken at targets – there’s no limit to how many you have unlike the first two game modes. You might capture some ‘power ups’ that might make your firing faster or fire multiple shuriken. It’s all rather addictive. There are plenty of challenging levels and if that’s not enough you can make your own or even download your own. Apparently if  your own made level is picked by the devs of Shuriken Ninja your game might be rendered ad-free as a thanks.

#102 ) 

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:


Master the art of the Ninja Star


• top 10 free game

• Download, play, rate user sets

• Over 150 levels

• In-Game level creator

• 3 different modes to play


Use the level creator to create fun levels for yourself and others when you upload. You can rate, download, and play popular user sets so you’ll always have new levels to challenge yourself with!


In versions > 1.14 if we use your uploaded levels as official levels we may make your version ad free in a future update. Keep those levels coming!


The ninja stars are physics based and will ricochet or stick to different surfaces. Get the right angle to break the targets.


What’s changed in the versions?



– More Master levels

– Graphic/Sound tweaks

– Silver and Bronze stars now possible



– Fixed wood wall collision sound bug

– Added quit, continue, retry button to back button during gameplay

– Added dotted line to show throw trajectory

– Updated various sounds

– Fixed shuriken going through metal walls bug

– Level 116 and others will now work again with above bug fix


– New “Master” mode.

– 2 new weapons

– 2 new targets

– Refined menu

– Gameplay music back


– Button to remove ads

– User level screen loading bug


– Paid version integrated


– Graphics overhaul

– More levels!

– Download, rate, play user created content


– More levels!

– Updated ad dll

– Removed in-game music


– More levels!


– Built in level designer


– Level 2 bug should be fixed!

– Loading bug fix

– Resume bug fix

– Error tracking removed

(More content next update, we promise! (Built in level creator sound good? It’s on the way!))


-Bug fixes

-Error tracking


-New play mode

-More levels


-Various enhancements


-Fixes various bugs/issues

-Added star rating to levels


Design: 8

Usability: 9 

Performance: 8

Price: 10


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