Fake, Concept or Nokia Lumia 610?

| February 25, 2012 | 43 Replies

I saw @Camb078 retweet something by @Nokia_N8


RT @Nokia_N8: Just a fake, just a concept… or is it just the Nokia Lumia 610 ?


This might be what the Nokia Lumia 610 could look like. It’s of that C7/701 style (as shown in this post). More value Tango handsets that due to price will significantly increase Nokia’s Lumia volumes.

We shall soon know on Monday.

Ali arrived safely yesterday and I’m hearing more of the Nokia bloggers and Nokia Cnnects team are arriving today 😀 Exciting stuff. I can’t wait to hear what significant industry news Nokia has to share. I’m also kinda scared what that means. :S I’ve read a few of the comments from that thread and there’s nothing you would rule out as impossible if you only had public information to go on.




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  • KF

    WOW!! hope it is under 11mm thickness (if it is true) 🙂

    • migo

      How much under? I’ve found the 10-12mm range to be the ideal thickness. Only reason I’d want something lower is to be able to use a case to get it at the right thickness.

  • Windows Phone Sceptic

    What’s gonna be the major differences between the 610 and 710/800?

    • twig

      If its pay as you go it could be contact vs no contract, which in the u.s means a possible savings of $300+ per year with using less talk and using wifi vs data plan.

    • viipottaja

      specs wise less ram, cheaper cam, probably not quite as good screen, perhaps a bit on materials. some apps may not run on tango.

      • mahesh

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    • migo

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it runs on one of the 800Mhz chips.

  • ffkf

    the same old boring nokia phone

    • twig

      I love it so much better than any apple or android phone I’ve ever see.

    • migo

      If that’s what you think, why are you here?

  • twig

    Nice looking phone in that blue and Windows on it.

    Perhaps Nokia will tie in with HP somehow? Meg Witmans recent comments about HP future seemed vague when it came to hardware in the computer line.

  • Sabino II

    I think this is NOT FAKE, Nokia N9, and 603 is already copied but with WP7 instead, so there is a possibility that they will copy older designs.

    • Stound

      Not many people in the US know the design of the S^3 phones, unlike us nokia fans

      • manu

        wow nokia has fans in u.s.
        So will theybe bringing 808 to u.s since its believed to be symbian?

        • viipottaja

          no chance in hell

          • manu

            99% people in u.s dont care about nokia right.

            • migo

              They care now that Lumia is in play. But yeah, the 808/803 won’t be coming to the US.

  • stylinred

    engadget has a similar image for the 610 in their topic about MWC under Nokia

    the image has a watermark from

  • They better release it. What a gorgeous phone!

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  • Muerte

    Stop calling it a Nokia Lumia 610! It is Nokia 610, not part of the Lumia-line. Tango ≠ Lumia.

  • Viipottaja

    Probably pretty close the reality. Hopefully they will announce the 719 as well and that its a Verizon phone (or as a second best: a phone for Chinese market).

  • Rajiv
  • I have a question, please answer: ‘Does the chrome finish on the hardware buttons of the N9-00, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 wear off after a few months of use?’ 🙂 Thank you. 😉

    • GS65


  • APH

    I really like that C7/701 style.
    Actually first I had C7 and now 701.

  • xNokian

    I used 701 for a few months as my only phone and have grown to love it. I didn’t particulary like the looks of it when I acquired it but when I had to return it I was really sad. I used Lumia 800 for a month now and still don’t have that same feeling as with 701. Symbian badly needed the browser and voice search, like on WP though, I love this functionality on 800.

  • manu

    lol when competitors are launching quad core phones,nokia is launching some shit devices.again it will be flop if there is no sd card and bluetooth and damn zune is there.

    • Relief

      LOL. 225 MSRP. This phone is gonna sell for 150 dollar and you are comparing it with phones who will sell for 4x times the price?

      Get a life. No, get a brain.

  • manu

    why this kolachathi di

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  • mahesh

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