More Nokia N9/Lumia ‘inspired’ Droids for MWC?

| February 26, 2012 | 41 Replies

Remember that ridiculous Nokia N9/Lumia Android clone at CES?

Take 2 for MWC. Though more ‘inspired’ than clone.

When I first glanced at the pictures I had to look back again. But I thought it was just me. Well tipper, ‘Thatsme’ also seems to agree that it looks like a Nokia. As does so many comments in forums/blogs that this device seems to appear in.

Kudos to Nokia for creating their own designs that inspire others. (e.g. ZTE) Even though Nokia might ‘re-use’ some of their designs, at least it’s their own design language, their own creations – why not become synonymous for certain stylings by creating more of  your own devices in your own styles? It helps assist the brand/image. It’s also cheaper.

Oh, seems these creative original thinkers have named one of their phones, “viewPhone 4S” lol. Such boldness would make Sammy proud.

Source: theverge

Cheers Thatsme for the tip!


Update: HTC’s One X according to Engadget is Lumia inspired, same thing noted on TheVerge.

It reminds me of the images in this post:

It is Nokia’s challenge to make sure they are always on top of the game. If there is something good, folks will naturally want to replicate that. Nokia needs to continuously have something up its sleeve to prevent Nokia from stumbling over should someone else take their main selling points. They need to be the ones changing the rules.

Another possible good thing to come out of this is that it reinforces the Nokia design. Much like what happened when iPhone came out, everything tried to ‘copy’ how it looked but at the same time, reinforcing the image that the iPhone is how a phone should look. Now everything rectangular with curved corners gets associated with iPhone. Even various Nokia products (N8/N9 black glass portion) – though there have been older Nokia products with such rectangular designs.


With the likes of HTC coming out with polycarbonate in their premium phones, it shows that polycarbonate is desirable and belongs in premium phones, contradicting ElMu’s attacks that it’s just ‘cheap plastic’.



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