A look back into N8 Successor rumours, now onto 808 PureView successor rumours :p

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A lot of investigative work by our readers and a lot of tidbits from Nokia insiders have made this such a hugely anticipated device. Tons and tons of post on the possible N8 successor. I don’t know about you, but I found it exciting. I say kudos to Nokia for keeping this device under wraps. Although the manual did accidentally leak, there was ZERO pictures published until launch. ZERO. Quite a feat considering pretty much all Nokias have been photographed (or official renders seen) prior to launch.

Kudos on upping security – keep it up and continue to do so, but cheers also just letting enough slip out to have it be an exciting chase. Thanks to those who help hunt down the details and perhaps guide us more in one direction rather than another.

The most recent finding was the Nokia PureView teaser from Nokia. What was all these shots about? We added these rectangles to perhaps clarify what they might mean without giving too much. I think one commenter noticed the number at the bottom corner :p. It’s funny now I look back because there are plenty of random comments mentioning 41mp here and there (that I hand not seen before)

Some said they thought there wasn’t much to be learned. Actually you can trace all the separate images back to one image. All within zoom.

Where’d this number come from?

A couple of months back, some folks mentioned 41MP sensor, I thought they were crazy, there must be a mistake. Then sources came clarifying what it was for. That was all still hush hush. The high MP count only to be confirmed/outed later by resident insider, dsmobile. There were many doubts as to what he knew. For sure, it sounded like the talk of a crazy person – but it came true. 🙂


What’s crazy to you? 16mp? Nope. 24mp? That’s around DSLR territory perhaps (well most are around 18Mmp).

What about 30MP? 40MP? 41MP :P ?


“Mark my words, it is not going to happen.”

BTW, N8 Successor is not just the 808 😉 What succeeds it is multiple devices.

Other info – 16GB version, flat screen but curved on the edge (I misinterpreted his comment wrong, but he corrected that me replies), microSD card

Here was the first fan made render.

That was based on a leaked manual. This was possibly the first time we saw what it could look like. It did not look very nice in the manual nor the render. I wasn’t too sure with the first pics seen today, but in videos it is looking much, much nicer. Hopefully that’s the case when we see it in person.




The rumours of a significant successor date back to August, with Symbian fan Ninja (and what ever name he might use now) claiming of a super camera phone.

That actually has links all the way back to 2010 when TrueZoom was actually first uttered.

Elop has time and time mentioned that as ground breaking as the N8 was, it was only a FRACTION of what Nokia had in labs. Boy, was it certainly that. 😀 This as we now know has been 5 years in the making. We hope to see more fruit coming from Nokia’s labs 😀

Thanks folks for helping us follow the story. There may have been some missed hints but on the whole, enough to get us there.


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