Skype for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones! With Video calling! (Video demo with Lumia 900)

| February 27, 2012 | 15 Replies


Well hello, finally!

Thanks DKM for the tip!

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  1. Viipottaja says:


  2. Zarsky says:

    So….WP just got a bit better.

    I like the UI, looks much clearer than on other phones I’ve tried.

  3. X-Sonic says:

    Please, ask about Skype Video Call on Belle :D !!!

  4. Ronak Vithlani says:

    ya we need skype video calling facality on belle

    microsoft gives some business apps but not video calling facality

    so plz

  5. DesR85 says:

    Hmm… I wonder how Skype deal with video calls on the Lumia 800 since it doesn’t have a front camera. Probably assume that only text chat is available, unless it allows the use of the rear camera to do that. :p

    Not a huge loss for me either way. I rarely (if at all) use a phone to do video chat.

  6. Trexus says:

    Aaaaand still no use for the FFC on the N9 :-/

  7. ivan4o says:

    What about Belle!!!!

  8. romain says:

    Hi guys,

    I have just created an online petition for pressuring Skype thus Microsoft and also Nokia to not give up on properly supporting symbian phones and in the first place providing symbian users with a video call support on Skype for Symbian phones:


  9. amal kishor nath says:

    dear sir, i have a advice for nokia mobile co. nokia must be launch any android cheap mobile for middle class customer otherwise nokia lost his market slowly. may be 2/3 years later nokia will reach their sale 0 percent. pls have a more time upto lauch android version mobile. not only android phone must keep skype video calling facility. its my request for marketing manager. otherwise you lost your big worldwide mobile market. pls think it carefully and launch android phone as soon as possible.thanks with regards. amal

  10. Mike Howard says:

    great phone. its a shame it doesnt have a skype application

    • Jaruz says:

      Why the frack would you make such a pointless post, in such a ancient article.
      What’s with all the weird necro-posters that plague this site, FFS…

  11. Amit says:

    android phones are very good, but the new nokia lumia is even better (as long as you are not addicted to apps). skype will be available in the coming weeks. or at least thats what they are saying… worth the wait!

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