Stephen Elop at Engadget and The Verge – Lumia to differentiate with PureView, “It’s gonna get pretty exciting!” #W8TabletsNok

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Here’s a couple of interviews with Engadget teams present and past (now TheVerge). I found it amusing that I mistook the Nokia Asha for one of the Nokia Symbian QWERTYs, “Why is that there, this wasn’t announced at….ohhhh”. It doesn’t just look like a smartphone, it pretty much is one, but at a very low price.

For Engadget we have Myriam/tnkgrl and for The Verge we have Vlad.

808 on Symbian? As you may have read in other posts, it’s been at Nokia for 5 years – Nokia wants it out there rapidly. But it will LIVE ON IN OTHER PLATFORMS and Nokia will learn as they go. Nokia is looking to differentiate Lumia. Optics and photography is clearly one of these ways (as noted here)

The Verge is a little more nitty gritty, going into possible regrets and difficulties for Nokia as well as the more positive things.

Vlad asks whether Lumia WP might eat into Symbian/Asha at lower price range – Elop says Lumia can go lower but there is a line by which other smartphone platforms (and WP) can’t go without significant architectural change. At low price points, you’ll be low on memory, low processor etc – something else has to take that. TODAY, S40 is in charge of that. He says he envisages a price point for smartphones and then something beneath that. Less than 100 EUR for Lumia? Elop says it could be- depends on how things evolve, but he doesn’t think there is a firm line. i.e. overlap between high end of the low end, and the low end of the high end. Vlad jokes that that is the middle end but Elop wants to clarify this is very low down in the price points.

Next up – talking about development at Nokia. Things taking years to develop? Elop says that whilst 808 took 5 years, it doesn’t mean they’ll just do things every 5 years. Here they have disrupted mobile photography. (Seriously, friends are in disbelief). This will be refined and we’ll see, “rapid evolution of devices’. Elop reiterates the change in clockspeed at Nokia by the frequent Lumia releases. Vlad asks about PureView for Lumia,just as with TheVerge, Elop says Lumia will differentiate in photography, optics is key. No product annoucements have been made (so they are unannounced :p) but we’ll see what happens, it’s going to be pretty exciting.

On getting things quickly to market, but seemingly a lag between things of Lumia design (n9, 800) the 808 is a game changer, it needs to be on the market for Nokia to learn from it. Developed “initially on the Symbian platform” (so development already on WP).

Next step to make WP Lumia more popular?  Better marketing, better training, new versions of Windows Phone, new devices. He talks next about what Nokia changes in WP. Whilst Nokia have added value with certain things like free navigation, free music, reading, Elop reminds us that Nokia joined WP when the current version of software was done, so level of engineering involved was not high but that will increase. That doesn’t mean everything should and would be customised. The base UI, live tiles – they could do something different but then what WP stood for and all the marketing, and then “big windows” which has the same UI, Nokia would not get the benefit. “We could change it but why should we?” He says he would rather differentiate in photography or location based services than change the UI against what’s being marketed broadly for Windows Phone.

Big Windows and Tablets – no announcements today, but he says MS has stated that the UI on Lumia is becoming the UI across MS properties. PC, Xbox, WP. So the amount of value with the UI and familiarity is something very advantageous, creating new business opportunities for Nokia.

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