Video: 13 minutes with Damian Dinning on the Nokia 808 PureView (10x greater precision than SLR)

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Here’s the man himself, talking with Vaibhav for 13 minutes on the Nokia 808 PureView – the 41MP beast that Nokia could not simply just gain components from other manufacturers – it had to be fashioned from scratch to their specification and design. A break through in optics was required – precision 10 times that of SLR lenses to get the optical design in the size of design Nokia wanted to achieve.

True to form, Damian is all about cutting edge imaging PERFORMANCE. The biggest thing as we have said is not merely the incredible sounding 41MP, but how it is used.

I will refer you to this article again – but hearing things from Damian is a bit cooler right? 🙂

 From the video and the link above, we see that there is SO MUCH MORE to the Nokia 808 PureView, and in fact that 41MP already overshadows some of the brilliance Nokia achieved (perhaps to some detriment as some ignorant people are already writing scathing attacks at Nokia – obviously as they feel the threat for their beloved iFluffs)

Damian says it helps to have smaller file sizes for uploading (the 5MP images are only about 1mb) but couldn’t the social networking side just compress images prior to upload? Anyway, Damian adds that in addition to the CPU/GPU there is a little companion chip on the camera itself  helping the GPU to handle the data.

You can use the LED light as a torch – a question I’ve seen frequently (on top of course for video). Apparently with that Xenon, within 2 metres, no noise would be seen. “Really staggering quality”. Apparently when they look at samples, they still staggered with the quality – a feeling of trying to convince people the earth is round – that sort of magnitude.  Even Damian says that when folks come back with the 808 and he sees their pictures, he has to pinch himself in disbelief, “this is taken by a camera phone?”.

Poor Damian, he says he hasn’t been able to talk about this tech for 5 whole years. We have heard it has taken that long already, but the pressure must have been incredible knowing from 2007 there is an earth shattering goal Nokia is trying with imaging. This would most likely have been the most powerful Nseries.

Battery life is competitive with other smartphones apparently.

I’m not sure about the touch AF, I prefer what I have with WP and Nokia Lumia which is to touch a portion of the screen and the photo is taken. Otherwise, everything else in the camer UI (like the N9) is vastly superior. Slide zooming action is really nice. Well I also like WP’s scroll to view gallery – though not at the expense of having a crap-ass tiny view finder.

Ooh, remember this post? I think I messaged Damian a while ago when he asked on twitter about the N8 camera UI. I had no idea it would be to improve not the N8 successor, but his pet project – the 5 year behemoth camera.

This is nicer, even cleaner than the first suggestions (already more in line with Belle) and with creative mode, you have N9 like organization. This was also one of the things dsmobile talked about – the Camera UI would be even better and it totally is. The quick controls was an idea from Maemo – the team there really made touch camera so much more useful, thinking beyond the box of just translating button to touch.

I love that quick scene mode wheel on the left 😀 The histogram capability is pretty nifty. You can here the ability to change shutter speeds above automatic settings. You also have long press mode to change focus mode.

Video mode is 1080p, done like no other without the requirement of dual core. Some argued that was necessary whilst some said it wasn’t. Nokia has sided with the latter camp (though perhaps the former were just wishing to see 1080p AND dual core? ) Frame rates can be changed if you wish.

Camera mode in FULL resolution can output 18MP 4:3 or 16:9. Image sizes to 6-10mb but possibly more if you choose superfine mode. Interval Timer, thank you Damian for putting that back. BTW, it’s amazing that all of these camera features – a lot of them have been present in Symbian since forever. It’s funny to hear that other manufacturers adding similar things it get’s called “instagram like”. Well, I’m sure we’re all tired of Sepia cats and HDR streets. This is a proper camera phone folks.

I also really like that there are various user profiles – 3 different camera modes. Excellent!

Now Nokia, make your marketing department show off camera phones again, make photography super important, let users connect with the PureView technology. I’m sure now that Nokia has battered the competition, they will be also less inclined to focus on camera features now.



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