Nokia 808 PureView vs MegaZoom Panasonic TZ7 “Way better than anyother P&S, let alone phone camera” -iPhonelife

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The Panasonic TZ7 was one of the better megazooms at launch – the quality of the photos were said to be superb.

An iPhone blog compares the Nokia 808 PureView to the Panasonic TZ7. How will it do against a dedicated digital camera?

It surely wipes the floor with it. There are two sample pics given at the start. The top turns out to have come from the digital camera. The clearer picture below coming from the Nokia 808.

It should not be a surprise since the Nokia N8 was eating these point and shoot megazooms (the better end of point and shoots too). Remember GSM Arena’s post where Nokia N8 beat the Sony HXV5 in blind trial test? It was one of many examples of the N8 coming out as having superior imaging.

Our readers are commenting that annoyed fans from other camps are attacking the 808 PureView, not understanding the mechanics behind PureView and naively cheering on their megapixel myth thinking they know better. Well, bit by bit, sample shot by sample shot, comparison by comparison, they will eat their words.

I’d love to see more shots. What’s the verdict so far?

“The camera in the 808 is absolutely gorgeous in the resolution department. Binned shots (the ones the camera takes by default) contain way more detail than other (Bayer) cameras with two or even three times more pixels. The noise, as expected, is pretty high at ISO 1600, but in binned (=subsampled) mode it’s drastically reduced, while not smearing away any detail. Congratulations, Nokia!”

There’s actually been quite a bit of coverage by iphone life.

Even in its current state, resolution-wise, the Nokia camera is way better than anything other P&S, let alone phone camera in the market. WAY better. Its camera is simply wonderful.

(Note that this doesn’t necessarily apply to dynamic range – the Achilles’ heel of most current non-Sony sensors. I couldn’t reliably test it.)

 Thanks thatsme for the tip!

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