The Problem with the Nokia Lumia 800 and why it’s not a hit in the US

| March 4, 2012 | 138 Replies

Though the Lumia 800 is racking up all the numbers all over the globe, it’s not a hit in the US and for good reason,
You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out.

I was at a microsoft store the other day to check it out.

It’s a great phone with polycarbonate unibody that’s a beauty, unique curved screen, and sharp display that makes it seem like the tiles are coming at you! I’m not surprised this phone is a hit everywhere else.

so why isn’t it a hit in the US?
Problem #1. Limited availability: Lumia 800 is sold in Microsoft stores (Note: as of the time of writing this, there are only 15 stores nationwide). even Nokia US doesn’t sell it.
Solution: Put this phone for sale in every Walmart store!

Problem #2: It’s sold unlocked. therefore, no price subsidy, and the result: it’s too expensive, One of the major reasons Nokia lost all ground in the US was due to the fact that carriers didn’t carry the brand, hence consumers couldn’t get Nokia quality phone at a highly subsidized price.
Solution: Can someone (At&t, T-Mobile…) please pick up this phone, it’s already proven to be a hit, looking at its track record!

Problem #3 The Nokia Lumia 800 entertainment bundle, this is the biggest problem, why? because there are problems within this problem (kinda like inception but without dreams, just problems!). this bundle consists of the Lumia 800, purity headset, play 360 and Luna Bluetooth headset. why is Microsoft store selling a phone with 3 different accessories that do the same thing (sound output). why is the play 360 even in this bundle? I mean, its a flagshp NFC portable Speaker and the Lumia 800 does even have NFC!

Solution: if you want to sell a bundle, the 800 with either one of play360, purity headset or Luna should suffice, not all three!Problem #4 Price, now this bundle is $899, if you don’t think that’s expensive, let me put this in a a better way: $899 is the down payment for a used 2004 Toyota (if you have good credit). It’s expensive.
Solution: Remove bundle, Sell just the 800, between $400-$500 sounds reasonable (still 2x cheaper than the iPhone)If things stay the way they are right now, then I’ll just go ahead and pronounce the Lumia 800 DOA (Dead on Arrival) here in the states, It’s a beautiful phone, but Nokia/Microsoft made it almost impossible for us to get it.FunFact: Nokia has sold more windows phones than Samsung, LG and HTC combined


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