N9Apps: Flash on the Nokia N9! Demo with BBC iPlayer! (Video uploading atm)

| March 6, 2012 | 48 Replies

Yes! Finally! When FireFox arrived we were told Flash would come soon after and yes sir, it is here.

Look above and I have BBC iPlayer on my N9. Note, I have only just installed it so I can’t give a full verdict on performance.

However, youtube works fine. Video/audio in sync. However you have to let it load/buffer/relax a little when you touch the screen or pan around or zoom as it will hiccup or stop. After you let flash compose himself, he’s all fine to show you flash content!

The other test I tried was for BBC iPlayer. It’s not made for mobile and the mobile version that Androids get isn’t compatible for some reason. Videos will need that time to load etc and then they’ll play ok. Audio and video are in better sync when in high bandwidth (which is the opposite to my N900 which requires setting to lower bandwidth to play),

If you had previously disabled JavaScript to make FireFox work faster, you must enable it again for flash to work.

To get flash, just head on over to Nokia Store.

You will of course need to use FireFox.

Now I just wish FireFox didn’t stutter like it was trying to audition for “The King’s Speech”.

Thank you mauriceF for the tip!

I am uploading a video as we speak (been uploading for an hour already), thanks to Virgin Media and their Craponyah service, you might not see it for another 1-2 hours.

This might then be a good time to ask you to subscribe to

I might be in a lecture this evening (optional medic lecture) so I won’t be able to embed when the video finally escapes the clutches of crappy Virgin Media.


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