Superphone Nokia Prodigy and AC/DC with Windows Phone 8 later this year?

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The Verge reports that Nokia may be preparing a couple more Lumias for AT&T. (Not clear on Verizon or T-mobile.)

  • First up, supposedly a superphone called the Nokia Prodigy.
  • This is followed by a mid-range AC/DC.

Nokia World dates just got announced for September 25-26. The above two handsets are expected to appear when Windows Phone 8 appears.

You should expect Nokia Apollo handsets no later than that.

Source:Β theverge

CheersΒ mprince and Joni for the tip!


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  • Mahoney

    HMPH! AC/DC Should be the flagship! πŸ™‚
    On a serious note, maybe these are just second gen codenames, follow up for: Sabre, Ace etc..

    Band names this time! I wonder if these are ElopΒ΄s favorities.. Mos Def not! (Mos Def not either)

    • Jay Montano

      Yeah, lol I was thinking that too.

      • kiff

        Nokia Hendrix.

        • gimi

          and nokia jimi too

    • Viipottaja

      Who knows, he may have a head banging history/side to him! Of course, many would argue he is banging his head on the WP wall too.. πŸ˜€

      • Flake

        He is banging his head on WP’s lap too

        • Minttu Black


    • Nrde

      The codenames should be H.I.M, Nightwish, Amorphis, Children of Bodom etc. πŸ™‚

      • @laowaijoha

        meh. My vote is for Nokia Bieber.

        • Sameer Ramesh

          If you hate Nokia you shouldn’t be here.

  • No matter what I’m getting AC/DC. πŸ™‚ I don’t care if its midrange. It shouldve been the flagship. Dangggggg

    Where is Nokia Guns N’ Roses…or Nokia Police?!

    • Viipottaja

      Or Terveet Kadet? πŸ˜€

      • Zipa

        That one should come with an app for making kilju!

        • Viipottaja

          Oh my, I had completely forgotten about that delicious, potent… err.. liquid!

      • Finnish rock band? Aye matey! That sounds great…nice idea! πŸ˜€

        • Mahoney

          Haha! Well, Terveet kΓ€det! Is Healthy hands in english.. And well, we have a saying: (roughly translated) Why do you need a woman, when you have healthy hands.

          It might be, that press is all over it even more then they were on Lumia being prostitute.. πŸ™‚

          • Viipottaja

            I am sure this ground braking band (that influenced other obscure and less obscure bands world over, including the likes of Sepultura :)) and its name has many, much deeper meanings.. :-p πŸ˜‰

        • Harangue

          Just make it the Nokia Lordi then. πŸ˜›

    • christexaport

      The N9 should be christened the Nokia WuTang after the fact then. Something we love and KNOW Elop hates. LOL.

      I’m just glad he didn’t say Metallica or Pantera. I hate Elop. PLEASE say we have nothing in common but the love of women… (I ASSUME, but hey, it is Elop)

  • manu

    september? By the time i should have already became an android fanboy lol.

    • Kepa

      Of course there will be devices between. As of September…. it’s kind of natural, Apollo is coming somewhere in 2H.

      Kind of natural, no?

    • Mark

      Thought you already were?

      • manu

        im on transition phase(elops word) of a nokia/symbian fanboy to sammy android fanboy.
        Im not intrested to be in injail made by m.s.i want to enjoy freedom of android.

        • Svenkka

          Freedom supported by Google with their new terms? Sounds like epic fail to me…

          • manu

            its better than windows phone.i can send or recieve files via bt,i can put sd card, i can put any launcher or rom.

            • Svenkka

              Then Google can share the contents of your SD card as well πŸ˜›

              • Flake

                Google already knows what will be on your SD card … But don’t worry, just don’t be evil

              • spacemodel

                Everybody shares your content; Google, Apple, Microsoft, there’s no difference between them.

    • iluvn

      you are already! lol

  • Jesse

    So basically it is time to become an ATT subscriber. It is a shame, I really like TMobile and it has great recption much better than ATT where I work. No phones will kill any service though πŸ™

    I am using the 800 on edge right now just because I am that upset about turning to the dark side haha.

    • XtiaN8

      Yea, it’s really sad that T-Mobile is being left out in the high end Windows Phone market. I’m also a T-Mobile customer and I’ll continue to wait to replace the N8 until they get a high end WP device. I can only be hopeful that T-Mobile will get a Pureview WP device within 12 months.

      • Jay Montano

        Nobody knows what handsets Verizon will have from Nokia or T-Mobile. There’s still a possibility that there will be more to come. It’s just that this rumour is more certain about AT&T’s prospects.

      • Just Visiting

        Well…T-Mobile is not being left out of the ‘high end’ WP devices – carriers choose which devices they want to carry. T-Mobile chose the Radar and the Lumia 710; Samsung and HTC make GSM devices, but still T-Mobile did not put in an order for the Samsung S/Titan (or variant of those devices). Also, T-Mobile is a budget friendly carrier, so that ‘may’ have played a part in their decision as well.

        T-Mobile, at least, has 2nd gen WP devices, so that’s a start; Sprint and Verizon – zilch! Maybe T-Mobile will pony up the dough to carry the Lumia 800, at some point.

    • balta

      This is the stupid US world… Why not having every phone on every network?

      I really enjoy the freedom here in germany to use every phone with every SIM of every network as I want…

      • manu

        yup same in india i have two phones and 3 uses sims of different network

      • Jesse

        I agree, it is ridiculous how much power carriers have in the US. Hopefully there will eventually be more alternatives

  • yemko

    I too gonna join andriod wagoon sooner than expected LOL.
    Elop will be blamed for my change over

    • Just Visiting

      Going to Android? “Thanks” – With Love, Microsoft πŸ™‚

    • Muerte

      Hmm, what exactly is disappointing you? Did you expect that Nokia won’t release any further phones after Lumia 900? Should they act like Apple, and go with one phone for 5 years (And only add some processor speed and a couple of magical apps to new versions)?

      You know, those WP7.5 handsets will work just fine after WP8 release, whether they receive the update or not.

      As an android fanboy one should be familiar with those kinds of issues already… Most Androids receive zero updates during their lifetime. BTW, Lumia 800 received yet another update today.

      • manu

        but for android there are lot of custom roms and firmware most of which is better than OFW.

        • nathan

          ur right but not every phone not even most, so look it up first! calogen mod list in on wiki has the phones they surport!

    • twig

      Great phones coming and you are going to change? If you want symbian you would be buying the 808. If you have a N9 like me the update should make you happy. Could you guys who are changing to android explain? Oh, you already ARE an Android user. lol. Google must be peeing their pants on all this Nokia news. Your boss is sweating. People are not happy about spyAndroid phones.Here come the government investigations.

      • manu

        no i hadnt yet moved onto android.

      • Svenkka

        But hey, Eric Schmidt has said that copying without paying for licenses is ok, and collecting user data and selling it to advertisers is ok. I am sure suing is also ok if he says so πŸ™‚

        • Svenkka

          meant spying, darn auto spelling….

    • Kepa

      What does above have to do with anything you are talking about? Confused.

    • Mark

      Great. No-one cares, kid.

      Nice knowing you.

    • Jump ship whenever you’re ready. You will NOT be missed! πŸ˜›

  • EagleEye

    Haha, love these names πŸ™‚


    i hope the super-phone is a firestarter πŸ™‚

  • zaxxx

    Nokia Sex Pistols… Anarchy in Elop’s head..

  • Mazze

    I thought Windows 8 was scheduled for release in Q4. Are you sure we will already see a Nokia Windows 8 device end of September? If so, then chances are we will also see some Windows-based PureView phone before X-Mas. If that’s the case, I’ll definitely skip the 808. I neither like the design nor am I sure whether I can really put up with another round of Symbian-bugs and constant OS crashes (not that I like Windows much better, but at least it’s smooth and stable for the very few things it’s actually capable of doing).

    • Viipottaja

      Windows (W8) =/ Windows Phone 8 (WP8). πŸ™‚ Perhaps that part of the confusion, or perhaps you meant to say WP8.

    • Dave

      Well, they don’t have much choice. They can’t exactly impress with only Symbian and WP7. They only need enough of WP8 to give some idea, show off amazing hardware, even if they won’t ship it until late Q4/early Q1. I would guess that is usually available months before normal shipping (some kind of functioning N8 was leaked in April, in stores October)

      But I am actually hoping to see more of Meltemi, hoping of course it is a proper Linux and not just a VM. Since S40 is Java, who knows Meltemi may run S40 apps. But cheap feature phones with a hackable Linux inside (and GHz isn’t too shabby anyway), now there’s some fun to be had. If only there would also be a PureView Meltemi handset πŸ™‚

      With BT, GPS, Wifi, Nokia Drive…

      • Nrde

        “show off amazing hardware”

        That is the problem, you can’t impress with amazing hardware anymore. Even the smallest Chinese manufacurers hace 4 core cpu’s 5″ screens etc. Only way anyone can impress is to do something so unexpected like Nokia did with pureview that it just blows averyone off their seats.

        Too bad even with that most of the press concentrated on secondary things like screen resolution and CPU (not to mention belowed Symbian/Belle)

        • Dave

          True, I don’t mean raw specs as much as just some good specs, a very high res screen model, a pureview model, a qwerty model, all spectacular design with Nokia build quality, with WP finally delivering all the stupid little things it can’t do yet and some good Nokia apps, great battery life, etc.

          Considering about the only thing Nokia could do with the Lumia’s was the cover, they are some pretty nice handsets, and I hope it extends to when Nokia is able to control everything about the device.

  • Rajiv

    What kind of a WP can be called a superphone, it has not even become a smartphone yet, it’s a feature phone OS right now, direct competitor to S40 OS, ohh wait S40 also has bluetooth

  • xNokian

    Dude above me, stop trolling. Sign me up for Prodigy Instigator and I expect it to have HD resolution on 4.5 inch SAMOLED clear black screen with PureView and Bose speakers. Huge battery and I am cool for it to be bulky – I need pocket boom box.

    • Nrde

      Lets say that “Bose” doesn’t actually trigger any kind of desire to buy something…

      • xNokian

        Yet you clearly understood what I mean

  • Matt


  • yemi

    how about Nokia Warrior or Nokia DMC ?

  • mrtman

    eventually what windows phone lacks is intrinsic excitement (like most microsoft products).

    Android is exciting because of hardware/performance, iPhone is exciting because of software, symbian is exciting because of features, even meego is exciting with its groundbreaking ui innovations. Cant think of anything exciting about windows phone, and especially not the windows/internet explorer/office brand names.

    Microsoft and nokia probably realise that and use heavy marketing to generate artificial excitement, but in my opinion this cant last long.

  • Why is Nokia releasing high end mldels!? Most of the people can’t afford them. Mid-range is much more important!
    In India I’m waiting for more mid range devices 610 is not released yet, 710 is available but no other choice.

    • manu

      high end models are needed to have a push in u.s,there launch of crap devices where major reason of failure in u.s.
      610 will be well priced b/w 11-12k,it will be a good phone if you can go along with windows phones shortcomings.

    • Jay Montano

      V. High end model is VITAL to push the Nokia brand. Nokia WILL continue to produce models that will be cheaper and cheaper, but at the same time they need a true flagship model that shows Nokia is back.

      Think of it as a Halo effect on the brand. You feel better about owning even their cheaper products because you know they have the very best at the top. e.g. A ferrari push bike. Superficial yes, but meaningful to many.

  • Stound

    Im guessing superphone means apollo devices(windows phone 8)

  • I’m waiting for the x factor model, there are hundreds of variations at the moment, they’ll get whittled down by the general public until the final design is announced. Everyone will want one until just after the launch when the whole world will deny they had any part in it.

  • deep space bar

    i hope they get sued for the names

  • manu

    will nokia launch quad core device ?or will they be behind competition again by 2 years.

    • ZiPA

      Exactly what benefits does a quad core CPU bring to a smartphone?

      • ZiPA

        Also, what quad core devices were on the market two years ago?

        • manu

          the point is not on use of quadcore good specs will attract attention and sales.people wants it.even chinese companies has launched quadcore .
          2 years late i mean will nokia be launching quadcore in 2014.?

  • manu

    friends fandroids and icrap fanboys are voting down 808 on gsmsrena so make sure you give as many votes to 808 everyday.

  • I understand that but, cheaper phone models will become less as compared to high-end models. Outside US, people won’t be able to afford them. Are they only meant for US? If they are, then it’s fine!
    For many people such phones are only ‘dream phones.’

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