#N9Hacks: Inception (App)

| March 7, 2012 | 10 Replies


This is by far the best hack currently going for the N9/N950. It is called Inception. I won’t go over what it does in detail, that is what the TMO thread is for.

I will say, Inception makes your N9 more open then ever!

Of course, if you don’t use terminal a lot, and don’t need an open system, than ignore Inception, as it can open your device to malicious software if not used correctly. Anyway, if you’re keen, check it out.

Huge thanks to those who came up with this, does make it easier for devs.



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  • JD!

    It reminds of Inception movie which has dreams in it!

    I hope Elop will get burned in his dreams by killing Meego 🙁

    • incognito

      Somebody needs to enter Elop’s dreams and plant an idea *whistle*

      Now when I think about it, somebody might have planted a bad one a while back – that would explain a lot of things…

    • Avenger Osiris

      The next victim is Symbian
      What a killer… Kill the children of Nokia…

  • GS65

    It’s an idea that turns into the truth. It’s Linux. Thanks for Inception!

  • glad that meego harmattan community has got talented developers!

  • DaRkMaDnEsS

    when i read the title thought what idea would you plant in N9 ? you are a Lumia 800!!!!!!!! 😛

  • Saul


  • Now seeing any new phone by Nokia I have planted one most important question: will be able to run under MeeGo system control, with or without INCEPTION? I have planted beutifull dream – I have 808 with 41Mpix camera and bigger battery and this is running under MeeGo…. And this is really good, one of best of my dreams! Mr Ellop, please plant yourself an idea of making this dream to come true! Exelent idea to follow!

  • Avenger Osiris

    Very fun and interesting idea about new atmosphere and experience with different UI in N9 MeeGo Harmattan

    Check this out

    Nokia N9 The Ultimate Experience
    Have you ever wonder how is it feel having Lumia 800 experience on your N9?
    Or having Android/IOS UI on your N9?

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