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We saw demoes of Nokia SuperHydrophobic materials at Nokia World 2011 and it is interesting that they’re highlighting it all over again.

The post at Nokia Conversations pretty much goes through the demo you’d get if you’re on the show floor.

With superhydrophibic nano layer of graphene applied, water jumps away in fear. They had a fun demo actually of a classic maze toy that usually has a ball bearing. When superhydrophobic coating is applied a drop of water acts as a ball bearing.

I remember prior to the Nokia World demo at some other interview or keynote he mentioned the brilliant things at Nokia labs – the imaging of which the N8 is only a fraction of how amazing things are (and boy, 808 :o) and that coating that made phones waterproof. He mentioned that whilst he was at Nokia, he was going to make sure those things in labs get to market.

What practicalities would this add to phones?

Waterproof, fingerprint resistance and somehow even antireflectino properties.

Asking some of my friends on what devices would interest them, a waterproof (very tough) but still normal looking phone was oddly of interesting as a few have had some mishaps with liquid and their phones.

The difficulty here apparently is to put the coating on the outside of the phone. If it’s inside it will stand against wear and tear, but if on the outside it would be too weak. The Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge are apparently pretty close though to a robust super hydrophobic coating. Superhydrophobia is apparently part of building a new form of phone. Nanotech is being looked upon not just for liquid immersion but also bending and stretching. See first link.

Nokia are apparently creating a new kind of interactivity – a new haptic language on how you use your phone. They may also be looking for a self repairing superhydrophobic property, like the lotus leaf. All in all, I hope Nokia executes their plans at the labs to give consumers something they can really CONNECT with (and to that they will need a heck of a launch that explains EVERYTHING properly to avoid any misconception and to allow media to spread verbatim what Nokia wants as their message).

Cheers Muerte for the tip!

I was on a bus home from an evening lecture with a friend when we met a mutual aquaintance. The conversation somehow ended up on Nokia where they said that Nokia’s only ever made a good device called the 3310 after that everything was Rubbish. The bus journey was too short to educate them. Even bringing out the awesome n9 out of my pocket with buttonless swipe did not phase him, “my phone multitasks too…just press this button twice” 😮 not the point. It’s buttonless! I was surprised though when he did say that Nokia were bringing out a 40 megapixel camera though he then went on to say he’s no art student in need of super high resolution pictures. The stop was right there so I only had time to explain that wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone that takes nice pictures all the time, as opposed to some blurry shit he might get with his iThing and he agreed…meh, Nokia pretty much needs another game changing, head turning, media wowing device. The most noticeable one it seems since the 3310, is the 808. That desperately needs another version that is updated in screen res perhaps (and other numbers specs just to play that game in 2012).



Here’s a video that appeared on Reddit – someone else’s implementation of superhydrophic clothing material. I remember a top comment being, “how do you wash it”.



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