N9/Symbian Apps: Unwanted item remover (basic cloner/content aware fill-like)

| March 9, 2012 | 16 Replies

Not just for decapitation - just midway through removal

Remember update for Fantasia painter that gave that awesome app a clone effect? Whilst there isn’t yet an equally comprehensive photo painting/editing app for MeeGo/Symbian, you can at least have that clone effect on the go.

Popular Symbian developer, Oleg Derevenetz whose work we have show cased a few times before, shares with us his app that will allow for that cloning effect. The aim actually wasn’t for simply cloning but instead for removing. Think of it a little bit like a basic version of the Photoshop content aware-fill where there’s something in your picture you want to get rid of but it’s very complex. Whilst this isn’t as sophisticated (it is mobile, and well if you’ve seen the latest version of content aware fill, it looks like witchcraft) it will allow you to do some reasonable edits, which you can see demoed below. Auto-mode for removal seems to be in the works.

Recently I needed an app to remove some unnecessary items from a photo
made with my N8, and… I haven’t found a suitable app at Nokia Store
for that. Somewhat surprised, I was forced to develop my own app for
that, and so appeared PhotoPatcher:

Here is a YouTube video explaining how it works:

Also, detailed instructions with image examples are available in
application help. I attached a self-signed version of my app to this
e-mail, so you can try it yourself. This app will also available for
Meego as well, as soon as Meego version will pass the QA process.

Future plans also include introduction of some automatic (or
semi-automatic) removal algorithm, we are working on one of the
modifications now, but auto mode is still produce much worse results
in complex cases in comparison with manual mode, so auto mode is not
available in this version. However, manual mode requires some trial
and error, which is familiar to those who used Clone Stamp and Blur
tools from Photoshop for the same purpose.


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