Apollo/WP8 for Nokia Lumia?

| March 11, 2012 | 29 Replies


Hi folks! Just got back from the medic ball – been ill the past couple of days so I didn’t have the chance to schedule some posts.

Anyway, first tip for Sunday. WMPoweruser reports on the possible status for Apollo updates to WP7 phones. There were some rumours that it might not be possible but apparently more recent information suggests devices like the Lumia would get the update, but older phones (pre Nokia ones so that doesn’t concern us) would get it in some other form.

Folks are somewhat becoming used to expecting OS updates – we see angry users from all OSes complaining when they don’t get theirs soon enough. I guess it’s because that is part of the support their expecting from purchasing their device. Another line of thought was summarised nicely by commenter, Dr Zorg.

To be completely fair, I don’t get this obsession with OS “updates” which essentially change the OS from the ground up and make it more difficult to run on old hardware.


If you buy a phone, it’s best to do so going by what it can do right now, at this very moment, than by what a company promised or hasn’t promised for the future. Who knows, a company might go bankrupt in a matter of months and you’d be cheated of that kind of investment.

How long should it be mandatory for manufacturers to support updates for phones, if at all? Should we just be pleased with what we buy? Regardless of possible Nokia delays in updates, I think they do deserve some credit for the amount and level of updates Nokia gives to their devices (well, all except N97 :P)

For me, I would be disappointed if Lumia didn’t get Apollo – though updates in some form to bring similar functionality would at least be welcome.

Source: WP7App.d  Via WMPU

Cheers ZiPA and Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • rafaelinux

    Woah, finally, I keep saying the same. What is wrong with Nokia ending support for symbian? Is a phone dead for that?. If I get an 808 I get it for what it is! Not for a ‘possible’ update.
    People just don’t get it.

    • Nokia has two more MAJOR over hauls coming for Symbian/the Nokia 808 Carla and Donna. It will supported for 3 or 4 more years Nokia doesn’t cut and run on their phones. The Nokia 5800 just got an update last month.

    • During the heydays of Symbian, we don’t get major updates at all. And nobody complains about that.

      New firmware updates come from time to time, for at least two years after the device’s launch. But that only includes a few useless apps, bug fixes and such.

  • jody / buzzinga

    well, thats the same line of thinking i bought the n9 in the first place too. XD heck i used an old nokia 6680 for like years, n9 can do so much, i dont really care about massing updates, just need to fix some bugs, which they did already with pr1.2. wouldnt need the change soon, unless a massive technological advancement comes to exists suddenly (reminds of the the 808 :))

  • nyapinkid

    wp8 its diferent kernel to maximize HW acceleration & multitasking…
    reason why all smartphone (except n900 coz i called it a mobile computer, not spartphone) can’t changed to other OS coz didn’t have ability to change kernel at SOC or ROM

    so i doubt recent wp7 will get the wp8 update….

    • svetlo

      you are wrong. Just a few examples HTC HD2 with android, HP touchpad, with android. There are even more, less popular, devices that can do it. But how do you push new hardware out? Of course through the software (games, OS and etc). It’s called marketing.

    • I’m afraid Apollo can block custom ROM updates, just Windows 8 on ARM (not on Intel) does it on tablets.

      But on new devices only. It have to be preinstalled.

    • manu

      isnt windows 8 only exclusive to multi core cpu devices?

  • Paul Grenfell

    Well i bought both the N8 and E7 partly for what it did do – and partly for what they lacked, but would be fixed with promised updates.. I Wont make that mistake again.. I am impressed with the Belle update , but really unimpressed, by the failure of Nokia Australia to provide updates in unison with rest of the World.. Yes we’re still waiting Guys..!
    Having said that, all phones should have fully functional OS at time of Sale ( not like the first N8’s) and FW Support for a minimum of 2 years and ongoing support for up to at least 5 years..
    If new phones are being sold over the counter with new FW, then that FW should be made available for the same models already sold, ASAP..
    I am really keen on 808, but with ever failing Nokia Support in Australia, i may just go HTC one-X instead.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      I agree. Nokia Australia does let us down. It took about 8/9 months to get Anna, and only a few weeks ago, Belle was confirmed to be “in creation” for Australia.

      Nokia as a whole should be like Apple when it comes to updates. They announced iOS 5.1 on Wednesday, that same day, the update was globally rolled out. It is hard to see that happen and not want to jump ship.

      I admit, I have been tempted to ditch Nokia for another OEM, but the fact they do make amazing handsets (design and build quality, SW is the only lacking feature. [comment excl. N9 and N900]). I wont go Apple if it is iOS and they still claim “innovation” to everything they do that Nokia has done since the turn on the millennium and prior.

      /* Ends Rant

      • arts

        as i see it these problems were not fixed by elop. so he should be fired.

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          As I see it, they weren’t caused by him either. I love how instantly every problem is Elops. If anything, he did help by merging with MSFT. Nokia, (again, except N9, and N900) has been associated with shitty SW (Yes S60v5, I’m looking at you). WP is fast, fluid, social. That is what Nokia needs to be associated with.

          I dont agree that killing MeeGo was right. IMO, have one Superphone running MeeGo and one running WP. Then have WP for high-end with Belle/Carla/Donna ruling the rest. It would work really.

          These superphones would need everything, not just some good things. EVERYTHING.

          • arts

            I’m trying to see things from another perspective. Any problem Nokia is having is now 100% elopes fault. And maybe the board of directors.

            Fire elop!

      • KC

        Well if you like Apple’s carrier independent update model (IMHO the single greatest thing about iOS), then this fall you will want to take a peek at BlackBerry 10. It will be like iOS in that updates will be pushed out by RIM not the carriers and even better then iOS will be completely OTA just like the PlayBook is. Not to shill for RIM on a Nokia site but the OTA update method on their new QNX based Tablet OS/Upcoming BB 10 is without a doubt the way updates should be handled on all platforms. It’s brilliant.

        But at least With Nokia Symbian phones even if the update isn’t officially available in your country (Belle will never be released in my Country of Canada apparently), it’s still easy enough to install on your own. That’s the thing that Nokia currently does not understand though. Symbian users are very accustomed to having the ability to tinker with their phones and change things as they see fit. Windows Phone takes away that freedom which is why Symbian users have been switching to Android not Windows Phone.

        Plus, Microsoft made a choice in order to optimize the user experience by creating the entire platform for a single SOC and expected the hardware to stand the test of time because the user experience is optimized. Consumers are more savvy then that and they are not willing to pay a premium for old hardware no matter how fluid the screen change animations are.

  • If NoDo, Mango and Tango phones aren’t compatible with Apollo due to the change in kernel, the best thing Microsoft and Nokia can do is to bring most of its new functionalities to the older handsets and label it like “Apollo Lite” or something.

    I also am confident that these older devices wouldn’t be abandoned, in case the “full” or “lite” version of Apollo won’t come at all. Some bug fixes and security patches will eventually be pushed through Zune.

  • Bloob

    If my device works well enough (like my E7 with Belle), I’m happy. I’d still expect at least bug fixes.

    But in the end, updates are a way to win over customers who do care about them. It doesn’t matter whether people should or shouldn’t expect them, if companies want the people that do expect updates as their customers, then they’ll provide those updates.

    If I owned a Lumia phone, I would be disappointed if both of the following were true:
    a) I wouldn’t get Apollo
    b) Apollo would introduce features that my hw can do, but isn’t doing atm ( bt sharing, usb mass storage, etc )

    Dr Zorgs advice is good; don’t expect a phone to change completely. My advice is; demand bug fixes, and to some extend, feature updates.

  • manu

    when appolo comes if there is no upgrade for mango users they might end up with not much apps.devs may be concentrating only on appolo.

    • Twig

      WPCentral said IT WAS the Microsoft software team that said lumia is getting Apollo . No if, ands or buts.

  • juwel Rana

    One day i was a big fan of nokia only their great innovation..But now When I think about Dump Wp os..i just wish nokia’s destruction… No other Os or Phone compare with N9..coz It’s only one.(The Boom) Today I love Symbian A lot.. Coz It’s fullfil our Expectation… Wp have Lot of Restriction.. u can Call It Restriction King… no True multi-tasking like Meego & symbian.. no Extranal memory Card, No USB mass store, No Blutooth file sharing,No Grid view manu Like Other Os. No Browser Downloader etc…isn’t it funny? I am Sure MeeGO or Symbian User Go For wp..they Have only One choice..Android(the Power Hunger) wp have little User Customise option… it’s a big wrong decition to choose wp..

    • Twig

      Add Android spys on every keystroke and picture that you do to your list. Hmmm, I’ll take WIndows and I shall once the big 900 comes with all those Nokia apps that take care of all my needs. Look out for that Android malware,trojans and spyware in their store also. I like things safer.

    • Bassman

      Why do you wish for Nokia’s destruction?

      I think that some people need to take a step back and get a sense of perspective…..

    • manu

      yep only place which a meego or symbian user can go is android.its a shame that windows doesnt have basic features which symbian even s40 users had for years.

      • ZiPA

        I’ve been using Symbian since it was introduced on Nokia phones, and I’ve also used every Maemo/Meego-device up to the N9, and I’m now more than happy with the Lumia 800. So clearly there are more “ways” to go than Android.

  • juwel Rana

    Nokia SEC Filing Highlights €1.4 Billion Loss in 2011 after Announced wp their primary os and MeeGO and Symbian dead platform.

  • Chris_Skylock

    I bought my phone for what they really are. I dont like it being modified from the way they were being sold to me. Like for my Nokia 5800, I didnt changed its appearance nor modified it to be with SYMBIAN^1, I like it to be Symbian Music UI.

    Im a little happy with the Belle update but there were issues I was facing with. I wish I could go back with Symbian Anna and live a happy life.

    On contrary, I am happy that the OSs can be updated and be changed or transformed but the respective companies should look more carefully about compatibity and atleast it’s fliuid (Im looking at you Nokia Belle and my Nokia E7 that hangs frequently)

  • juwel Rana

    N9 makes Revolution…Some People Talk about wp mango..they like Mango…i want to khow from them where they was..when Samsung or Htc Gave Mango.. There r no different between nokia’s mango and other Brand mango.. i still want to Buy MeeGO and Symbian Device…coz I khow i never depend on pc for This device.

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