Nokia Aims to be leaders in imaging (PureView Lumia, Nokia Lumia 900 Q&A)

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There’s an interesting Q&A at Nokia Connects on the Nokia Lumia 900. Most are common knowledge stuff amongst Nokia fans but there are a few things of interest

PureView for Windows Phones

Q: Are we going to see any Nokia 41mp camera phones running windows phone anytime soon?

A: We don’t comment on future releases but we do expect to be leaders to imaging space and bring this innovation into future products.

There’s a lot of discussions Nokia wants to make with Microsoft regarding the camera UI. This is one of my few beefs about WP. Apart from the nice tap-focus-capture and swipe for gallery, everything about the camera UI sucks ASS. It is obscene how annoying the camera settings are to use. It does feel like camera in Windows Phone is the last thing you’d ever want to use.

Nokia should be allowed to control the camera UI because clearly MS knows nothing about that. P.S. Whilst you’re here, let me pin ANYTHING to home page, i.e. settings. Or give me a drop down menu for quick settings.

Q: With the Tango update will Nokia be able to replace the WP stock camera application with an in-house solution? I love the Lumia 800 but the camera application, especially the video recording part, is sub-par, so I was hoping for a better one from Nokia.

A: We can’t comment with anything concrete but we are always looking for ways to optimise the camera experience.

Q: Will there be a way to add a rule-of-thirds grid to the camera app?

A: Good suggestion – something we will speak to Microsoft about.

Q: Does the Lumia 900 have a full-screen viewfinder for video recording?

A: No it doesn’t at the moment we’re afraid – we will discuss this with Microsoft.

900 coming to Australia

Q: Will the 900 be available in the Australian market?

A: Yes but timing is not confirmed at the moment.


More polycarbonate unibodies

Q: Will all high-end Nokia Windows phone devices have the same/similar design to the Lumia 800 & 900?

A: We can’t comment on future designs but we’re really pleased with the reception to the award-winning polycarb design :-)

More customisation

Q: I meant for alarms, SMS and other audio supported alerts….

A: In the current WP 7.5 with extended capabilities these features are not available, MSFT is fully aware of the customisation feedback.

AT&T Lumia works in Europe

Q: Will AT&T Lumia run on a European network?

A: Yes!

Future on this feature up to Microsoft. Darn Microsoft :p

Q: When can we see music controlled headsets for the Lumia devices?

A: In the current WP version there isn’t support for that but what comes in the future is up to MSFT.





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