Marko Ahtisaari working on revolutionary phone, spending 1/3 of time on Nokia Tablet!

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A slew of tips coming in this morning about Nokia upcoming phones and tablets:

Muerte translated a few quick points:

Yet another very interesting article in Finnish newspaper “Kauppalehti Optio”.

“Nokia working on a revolutionary phone”

This link provides only a shortened version of the chargeable article, but I’ll translate a few points:

- Marko Ahtisaari (and his team) is working on their next breakthrough that will revolutionize your phone’s user experience

- When the new phone is ready, the user does not need to bend down and push their finger on the screen. (Remember Nokia and their Augmentet reality glasses concept?)

- Apple’s iPhone, Ahtisaari characterized as five years old innovation. The iPhone and iPad are, in his opinion, like a poorly designed home. The road from the kitchen into the dining room is always going through the front door

- Android and Symbian, he says, are like dollhouses. You can pick your own favourite furniture, and use only them.

- He says Windows Phone’s user experience is more natural

Exciting stuff. Even more of an evolution than N9 and Swipe?!

Muerte also adds:

This is from the same article, where Marko Ahtisaari confirms that Nokia is working on a tablet, and Marko spends 1/3 of his own working hours on this project. He doesn’t tell anything about the schedule though.

Other links:

Thanks Muerte, Bloob, Prasenjit Singh Bist, ZiPA, Rami, Jim, esbo and others for the tip!



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  1. says:

    wow this is exciting news, cant wait to see what nokia’s making

  2. Karan says:

    hi jay,

    thanks for the response last time…

    when we talk about Nokia Windows phones and games now a days people wud ask about free ones…here is another super kool take of the tech doll on the same…

    cheers mate…

  3. dr_zorg says:

    Marko should be CEO. I remember there was a speech of his on here some time ago, where he expounded on the concept of doing things differently in the UI. Hopefully he is able to get that concept out and into the market.

    • esbo says:

      Then he wouldn’t have time to desing new phones and new UIs ;I

      • Sonny says:

        one thing though marko’s presentation of the n9 last year was way better then any of elops presentations! everytime I see this man I think he could be the next steve jobs! Don’t even talk about damian dinning! these two is nokias most valuable assets!

  4. arts says:

    good for you. But unlike manu, you only spoke foe yourself. Manu here however, is shoving his own opinion down everybody throat.

  5. h says:

    I believe to Marko but he is wrong when saying
    ” Windows Phone’s user experience is more natural”
    because symbian is reported as dead platform and the people going to buy more symbian than shitty windows phone and of course android is the best for now.
    If the revolutionary phone will be with symbian, meego, maemo, meltemi or something other than windows phone than it will be the true revolutionary.

    • lordstar says:

      Chill, nokia’s in a position right now wherein they have to please both current symbian and meego users as well as new lumia owners. They’re in a quite challenging situation.

    • JGsmartypants says:

      Your argument is quite compelling, h. Foaming at the mouth like the rest of the MeeGo apologists.

      • sdfgarg says:


        All my friends said the same thing about Android in the past. “Market bla bla bla… Apple bla bla bla…”.
        And now they have all Androids and they dont remeber about the things they said.

  6. arts says:

    Why not you ask the bod themselves? Or whoever it was that decided to hire him.

  7. manu says:

    looks like elop has told his subordinates’hey if you praise windows you keep your job,talk shit of it your fired.’

  8. Bruce says:

    No surprise there that would go with Lumia design with the tablet too, as the phones looks and feels good.

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