Damian Dinning talks to WhatDigitalCamera on the Nokia 808 PureView

| March 21, 2012 | 18 Replies

Damian Dinning is chatting with WhatDigitalCamera about the Nokia 808 PureView. I’m not quite sure if these guys have interviewed people before on camera phones being so camera centric.

Despite the information readily available on the internet, I find it stunning how some people can still have no idea what PureView actually does. Especially those who claim to be technology enthusiasts.

I guess I shouldn’t really bother with YouTube comments as they are the bastion of all that is uninformed.

Tech geek huh.

>_> Listening fail.

I’ve already regrettably replied. YouTube comments are much too short.  It’s really funny how they think Nokia is just all about deceptively propping up the megapixel myth when pixel shoving is the last thing they’re trying to do.

The Nokia 808 uses a HUGE sensor in a phone, bigger than all phone cameras, bigger than many pocket cameras, even several of the top end point and shoots! The 41MP is used not to create huge photos  (38mp if you want) but to have so much information as to combine several pixels into one super pixel. Alternatively it can be used as real usable digital zoom where there is virtually little reduction in quality as opposed to other forms of digital zoom – and there are no moving parts and no sound. In low light there is a REAL xenon flash that’s even brighter than the N8. Over all, pictures from the Nokia N8 have already outperformed pocket cameras! The 808 the successor which is even more improved! But of course we don’t have to discuss the tech. Sample photos are available for everyone to gawk at and witness brilliance.



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