Speculations: Carla Might not be FeaturePack-1 or Even FeaturePack-2

| March 23, 2012 | 39 Replies

Ever since We first got hint that Carla was being tested internally on Nokia’s developers Bug report I’ve made it my business to pop in every now and then to check on things; but then the 808 happened and everyone assumed that Belle FP1 was codename for Carla in disguise; but today I popped into the developers site for a bit of site seeing (even though I should be studying) and I found another bug report filed for Carla, the actual bug isn’t that interesting but what is interesting is that the reporter calims that this bug WAS NOT PRESENT IN FP2 But is present in Carla, which by the laws of logic would mean that Carla is not FP1 or even FP2.

Carla devices, in older versions like fp2 it works well , I tested this
simultaneously on Carla and fp2 device using same operator simcard , fp2
devices were able to report networkname which means the info was present in the
signal . but Carla couldnt.

Personally I find this a really interesting turn of events, first we were told that there would only be two more updates to Symbian: Carla & Donna, no we see that FP1 & FP2 are coming BEFORE we even see Carla; looks like Symbians life-line is a bit longer than we thought…


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  • Gerii

    Was already thinking/hoping that when Belle FP1 was announced. Especially as some people were saying that Carla would come in the end of 2012 and the 808 with FP1 is already coming out in May and probably the updates for 701 and co even earlier (if this rumor is true).

    • RVM

      I was thinking the same. Anyway, it’s great news! FP1 in 808 is already much improved (both eye-candy and built-in apps), FP2 will go even further, imagine what Carla wil bring.

    • steelicon

      Instead of retiring Nokia (Symbian), they should retire Elop early, along with his “burning platform” theory. Let them burn together in early retirement. My 2 cents.

      P.S., Having Mr. Damian Dinning as CEO of Nokia would be nice.

      • twinklestar1792

        +1000000 support


          Yes. I want The handsome Damian Dinning as CEO followed by Marko Ahtisaari and that handsome Markus guy of accessories department. Yummm!

          • Saul

            Geez dude take a cold shower.
            You female or male?

  • giorgos

    I hope Symbian ditches the ARM11 one day and start running on decent processors!!

    • Kops

      Well Symbian will totally drop support in 2016. That means we wont see devices more than probably after this year, or at tops next year.

      Because of the short life left Symbian more than certainly wont see it’s resolution increased as devs are not interested on the platform or keeping the apps updated. So Nokia wont wanna loose the apps there are now.

      I’m pretty sure that goes for Symbian processors as well.

      Also i actually kind of like the weird hw mixes Nokia makes on Symbian. The most popular hw platforms are very standard with not much modification. With this hw platform Nokia has put second GPU inside the camera module itself and possibly the most powerful sound chip ever fitted to a phone.

      • Its still 4 years left before any of that could happen.

      • muhsen

        the official statement from nokia(from nokia conversations) is “At LEAST till 2016” and btw the capital letters in “at least” were in the statement itself not done by me!

        • Kops

          Though i think what most people don’t understand is the difference between support and SUPPORT.

          Support is something legally Nokia needing to do. It’s maintenance, not creating something new.
          Symbian team was mostly fired in Finland or moved to other works already. All of the rest where moved to Accenture. Accenture Already started offering voluntary termination contracts for over 1000 people.
          Just like on N9/harmattan. Software work is being done and the tedious testing for those software will start, but the main muscle and workforce are being moved to WP or fired.

          N9 isn’t even announced dead like Symbian, but the team is supposedly only under 15% of what it was year ago. Konttori example moved to WP team and said most of the software work is done. It’s just bug fixing and such before PR1.3 or one minor PR1.4 update.

          • Kops

            *moved to WP, meltemi or fired

          • Doffen

            Well if you are right Nokia will continue to bleed customers to the Android plattform. Symbian on a arm A15 kernel with 1 gig of memory would have been interesting. WP is alien to some of us. Of course unless MS by a miracle starts to open it up a little.

            • Stound

              Nah seeing as the updates make the phone buggy (Upgraded sgs2 to ICS) battery life is still shit, Only UI was changed and some settings were added. It actually became slower than on 2.3.6

          • Saul

            [“Konttori example moved to WP team and said most of the software work is done. It’s just bug fixing and such before PR1.3 or one minor PR1.4 update.”]

            False, konttori never said anything like that.
            We’ve not had any official clarification of how many more major releases we’ll get.
            All we know is that 1.3 is definitely coming.
            It’ll of course be mostly a bug-fix release.

            And konttori did not move to WP, he moved to MP!
            Mobile Phones division is not the WP division.
            MP is the division tasked with inventing ideas/devices for the future.
            Meletmi sits under the MP division.
            IIRC WP division sits on it’s own, not under MP.
            He often works with WP, but not exclusively.

            • Saul

              And devs weren’t just fired; “many” resigned & moved to companies more in line with their F/OSS ideals.

          • Rezza

            Yeah, Qt was a future of Symbian and for Qt 5 they removed all Symbian bits from it. So – it’s already dead… As even Meltemi apps using Qt will be (partially) incompatible with Symbian!

    • weirdfisher

      maybe we’ll see a symbian running 2ghz arm11
      lol thats a world record

  • Deaconclgi

    That 808 looks irresistible with its all glass front!!!!! I was thinking of getting the red but the black looks oh so sleek….

    I can’t wait to see how Symbian progresses with Carla and Donna. I hope that the Nokia developer listings are accurate and credible as I check there from time to time also. Just think, all the great things in the Nokia labs that NDAs are keeping the knowledge from the public. Imagine knowing something as great as pureview is coming and you can’t even tell your wife.

    That’s some CIA FBI 007 stuff! Can you tell I’m excited lol.

    I thought I’d never say it but I am sooooooooooo ready to retire my N8……….and reap the benefits of the 808.

    • maratt

      amen 😀
      an N8 user would feel satisfiesd only with the 808…

  • Marianooi

    i think that carla is the name for the update of older symbian’s ^3 like n8, and the new ones will stay with FP

  • ICEman

    I don’t see any such text when following the link.. It’s an “old” bug, nothing new there

    Anyway, guess in this context FP2 is S60 3rd edition FP2 as a mature platform that has no such bug 😉 Because Belle FP2 won’t be ready as a stable platform till summer

  • prashant

    ask dsmobile one more time.

  • James Scott

    I have always interpreted “FP” to be Nokia’s version of Microsofts “SP” or Service Pack and has nothing really to do with a major upgrade like Carla or Donna.

  • lordstar

    Oh, so the rumored Nokia 801 with N9 design running Carla might still happen? Last time I read about that device is that it will miss mwc because Carla aint ready yet.

  • Jill

    As i understand from what is exactly written over there.

    The tester is trying to do a comparison between a Carla Device & a FP2 Device.

    1) He clearly mentions “Carla Devices, in older version like FP2 it works level” – inference – ‘So FP2 is a version of Carla’ (may be the Carla version of what will come to 701 i.e. FP2 ?)

    2) “I tested this simultaneously on Carla and FP2 device” – inference – ‘Carla devices are a new breed of devices coming (new hardware ?) ?’

    • mmm

      yo, u really rocks, nice assesment bro..

      • lordstar

        Launch them Carla devices already. I want an upgrade! Haha

  • GordonH

    Here’s my angle on the future:


    Funny but sad.

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  • lordstar

    Now I’m tempted to get the 701. Can’t wait to see those Carla devices

  • paul

    Nokia future symbian updates are:


    I am waitiing them urgently.

  • twinklestar1792

    I think FP1/FP2 will be updates for Nokia N8(and other S^3 devices). Carla will be next update for Nokia 600/700/701. Donna will be for Dual-Core Symbian devices.

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  • iamflick

    i hope nokia concentrates on 1 os….. im not saying that their move with ms windows is bad…. its actualy an adendum on firmware option….. what disturbs me is their multiple symbian platforms….. they have belle w/c would be upgraded to fp1/2 and carla eventually then meego/maemo plus s40/maltemi…..

    i think due to this nokias funds are divided….. i hope they come up with an os that runs in all existing nokia phones even on entry level phones…. a firmware released by version and not with diffrnt names.. a firmware that would link all nokia phones under 1 symbian os…..

    in that way nokia will have plenty of time and fund in developing 1 os…..

    just my idea anyway

    • Seesaw

      nah symbian has to die, it had to yrs ago…
      It’s the reason maemo/meego never really got traction before it was killed.

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  • apa5000

    Are there any new hints on “Carla”?