New Nokia Phone? (Update: a previously leaked/faked Lumia)

| March 28, 2012 | 36 Replies

NokiaPort left the following tip.

New Nokia Design – Patent Images (from Aug 2011, Mar 2012):!/nokiaport/status/185101237191053313

I don’t know where the design comes from (where can I check Nokia design patents). It reminds me somewhat of the Nokia C5-03 (with that strip of buttons in the middle). The shape is somewhat also like the 700 (or actually the 610)

What do you reckon this is?

Update: Remember this?

Note the button placements, the thickness of the strip of metal, the camera position etc.

Cheers NokiaPort for the tip!

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  1. J says:

    Definitely seems 710 ish to me.

    Remember these pics from a year or so ago:

    Reminds me of that sort of.

  2. Aliqudsi says:

    Jay are you sure this sin’t just an old image for the 603??
    - Same speaker grill
    -Same bar down the middle
    -Camera placement is the same (but circular rather than square)

    • Jay Montano says:

      Similar. The very, very first concept Nokia WP looks like the 710 (was seen before 603 though latter must have been designed first).

      Found another image that resembles this a little better (see updated post)

      • Aliqudsi says:

        Not a bad looking design, loving the stainless steel windows keys-

        Perhaps this is the 719 (screen isn’t large enough to be a high end device, and interchangeable back covers aren’t exactly flagship material- but it fits the same general design as the 710, small screen- even the buttons on top have the same layout)

        I wonder what the three buttons on the bottom are though? gesture sensors for swipes maybe??? (that way they could actually implement notification homescreen rather than a drag-down status bar- to access it you’d just swipe the sensor things on the bottom-yes I’m fantasizing now)

        Anyways why on earth does it say OVI on it? I thought we had finally said good riddance to that?

  3. says:

    Just for the sake of completeness:
    U.S. Patent identification: US D655,698S

    Was filed in August 2011, granted in end of February 2012.

  4. salvasprock92 says:

    It reminds me some devices leaked in a video played on the first nokia 700 , during its presentation with 600 and 701…some bloggers called that leaked device “nokia n8-01″

  5. Matias says:

    Wait — Nokia has new designs in the pipeline?!? And we don’t have nothing but some hazy images of we-do-not-really-know-what-it-is! STOP THE M-FCKUCKING PRESS.

    Jay, dear, I have nothing against you. This is my normal reaction to not-important news.

    • Jay Montano says:

      Sure thing. You do know that I post a lot of Nokia stuff that isn’t always important, right? (And that word is also highly subjective).

      When have we ever not reported on an upcoming design/phone? Admittedly, I didn’t quite know how to word the title (as I didn’t remember the leaked WP design at the time). I guess this could be important in that there’s yet another Lumia.


      Do you know how much of the internet would break were this a potential new iPhone design that looked like a previously ‘leaked’ image? :D They all have a field day when some random fluff composes itself to the become newest iPhone 5 rumour. “Rumours, iPhone 5 might have something slightly new!!!!!!”

    • Pdexter says:

      Huh you got a be kidding.

      I find this way more interesting than 80% of the other news today.

      Of course i’m interested to see what Nokia’s future device might look like. Aren’t you?

  6. mensur says:

    can anyone recommend me any program that i can use to make designs like this?? thnx in advance

    • Jay Montano says:

      Interesting. Could have been the proto for 610 but this one has some marked differences that it would not actually be the 610 as we know it.

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