Vote for Nokia! Vote Nokia Lumia 900!

| March 28, 2012 | 39 Replies

One of the first polls we asked you guys to vote on was by laptop mag, to vote for MeeGo. Unfortunately that time, we got beat by WebOS (and it ended up just iOS vs Android).

We’ve been a little more successful in some other polls since then (e.g. Lumia 800 as Channel 5’s King of Smartphones, 808 best smartphone MWC etc) perhaps it’ll rub off here too?

There’s now another chance to vote in a laptop mag poll for Nokia. I missed the tip the first time around, but fortunately there’s still time to vote for Nokia which has survived to fight against the SGSII. Apparently, the 710 some how breezed past and is up against the Galaxy Nexus? (I misread it as already somehow beating the Nexus).


We liked this phone so much we named itย Best Smartphone of CES 2012.



BTW, there’s another poll where folks had the opportunity to choose between the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II. An overwhelming response amongst the predominantly WP fans voted for the Nokia. We can only hope that real consumers make similar choices when presented with the Lumia 900 vs Titan II (and of course other phones) when at the store.

I hope Nokia fans go out and vote for the Nokia Lumia 900. It’s just for fun, but always nice to see an often ignored Nokia finally become recognised.

Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!



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  • Being a visitor to many Android blogs as well, once they noticed this poll – it all went upside down.

    Chance of Lumia 900 “win” are quite low, if we’re to judge by the GNexus/Titan showdown. There is simply much more Android users around.

    • Jay Montano

      It’s nice it got this far. I Nokia folks vote for the Nokia because they like it (or nokia) and not the competition out of spite (though if that’s what they prefer, then that’s fair). I kinda wish I did run out of time and the poll results were as it was :p

      Possibly a more ‘balanced’ poll would one coming from engadget. It would reflect the fact that there are more iOS/Android fans than WP fans and that the Nokia fanbase is possibly not unified enough to vote.

      I, optimistically, see a vote for any Nokia as possibly having halo effects on other Nokias mindshare wise.

      • Yeah, I agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • incognito

        When it comes to Engadget, on their 2011 awards ( ) the final results for the Smartphone category were:

        8114 (26.9%) – Apple iPhone 4S
        5976 (19.8%) – Samsung Galaxy S II
        3577 (11.9%) – Samsung Galaxy Nexus
        3264 (10.8%) – Nokia N9
        2734 ( 9.1%) – Nokia Lumia 900
        2401 ( 8.0%) – Nokia Lumia 800
        1822 ( 6.0%) – Motorola Droid RAZR
        1064 ( 3.5%) – Samsung Galaxy Note
        0697 ( 2.3%) – HTC Sensation
        0524 ( 1.7%) – HTC Titan

        I was following it out of curiosity, and for the most of the voting period the N9 was above Nexus by a couple of percent, while the whole of Nokia had just 2% less votes than the whole of Samsung. But in the last days of voting the votes for the N9 stalled, the votes for Nexus skyrocketed, and Nokia was only receiving votes for the Lumia 900 (I guess from the WP fans as it was clear that the N9 had the most chances of success in that poll, so Nokia fans probably opted for it no matter if they preferred Lumia or not) – and that’s how we got the to the above result. If Engadget didn’t include the Lumia 900 on the list (and I still don’t know why they did, the Lumia 900 is 2012 product) and if the Nokia fans were a bit more united, I could imagine the N9 being a runner-up, but that’s history now…

        Still, if we except call for voting on various Nokia-oriented places; as I am sure that the same was going on on Apple and Samsung/Android blogs and forums; Nokia did pretty good knowing the general anti-Nokia stance of most of the Engadget crowd, and almost all of their editors (Myriam being a shiny exception).

        As for the poll in this article, I voted for the Lumia 900 not because I’m a fan of WP (I’m the exact opposite) or because I prefer Nokia over Samsung – I really try not to be biased on polls – but because I think that the SGSII is extremely over-hyped device and people should start realizing that it’s not the best thing since the sliced bread. If that means being beaten by Lumia 900, so be it (and additional points for Nokia cannot hurt). It’s not that the Lumia 900 is that good (mind you, I’m basing this opinion based purely on the available images, specs and knowing the OS it uses), it’s that the SGSII is not that good either. That being said, if offered a choice of getting either the SGSII or the Lumia 900, I’d hold my nose and pick up the first – both would give me the cramps, but at least I can make the first one semi-useful to me.

        When it comes to the clash of Lumia 710 vs. Galaxy Nexus, the later is a clear choice to any unbiased person.

        • Jay Montano

          Ah yes. Thanks for the update and info on that. Pretty decent results given the engadget readership base.

          I thought I missed that poll but I think we got a chance to vote for N9 there.

          The Lumia 900 shouldn’t really have been in that poll and the only way for a Nokia to get at the top is to concentrate votes – which should therefore be N9 (for 2011).

          SGSII is an awesome phone and I would agree that would suit your particular needs a bit more I guess. All the phones in the poll are actually super awesome and really surprised the Nokias got that far on a geeky site amongst geeks.

          • incognito

            As I’ve said then – if I put on my conspiracy/sinister-means hat on, I’d take it that they’ve purposefully included the Lumia 900 in the polls to dilute the possibility of the N9 beating the SGSII and as a bonus – the Lumia 900 won’t be a contender for the 2012 awards.

            The Lumia 900 was not even announced in 2011, let alone released (technically, it still isn’t released) and I really don’t know why they’ve included it.

            When it comes to the SGSII, I’ve used it for quite a bit of time, and while it is the best Android I’ve ever used, I really wouldn’t call it ‘awesome’. In general usability, especially for my needs, in many aspects it is way behind even the N900 which runs on half the hardware of the SGSII. That is not to say that it is a bad device, either, it just isn’t as good as it is hyped; but then again, what phone is?

            • Jay Montano

              Yup, exactly. To dilute Nokia votes. I think there is a huge base of Symbian fans that could have been trusted to vote for N9. We have had years to accumulate them (hence why they can turn online polls very quickly when sent to vote for a Symbian phone – and possibly do the latter and vote against the lumia ๐Ÿ™ )

      • incognito

        P.S. I generally think internet polls are an exercise in futility. They usually show what ’cause’ can gather more ‘internet warriors’ (just take a look at voting @ GSMArena and organized down/upvoting devices), not what is actually right/preferred by the general public.

        I’m with the late Douglas Adams (or rather his friend) on the subject of internet polling:

        “Present somebody with a questionnaire clipboard and they lie. A friend of mine once had a job preparing a questionnaire for people to fill in on the Web. He said the information he got back was enormously heartening about the state of the world. For instance, do you know that almost 90% of the population is CEOs of their own company and earn over $1,000,000 a year?”

        • Jay Montano

          True. These type of polls generally have little significance. It’s a microscopic victory if anything but a fun one to win nonetheless as it’s something people have the ability to participate in and control.

          Maybe it might help search trends. :p Award winning Nokia 808. Award winning nokia lumia 900 :p I’m just greedy to see more ‘winning’ in the tech communities by a Nokian. It has been much too long since we had seen things like this for Nokia.

          Perhaps some Joe Average guy not aware of phones might see it, like it enough and be convinced to just try out that Nokia?

          • incognito

            Of course, there is some marketing value for the manufacturer of the winning device, but I don’t really think that the normal people would base their opinion on a device based on some random internet poll or user score on some portal. It might sway them if they are in a dilemma between two devices, but I think they’ll base their final choice much more on detailed reviews, hands-on experience, friends recommendation and sale person’s powers of persuasion – then on some tomorrow-to-be-forgotten ‘User choice’ badge on some site.

            Where these polls have the most effect are with the zealots and completely unreasonable fanboys which will pull out such results over and over in a lame attempt to make their ‘arguments’ more sound. Since those crowds are mostly consisted of teenagers that haven’t yet learned of argumentum ad populum, they really do take those polls seriously. Which is why they are the most rabid internet poll voters, too, and which is why one should not really base their opinion on the end results.

            But, yes, I guess it can at least be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Just Visiting

      True, but it’s fun to vote. Hopefully, there will be some unbiased Nokia fans that will vote for the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 710.

      If a Lumia device goes down, it’s best to go down fightin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh yeah, it is more of a clicking game than a true competition. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jay Montano

          True. Obviously, if polls were anything to go by (and not purely skewed by the type of audience voting) then MeeGo would have raced past WebOS in the first poll and annihilated Android :p meh. So now there’s an opportunity to push results in a pro nokia way whilst (it appears) droid fans have not seen this poll :P. There’s no hope for iPhone here as it fortunately got snuffed out early on (something Nokia should have done in 2007!) ha.

  • Janne

    I voted with my N9! ;D

  • inept

    Sorry, lads, but I voted for the S II. The Lumia 900 is handsome, but the S II is a milestone device that still leads the industry a year after launch. It is a true champion.

  • Aliqudsi

    Final = Lumia 900 Vs. Lumia 710 lolz (L900 is at 69% right now)

    • Android fans haven’t awaken yet. Wait for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jay Montano

        Oh dear ๐Ÿ˜ฎ They are too many :p

      • b4b4.4l1

        Wait, look, the green army is still busy on Planet Oa :p

  • Rajiv

    voted against it, like nokia but not WP7.5

    • Jay Montano


    • Viipottaja

      So you like Samsung and Android more than Nokia – fair enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Beelzebozo

        He said he likes Nokia, but not WP7.5 and somehow you leave out the one thing he especially says he doesn’t like, WP7.5!

        So you’re being a disingenuous WP fanboi troll – fair enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Mark

          No, he voted for one of Nokia’s competitors. If he liked Nokia but didn’t like WP the more logical choice would have been to not vote at all.

          Logic. Making you its bitch since the dawn of time.

  • Keith

    The Titan had a big lead at first too until the Android crowd showed up and probably the same will happen again. Too bad they don’t charge 10 cents to vote then Android woudln’t get any votes.

    • J

      Haha too true.

      It’s astonishing how a lot of the Android userbase is. You put out a free app with one ad they bitch like it’s the end of the world, you put out an app for $0.99 and everyone pirates it or complains.

      Much different than my experience with iOS and Windows Phone app sales.

      • Imarius

        Was at a local games industry conference a few weeks back , talking to two friends who run their own small games studios both have put out ios games , but are now telling me that windows phone is now their 2nd platform preference well ahead of android.

        again just a personal example, but kinda funny too , cause in the city i live in is the European HQ of both google and microsoft.

        And MS seem to really pushing their stuff alot more, lets just say their not short of buying a round or two :).

        • Which city ?

          • Imarius

            Dublin,Ireland, the place is also home to the European HQ of Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Intel, Havok, Popcap and Demonware.

            But not nokia which is a same, wish they had some offices over here lol.

  • Linukia

    Thanx for the info, I’ve voted for SGS2

    • Viipottaja

      So you too like Samsung and Android more than Nokia – fair enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • b4b4.4l1

      If you’re a fan of the plastic army, then why the heck are you being here? :s

    • JD!

      me too… I want Windows Phones to Fail… They way they planted Flop inside…

      • Andre C

        Do you really hate nokia that much. Well, that makes everything clear then.

  • b4b4.4l1

    I voted for Nokia Lumia 900 because I’m a big fan of Nokia, not the Lumis series though :3

    SGS II is far behind Nokia Lumia 900 by now. Nokia Lumia is almost reaching 70% when SGS II is only receiving almost 31% :p

    Long Live NOKIA XD

  • i voted for Nokia Lumia 900.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Annethe

    OK, but where in this is Nokia N9? The same like with Smoke competition again? Shame, just shame.

    • Mark

      I dunno. Why don’t you ask the contest organisers? You realise that it isn’t run by Nokia, right?


      What surprises me about this poll is how quickly the iPhone 4S got axed. That’s just plain odd!