Nokia Advertising for Nokia Lumia PureView imaging Specialist: Next big thing related to imaging and camera for Nokia Windows Phones!

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This morning when I wrote about the 808 PureView, I accidentally left Lumia in the title. Now there is no Lumia PureView yet, but Nokia have made enough explicit hints to suggest it is on the way.

The title is on purpose this time. Prasenjit emailed us a job description he found whilst helping update his sister’s CV. This was posted two weeks ago, March 19th.

In this Linked in job description, Nokia are looking for a Senior Specialist for imaging algorithms of Nokia Windows Phones. The Nokia 808 PureView is specifically mentioned and we are told that there will be the next big thing on Windows Phone.

Have you heard of Nokia 808 PureView? Do you want to take part in creating the next chapter in Nokia’s Windows Phone devices? Do you want to be a part of a team in charge of developing the next big thing related to imaging and camera? If yes, this is your opportunity to join our world-class team!

Next big thing related to imaging and camera. The 808 is already the next big thing. Now there’s something else appearing on Windows Phone that will also be the next big thing? PureView on Lumia.

Job Description: Senior Specialist, Imaging Algorithms, Nokia with Windows Phone

Want to help shape and create a new, global mobile ecosystem? Nokia has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build a winning ecosystem for a superior mobile experience-from the device through its software, applications and services, to the people who will use it. The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem will deliver differentiated and innovative products with unrivalled scale in terms of product breadth, geographical reach and brand identity. Together, we intend to build a global ecosystem that surpasses anything currently in existence.

We have a strategy. We have a path. We have a future. And we remain true to our mission: that of connecting people. So why not help write the next chapter in mobile history?


Have you heard of Nokia 808 PureView? Do you want to take part in creating the next chapter in Nokia’s Windows Phone devices? Do you want to be a part of a team in charge of developing the next big thing related to imaging and camera? If yes, this is your opportunity to join our world-class team!

We are looking for a Senior Specialist of imaging algorithms to work in Nokia with Windows Phone Imaging team in Tampere, Finland.

In your work, you will be responsible of the research and the development camera algorithms to Nokia’s Windows Phone devices as a member of our world class imaging team in Nokia. You are expected to be a self-driven, a fast problem solver, a dynamic team player and passionate in imaging in general. You will be working closely with our other imaging teams and with chipset vendors and their hardware and relating software. Your main responsibilities would be imaging algorithm research and development from the initial idea to the first implementation and the productization of the algorithm. As an example, your tasks could include topics around e.g. 3A (exposure control, auto focus, white balance) algorithms, denoising algorithms, multiframe algorithms and computational photography. As a member of our highly Innovative imaging team you will feel confident to bring up your own ideas and feel passion to deliver those to our end users. Coaching and guiding of junior engineers isn’t a problem for you, and the sharing of your expert skills with the rest of our specialists will be an important part of your daily work.

What Skills are Nokia looking for?

Desired Skills & Experience

-Suitable education (MSc), e.g. Signal processing as an major, or other suitable studies-5+ years of experience in imaging algorithm research and development

-We highly appreciate background in embedded system and software development

-Proficient skills in Matlab and C++-Knowledge of Image Signal Processors (ISP), Digital Signal Processors (DSP) or Graphical Processing Units (GPU) utilization with algorithms processing is considered as a strength

-Previous knowledge of the RAW image processing, camera hardware (optics and sensors), image enhancement or computational photography

-Good communication skills in English, excellent team player, and capability to work in Agile working mode

Other info:

Additional Information

Posted:March 19, 2012

Type: Full-time

Experience: Mid-Senior level

Functions: Engineering

Industries: Telecommunications

Employer Job ID:SYS000000NP

Job ID:2730417

Source: LinkedIn

Thanks Prasenjit Singh Bist for the tip!


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  • Madratz

    For a moment there, I thought there you are at it again Jay.. 😀
    And yet we have commenters on the web thinking they know more than Nokia when it comes to imaging.. Did these people seriously think that Nokia’s PureView technology came about from thin air and its just a gimmick out of Nokia’s desperation to stay relevant in the mobile space..?? Lets see these unbelievers apply for this post and ‘teach’ Nokia’s imaging teams a thing or two in regards to photography. 😛

  • Maaaaas

    I think that Nokia could make a huge gol with this, but.. It would be complete if they nokialize the Windows phone interface too

    • Keith

      Nokia will do amazing things differentiating themselves with hardware and apps and perhaps even stuff like the camera module but I doubt Nokia will be touching the main UI because the metro UI is what sets apart Windows Phone the most and it was what is getting the most rave reviews. I’m not sure Nokia has the right to touch the main UI anyway.

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  • manu

    i agree with idea of nokialising windows phone.also nokia should have windows phone apps exclusively for lumia.

  • manu

    they will launch 808 with 0% promotion and launched windows based pureview by saying it as an out of world device.
    808 will become cult device like n9/n8.

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      It already has got cult status among Nokia fans..

  • troll

    don’t this information cast a doubt on wp getting pureview by the end of this year?

    • zymo

      For the end of the year I expect dual core Nokia WP with HD resolution and 1080p recording capability. Q1/Q2 2013 is more likely for a WP pureview Camera flagship. Just step by step. You don’t throw all your innovation at once to the market.

      • troll

        It just the market won’t wait. No matter what people say 808 is going to be a niche device and. pretty sure Nokia knows that. Its sad knowing that by the time pureview reaches wp, other competitors might come up with something. Not something’s so bloody awesome like pureview but a me too tech that might look like pure view but suck. Even if this pure view clone sucks, its still ain’t as awesome as you know, having a wp 808 first time round.

        And don’t spin my comment as anti wp please. I’m Nokia first, OS second.

        • troll

          and to be clear the last sentence wasnt against you. more like a general statement. =D

    • stylinred

      agreed lol

      I was just thinking “whoa they’re still looking to hire someone to code it?”

    • Ebon & Unicorn N9s

      Nokia has never said WP will get PureView by the end of this year.. And people in the know-how are expecting a PureView WP sometime next year mostly Q2\Q3…

    • Pdexter

      Them looking for people to work on this doesn’t mean the work is just starting.

      Though i agree with zymo that something like Q1 or later is more likely than first wave of Apollo devices. Nokia has probably done a lot of alteration to Symbian, just one weird thing being that the PureView camera module has it’s own “GPU” inside.

      That said Nokia has been fast with it’s Windows Phone projects, not the Nokia we have learned to know from past 3-4 years on Symbian. Maybe we are going to be surprised.

      • Beelzebozo

        “That said Nokia has been fast with it’s Windows Phone projects”

        Really? If so why isn’t Lumia 900 available yet?

        And even if Nokia were fast, Micro$oft certainly isn’t. Right now Nokia has to wait for M$ to make WP good enough to handle PureView. And they will have to wait a long time yet. M$ is Nokia’s biggest problem. By far.

  • Banderpop

    “The 808 is already the next big thing. Now there’s something else appearing on Windows Phone that will also be the next big thing?”

    PureView on Symbian = thing

    PureView on Windows Phone that Nokia will bother to put some marketing effort behind, even if it’s not as good = big thing

    But as troll says, it really doesn’t sound as though PureView on WP is particularly close to being ready, if Nokia are still putting together a team to do it. I know I’m not going to wait.

    • troll

      honestly, if you have anything to support your claim that pureview on wp wont be as good i would like to see them.

      and we all know that 808 will get the marketing support that it deserves. so seriously dont say like nokia is intentionally sabotaging itself.

      • Banderpop

        I was just being pessimistic, based on the idea that Windows Phone with PureView is the Next Big Thing, as though the 808 is already a relic before it’s released. The 808 is a month and a bit away from coming out now, but will will there be anything like Deadmau5 performing with a 4D projection against a tower? Or movies being shot with it using known actors? Or appearing in something as long-awaited as Tron Legacy? Or records being broken like when the N8 was used to project a movie across the world’s largest screen via HDMI? Because what it deserves is along that kind of scale, given how popular it was at MWC. The N8 is great, but it wasn’t the jump from previous camera phones like the 808 is.

        I have no evidence of lower quality PureView at all, but suspect there may be some following the 808 just for the sake of reducing the size of the camera bump.

      • Beelzebozo

        “so seriously dont say like nokia is intentionally sabotaging itself.”

        LOL! 😀 You are being sarcastic, right?

        After all that happened last year, you can’t possibly believe that Nokia isn’t capable of intentionally sabotaging itself.

        What was (and still is) done to N9 (and N950), is the first thing that comes to mind. If that isn’t self sabotaging, then nothing is. Then there’s how the whole Symbian thing was handled. And the results speak for themselves. Billions of euros lost, market share collapsed, credit rating and company’s name ruined. All that because of Nokia’s own insane actions.

        Well strictly speaking it wasn’t Nokia as a whole, but Elop. But then again one can argue, that Elop being the head of the company and the decision maker, pretty much makes him Nokia. He, as a CEO, decided to what was done to N9 and Symbian. He was the Nokia that made those self sabotaging decisions.

  • Deep Space Bar

    meego/meltemi + pureview= instant win
    meego with pureview on low end phones Ohhhhh man
    and if nokia can make bigger but cheaper phones with that in mind since they don’t spend money on using meego

    it’s a new start for Nokia for sure,plus the resolution on meego is perfect since it’s higher than symbian…..full advantage is being taken using meego..nes pas?

    • troll

      if the pureview tech can be ported to meltemi and maintains the price of a low/mid range device, im pretty sure nokia will dominate the lower end of the market, especially if android is going to suck so bad in the lower end.

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  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    look brothers, pureview is not last and not the end…
    it’s a concept a technology a way of doing things… do they stop doing it no… ofcourse then when N8 was launched nokia wud have fired all camera R&D experts.. but that never happens no one does man..

    They did pureview on 808, may be now they bring it on lumia… they develop a Nokia App for camera replacing the MSFT default… R7D work is to find the next big thing so why bitch around with the platform to hell wid that.. they will ofcourse find even better algorithms or develop techniques… thats a natural evolution.

    so who knows the 808 algorithms may be put in a lumia soon, what will take time is developing a camera app as there is no fun unless u have the settings and controls and MSFT sucks so Nokia will also develop own camera app and replace the MSFT shiit.

    So, overall u guys sud be happy that Nokia is leasding teh charge where Nokia is expert and MSFT is allowing that, and MSFT is leading where they are great.

    It’s a great learning for all those idiot OEMs who think best way to differentiate is to skin the UI… Nokia has showed that keeping a consistent UI like metro on windows too u ca differentiate thru services apps and now camera….. we all said we wanted awesome Nokia hardware and MSFT software but camera sud be 100 % Nokia as Nokia know more about it and thats the truth MSFT CEO himself accepted that u remember when he praised Nokia camera capabilities… and its really delightful that they walk in that path…

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  • mrtman

    I applied. Since they hired an incompetent ceo, they may as well hire an incompetent engineer.

    • Mazze


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  • cali

    what happened to all the brilliant guys that worked on the 808 ?

  • Maybe

    Now this is written with full enthusiasm ^_^

    • Jay Montano

      Did you read my reply to you? Let’s have a look at your passive aggression towards me. (^_^)

      You know, the one where you accuse me of not writing enthusiastically for Symbian posts but apparently I do for WP posts? Do you actually read everything I post or do you just feel like commenting on the ones where your distorted point of view can be expressed? Or perhaps you’re trolling for a reaction?

      Let’s look at some context to your accusations again.

      1) This is a real job description from nokia about an upcoming device. PureView is exciting. A new flagship is exciting. You got a problem with that?
      2) the other post you accuse me of not trying my best was just a picture of a see through concept phone. No rumoured specs attached. Nothing to talk about.
      3) How come you keep ignoring the posts when I am ‘enthusiastic’ about non WP things?

      As for my other comment to you, you seem to have a problem with me and what I’m posting. Please refrain from going on I implore you to visit instead the many other fantastic Nokia blogs. Please.

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        Sorry to interfere Jay, but I don’t think u need to prove ur loyalty…. I have observed that for last few days u take such stupid accusations or comments too seriously…..

        It’s “My Nokia Blog”, Nokia blog and anything Nokia is exciting and thats for what we all Nokia fans come here. U are one of the true champions of Nokia Fan community.

        We celebrated when 808 came out, we celebrated when lumia 900 came out and why sud not we, we are Nokia fans….

        • troll


      • Maybe

        A a reader, reading the works by the writer alone can tell how much afford and heart are put in the writing. You can feel what the writer try to deliver by looking the way they write and the words that used. Writing is like expressing yourself or your feeling/passion about something or someone.

        • Jay Montano

          And who are you? The blog police?

          Tell me then, what have I done wrong and what would you like me to do about it.

          It’s folks like you that make me think I should just focus on my revision and coursework.

          • Maybe

            I never say you done anything wrong. Just that as a reader I can see which one written with enthusiasm and not. That’s it. It is a section for comment so I’m just commenting what I read. That’s the purpose of this section, commenting whatever you have read.

  • Diogo

    Elop will boycott anything that is not Microsoft. There is no Windows Phone ecosystem, the ecosystem there QT, which is the world’s largest, and is also being boycotted by him.

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