Wow: Nokia 808 PureView sample pictures from China (crazy detail)

| April 2, 2012 | 50 Replies

Some sample photos taken by the Nokia 808 PureView (in China) have been collected. Note the images here are merely screenshots which degrade quality. Nonetheless, it’s amazing what we can see.

I like that with all the clarity in PureView pictures, you can come back to the photo and recompose the shot.

Check the gallery out at:

And this

A new one.

From this.





Is it normal that we should see the numbers on the players backs from that far away?  What is this witchcraft, Mr Dinning? That’s some crazy detail right there.

Source: via UnwiredView

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  1. Mazze says:

    Wow, truly impressive!

    • Mazze says:

      Now all we need is a more attractive phone design and an operating system that hasn’t been announced dead.

      • It’ll come in the shape of a next WP Lumia – but not in the next few months. (Prolly a year?)

      • Dave says:

        Reckon the 808 is a good looking phone, you definitely aren’t going to get it much slimmer with those optics.

        And despite Symbian being “dead”, its still got plenty of apps and more importantly – it does work extremely well, and critically – its still supported.

      • Mathias says:

        or they could take it back. Its still the number one OS, certainly a place where I would start conquering the world back rather than the miserable 2-3% that the WP7 has, which has gained its place because the stupidly expensive Marketing Bonanza.

        And I like 808′s design. Even more, than Lumia, iPhone or any Android.

  2. Yup, pretty much alike my (excellent) results from MWC, which make all current P&S cameras in shame (see for my resolution tests)

    This camera, at least lens sharpness & resolution-wise, really rocks. I only hope DR and NR will also be excellent.

  3. Marianooi says:

    where is wally lol

    • Jay Montano says:

      Lol, that’s what I was thinking. You can’t even see anything in the original view. Then zooming in, I’m like, “I’m sure I’m not supposed to still be able to see detail”. I thought the hat was already a bit crazy, but then the shirts! To pick out number 6 :o

  4. lordstar says:

    The pictures are crazy. Like spy gadgets. Haha these pictures are really tempting me to get the phone.

    Now Nokia needs to make sure that this phone will get apps. That’s the only thing that’s making people worry about the device. I think. Haha

    • Dave says:

      Plenty of “apps” available for Symbian, or haven’t you ever bothered looking at the Nokia Store?

      Most allegedly important areas are covered, the only glaring omission is Angry Birds Space ….

    • Recruta says:

      Well, if you care about having 1 zillion apps for download, then you should definitely not buy a Symbian device. If you care about having more than enough apps for your daily use, than you should definitely buy a Symbian device.

      • lordstar says:

        Well I’m using a symbian phone running belle and i’m actually satisfied with the apps that I have. It’s those influential app loving ecosystem market that believe that Symbian is dead and the ui is still stuck on the s60 series that I’m concerned about.

        I’m even hoping that the 808 will be the hero device that will help leverage and extremely enhance the reputation of Symbian. Nokia better not mess this one up like with how the n9 was treated.

        • Beelzebozo says:

          With Elop on the helm, you can be certain that 808 will have the N9 treatment. It won’t be sold everywhere, for example in the USA, and it won’t get the proper marketing. Elop or course will be silent about it or say something damning.

          Just wait and see.

          • Well, actually, it’s not Elop’s fault the 808 won’t be sold by operators in the US (but, prolly, by Best Buy and Amazon, unlocked). They have NEVER wanted to offer Symbian phones. The same happened to, say, the N95 – WAY before Elop.

            • Tor Slettnes says:

              AT&T had always tried to “hold back” on the hardware front a little bit. Basically they wanted to separate “business” phones (with lots of smartphone capabilities) from personal use phones (with features such as good cameras).

              Since the N95 had both, they did not quite know what to do with it. OTOH, they did sell (and market) the E71x and other E-series phones.

              The landscape has changed the last few years, mainly because Apple and Google forced them to accept that phones can be good for both business and “fun” use.

  5. Thats why you need 41 MP sensor. Do you belive these details of the photos…that camera phone is best of all time…

  6. great photos, the low light ones are amazing considering the fact that they were taken in 38mp mode and not PureView

    • Silthice says:

      Then we should take any pictures in full resolution and bind it later into pureview 8MP if needed? Can we do that?

      • Will ask the Nokia folks to add RAW support with re-import and re-process capabilities. (Assuming they indeed do more than just downsampling images the same way as can be done on any desktop computer with any semi-decent image editor / viewer. Then, simple RAW support would suffice.)

        • Silthice says:

          Whenever I watch 808 videos I always wonder which settings is the best and that’s why Im not with DSLR. Hope this phone can make my life simpler when taking pictures.

  7. hotnikkelz says:

    It’s a friggin binoculars lol!! amazing

  8. masood.alkhter says:

    It doznt matter if its 41 meapix or 5,as long it looks gud on the phones actual screen. luk at da iphone 4s only 8 but on the screen it luks much better wat it really is.most ppl take picturs with ther phones and keep them there to view,so nokia has to make a much better phone pix sure they can if they want.

  9. Srikanth says:

    Its tough for me to find!
    Where did they zoom?
    First pic!

    • NobleScarlet says:

      On the first picture:
      Look at the watermark.

      The first zoom picture is where the “.com” is.

      The second zoom picture is below the number “1″.

  10. Edwin says:

    Okay, the last few pictures really blow my mind…. bow down to PureView

  11. Toto says:

    So nobody complains about the fact that theres a blue guy on the picture?

  12. FireDragon says:

    I am 100% sold from the first sight and deal is seal after hearing the sound recording. It is fracking crazy good stuff packed in it.

  13. NobleScarlet says:

    How much zoom was used on the last one? Did they use a resampling zoom?

    Bummer, no high-res/original files available. I would love to really “inspect” them… :)

  14. leon says:

    i see a guy from avatar world sitting on the first picture o_O

  15. Firehorse66 says:

    Maybe Nokia should promote Symbian as the OS for camera makers. Those Nikon, Olympus, Canon, fujifilm etc folks can focus on what they do best with optics/hardware etc while Symbian offers the OS platform and it comes with a decent UI in Belle.

  16. dr.arun says:

    well this is just crazyy cant believe my eyes i am proud owner of lumia 800 but i will also boy 808 the day it will launch in india. in punjabi i will say one worD KHALAAARE

    • dss says:

      technically the at 38Mpix the 808 produces 1,4 micron pixels, which are the same as the iPhone 4s at 8Mpix. That means, that out of one 38Mpix image from the 808, you could get 4 separate 8Mpix images, each one of which would have the same quality as the one from the iPhone 4s @ 1,4 microns ..

      that is crazy.

  17. rafaelinux says:

    Going fullscreen on every image reveals SO MUCH detail…×0/5/5504/5504338.jpg
    And more than that.. some photos are just beautiful <3

  18. Charly says:

    I don’t see how the first two photos are related…I cant see which one is a crop…seems like two different pics…
    Anyways, they look great of course, so sad that such an amazing camera has to feature one a phone thats so….”ancient”.

  19. arkanashif12 says:

    wow.., amazing picture I’ve ever seen

  20. rob says:

    Nokia/Symbian might be ‘ancient’, but it’s still the most natively capable and powerful mobile operating system that doesn’t need 5million useless apps to do simple functions. I think most non-nokia people out there are stuck on previous versions of symbian and haven’t realised there’s been a whole host of updates and complete overhauls! It’s about the only way you can explain the pathetic comments of it being dead and uncompetitive.

    Then for the continual whinges of the screen resolution only being nHD – even with an iPhone/iPad retina screen the photos would be done a hideous injustice – to make the most of the amazing photos you need a decent TV screen to show them off, not some little sub4″ screen that you’re having to squint at!

    +1 +1 +1 for Nokia putting out a different but attractive phone, with the usual features as standard that leave it’s competitors in the shade :0)

  21. yulin says:

    i want one now.

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