Mysterious Nokia appears again, suggests Windows Phone 8? (Fake?)

| April 3, 2012 | 31 Replies

Phone Arena is reporting on a little poster for possible upcoming Nokia phones powered by Windows Phone 8.

Perhaps, a little too late for April Fools? The images could easily be faked. It is apparently just a template.

I thought Nokia was sticking to just Nokia (without the connecting people bit?). I can’t tell what part of the phone, design wise, is apparently breaking limits. It might just be a placeholder for the actual WP8 phone.


Although there is something interesting.

We’ve seen a similar design to this before.

Which was actually a handset that appeared in a very early ‘leak’

The bright multicoloured bezel screams of the youthful 610.

Cheers ‘USER’ for the tip.


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  • Adricii

    It is a catchy design though. Not “groundbreaking” but nice to look at

  • KF

    a fan made mockups based on recent leaked design patent

  • I thought they’re no longer using Nokia Sans or whatever it’s called on their “Connecting People” slogan?

    • prashant

      in case if u all were sleeping then i must inform tht this design is patented by nokia just a few days ago.

      • Yeah, it was patented a few days ago but that doesn’t mean they developed the design that exact day. Also, the phone has been “leaked” by an early Nokia and Microsoft ad for their partnership. However, I doubt if that’s the real deal or just fan-made.

        The new font, Nokia Pure has been announced prior to February 11th, I believe.

  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

    i don’t like it at all. Let’s hope it is fake. Please Nokia stick to the Lumia800/N9 look

    • I think they need to expand their design ideas with the Lumia range. It’ll get tiring if they push polycarbonate shells over and over again. Look at the iPhone, it is extremely attractive at first sight, but because you see it everywhere and Apple releases the same design for five years now, it feels dated.

      Hopefully, Nokia brings the exact Nokia N8-00 design and features to Windows Phone except that it has a screen 3.7″ and up, 1.4 GHz processor or better, Apollo.

      • xingii

        It might feel dated to you, but they still sell tons of iPhone all over the globe. Moreover, it was Apple’s consistent design that allowed a hardware ecosystem to sprout up around it in a way that couldn’t be done for Android or Symbian phones. I’m not saying that I like it, but it has its inherent advantages.

        • It sells because Apple has a huge following and brand loyalty. Not everyone owns an iPhone, so they can milk the design no matter how long they wanted to and it’s still going to work. Yes, I am not against the design and consistency is Apple’s priority but sometimes, as a user, you want to try something new. You don’t want to be a “me-too” and you want to stand out.

          Show your iPhone to your friends and they won’t ask what that is. They won’t even bother trying it.

          Show them a Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Bold 9900 or Lumia 710 and they seem to be a lot more interested simply because it looks good and it offers something new.

      • xingii

        I think that it’s just an old design that floated around internally. I don’t think that they’ll use it for future devices.
        … Of course, I thought the same think when the internal designs for the 808PV were leaked and that definitely made it to market.

        • Who knows? I remember they raged over 808 PureView’s leaked design, but when it was revealed officially, the phone found its fans.

          Honestly, this “mysterious new Nokia Windows Phone” in the article is interesting. The chrome buttons are cool.

        • Rebbe

          It looks like 808 from the front maybe they reused the design of the 808 to make the WP pureview and made it slightly different?

      • J

        So Nokia has only one Windows phone released and another coming out that utilize polycarbonate and they are overdoing it hypothetically. Then you say the next phone should recycle another design again?

        Durr durr durr.

        People just want to complain about anything. They have an award winning design that started with the N9, why wouldn’t they expand on that? At least they should give the design a little time before outright changing it.

        • Recycling the N8’s design isn’t all that bad. After all, it is their own. And we haven’t seen an aluminum Lumia phone yet! The N8 isn’t all that familiar in the U.S. anyway. I would even welcome E7, X7, C6-01, 500, 600, 700 and N950 designs for Lumia because these bad boys show how great Nokia is on the hardware front. The construction feels a bit more solid.

          You can’t have the N9, 800, 900 design forever. Would you like to see a 901, 801, 902, 903, 802, blah blah blah, plaguing the market for 5 years? Of course you’ll get tired of it.

    • dr_zorg

      It’s enough with the N9/Lumia (in that order!) look already. There are many ways you can design a phone, companies that get too rooted into a single design lose the interest of the crowd after a while (HTC, RIM for example) – one Blackberry looks exactly like another, so do most HTC phones (and Samsung Galaxies as well). It’s not easy to tell them apart.

      Take any Nokia Symbian phone, however, and you will instantly know what phone it is or is not. That’s what Nokia should leverage on, among other things: design.

      • Jay Montano

        True. I think the N9 look is great but there is still so much space wastage at the top, and bottom. They can perhaps take cues to refine it further.

        Ideally, I know it’s impractical, but I’d have one solid edgeless device, like a super flattened pebble. Obsidian shiny black all over. Edgeless display. No sharp edges. No buttons. The only writing on it would say Nokia on the back. There would be no camera lump.


        Something possibly more practical, something along the lines of the Galaxy Note. I know it’s a ridiculously sized phone, but I think it would be pretty cool to have a mini tablet that’s a phone. As long as they minimize the size to pretty much just the screen, as well as keeping it thin, it would fit in man jeans.

        • migo

          The Lumia 900 has already solved that problem to a good degree. Now there’s just getting those proportions in the 3.7″ screen size to have curved glass (and ideally RGB AMOLED, but that might be a stretch)

    • Reonhato

      What I like about Nokia and I’m sure a lot will agree, is that Nokia’s designs are not just for a specific person. They have various handsets for various people around the world. Yes the N9 design is quite nice but not everyone prefers it.

    • Aegeon

      U r right

  • manu

    more than windows it look like symbian series design pattern like c6-01,maybe its upcoming symbian device(if 808 is not the last symbian)

    • kunwar

      u know what it may be a symbian just look at the top view of the patent image there are 2 rounded ports … one is defo 3.5mm audio port n other one is? 2mm charging port?

  • viipottaja

    the design in the last pic was around as a Symbian design/concept already pre-Anna.. I have a render of it with Symbian on it from around early 2011 iirc.

    • Doffen

      Looks a bit boring so you are probably right. Symbian = boring design + 2008 processors.

      • dr_zorg

        What relevance does handset design have to the operating system?

        Most Symbian handsets are some of the most original and bold designs ever produced.

        If you want boring, try some HTC or Samsung (WP handsets included), for crappy build, cheap-looking plastic and a dozen models that all look the same. Shall we say that WP (or Android, or Apple) is boring on those grounds?

    • Norseman

      I think you are correct.
      This was to be the lead for the first dual core symbian phone, internal name Bolt, now though I believe cancelled. Hence the dire STE predictions for this quarter….

  • Jules

    If true, then ” Breaking the limits” wats it going to be this time.?? We already got a 41mp in nokia 808 pureview

  • npo4

    If this is real, it looks like it would be something in the low price ranges, maybe a 710 successor?

  • Zipa

    I kinda like this design, the black/chrome render in particular. Usually I really don’t like black phones, even the N9/L800 is boring in black.

  • H0r5t Gu3nth3r


    1st – Whats the “New” on this design?
    2nd – no PureView? What a Fuxxshit? Why comes out not all new Phones with a PureView Cam ?
    3rd- WP8 – Cool … Knows Microsoft about It? Loool

  • blue_crim

    Erm… I think that’s my long lost 5800xm

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