Nokia Lumia 900 Reviews from Engadget, Mashable, The Verge and Pocket Now

| April 4, 2012 | 173 Replies


The Reviews for the Nokia Lumia 900 are all coming out at once. Go check them out if you have time.

Check out reviews batch 2 and 3:

For Engadget, Joseph Volpe with Myriam Joire.

Peter Pachal for Mashable

Surprisingly Joshua Topolsky for The Verge (I thought Chris Ziegler would be doing this one being an avid fan of the 900)

Adam Lein from PocketNow.

There may be more and I’d really love to give mini summaries but I’m heading off to sleep now. Way, way too tired and another long day tomorrow.

Thanks Alan and Arts for the tips!

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  1. Deep Space Bar says:

    elop is [PROFANITY REMOVED] retard….you complain about apple using sim tray but yet you okay a phone with a sim tray…and mimicking apple like usual now a day…..i’m not stupid but this shows how these ceo’s are psycho

  2. kiiwii says:

    complaint about nokia n9 v.s. lumia 900

    I have a nokia n9. After a “backup” then “restore” setting procedure, the phone is locked with an “Enter security code” interface. But I have never ever set such a security code. Then the phone stucked at this state no mather what possiable code I had tried, even reflashing the Firmware did no use.
    This is a serious OS bug, raised & comformerd by others n9 users on official nokia support website.

    Since 2012.3.6, I have contacted nokia china support through 4008800123 for several times. I asked for this requirement, unlock my phone back to functional & retain all my personal data.
    At the beginning, they switched me from regular staff to tech staff, who acted like they couldnot understand what issue I was talking about.
    A manager named DongRan(sound) even rejected my request with the excuse of her “sick leave” at last. She said they cannot guarantee my data, why didn’t I backup with nokia PC suit. Actually, indeed, PC suit dosen’t EVEN have any ability to backup n9 data.
    Nokia china SUGGESTed I go for them to wipe all the phone OS data. Regards to my own data, they said MAY or MAYNOT can be kept !
    This huge nokia OS own bug made me, the user take on all the loss.

    Recently, another nokia phone Lumia 900, an network issue has been confirmed related to OS bug, nokia USA provides 2 method to express their “sorry”, exchange the defected phone for a fixed phone OR get a $100 credit back.

    Nokia n9 and Lumia 900, both are nokia product, while the n9 has a more serious OS bug, causing much more damage, cannot enen get a proper fix method by nokia, not even a formal apologize!
    So, this is nokia, a well know international corporation, how they treat theirs different product customers of different area of the world ?

    How dare you EVEN say “putting people first”?
    Shame on you nokia.

    Anyone who is going to appeal this shameless company, please join me.

    Spread this, thanks.

    • Shilow says:

      God knows why you’re posting this here….
      Fixes/workarounds & the root cause for this are well doco’d at TMO.
      I can’t recall where OTTOMH, but I have read through several threads about this before.
      I would strongly recommended doing some careful searching over at TMO.
      I’m 100% certain there’s some very revealing threads there.
      I just can’t recall the detail any more….

      Plus… you can back-up your data with Nokia Link.
      And it’s easy to also get Nokia Suite to work, it’s just not “officially” supported.

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